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The following are likely questions you will come across in 2023 BECE Maths objective questions so kindly study:

  1. Approximate 5.7255 to the nearest thousandth. A. 5.7 B. 5.725 C. 5.7255 D. 5.726 E. 73
  2. Write in figure: six hundred and fifty-eight million, one hundred and twenty-five thousand and one. A. 658,125,100 B. 658,125,101 C. 658,125,001 D. 658,125,000 E. 658,105,001
  3. Express 0.00254 in standard form. A. 2.54 x 10-1 2.54 x 10-2 C. 2.54 x 10-3 D. 2.54 x 10-4E. 2.54 x 10-5
  4. Find the sum of prime factors in 60. A. 5 B. 7 C. 8 D. 10
  5. Round off 6827 to the nearest ten. A. 6820 B. 6821 C. 6830 D. 6900 E. 7000
  6. Express N32.00 as a ratio of N72.00. A. 34:16 B. 16:34 C.9:4 D. 4:9 E. 1:2
  7. Find the L.C.M. of 20a2 and 32ab. A. 4a B. 16a2b C. 160a2b D. 160ab2 320a2b
  8. Add the following 1011two ; 1111 two and 101111 two. A. 111110 two 10111two C. 1001001 two D. 1001101 two E. 11001101 two
  9. Find the H.C.F of 108 and 72. A. 9 B. 18 C. 27 D. 36 E. 72
  10. Increase 4500kg by 15%. A. 300kg B. 675kg C. 3825kg D. 5175kg E. 67500kg
  11. Find the product of the L.C.M. and H.C.F. of the following numbers 9, 12 and 18. A. 6 B. 18 C. 36 D. 108 E. 216
  12. If N240,000.00 is shared among 3 people in the ratio 5:4:3, what is the least share? A. N100,000.00 B. N96,000.00 C. N80,000.00 D. N60,000.00 E. N52,000.00
  13. Find the simple interest on N30,000.00 for 3½ years at 5% per annum. A. N5,250.00 B. N5,775.00 C. N10,750.00 D. N11,550.00 E. N15,770.00
  14. Find the square root of 9 x 16 x 25. A. 3600 B. 360 C. 60 D. 25 E. 9
  15. A desktop computer is bought for N45,000.00 and sold for N30,000.00. Find the loss percent. A. 45.00% B. 33.33% C. 30.00% D. 15.33% E. 00%
  16. Arrange in descending order of magnitude 3/5, ½, 4/7, 5/9 A. 3/5, 4/7, 1/2., 5/9 B. ½, 4/7, 3/5, 5/9 C. 3/5, 4/7, 5/9, ½ D. 4/7, 3/5, ½, 5/9 E. 5/9, 3/5, 4/7, ½.
  17. On every sale of goods worth N10,000.00, there is a commission of N550.00. If an agent delivers N150,000.00, find his commission. A. N1,250.00 B. N2,250.00 C. 4,150.00 D. N7,250.00 E. 8,250.00
  18. Multiply 1001101two by 111two. A. 1001101two B. 1000101two C. 1001001two D. 1010001two E. 10011two
  19. A Toyota Hilux uses 100 litres of fuel in a distance of 250km. How many litres of fuel will it use for a distance of 150 kilometres? A. 50 litres B. 60 litres C. 80 litres D. 133 litres E. 375 litres
  20. Reciprocal of 0.65 to three significant figure is? A. 1.54 B. 1.538 C. 1.53 D. 1.500 E. 54
  21. The length of a basketball pitch can be divided into 12 parts, each 25cm long. How many parts, each 20cm long can be obtained from the pitch? A. 12 B.13 C.14 D.15
  22.  Write in figure two billion, four million three thousand and two hundred.
    a) 5, 004 003 200 b) 5, 400 300 200 c) 5, 040 030 200 d) 5, 40u0 030 020
  23. MMCDIX represent what number.a) 2419 b) 2159 c) 2411 d) 2404

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