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KSU Post Utme Past Questions and Answers
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KSU Post Utme Past Questions and Answers, kindly Download Kogi State University Post UTME Exams Past Papers. Kogi state University Post Direct Entry Exams Past Questions, or KSU Post UTME Previous Past Questions for all interested candidates are now available here.

Asking if KSU Post Utme Past Questions and Answers are Up-to-date? Yes, it is official which is up-to-date, and all KSU Post Utme Past Questions and answers you can find for Sciences, Management, Medicine, and, Engineering courses can be downloaded here.

KOGI Utme How Many Questions

Structure of How Kogi State University Post Utme Question Look Like. The Kogi State University Post Utme question always comprises of Maths, English and any two subject Papers For Science while  English and any other three subjects.

The format of the KSU University exam is 20 English, and 30 general paper questions(all courses) making 50 questions in all for 1 hour. (If there will be any change in this format I will let you guys know before the exam just make sure you are subscribed to our updates here.)

KOGI State University Post Utme Past Questions and answer/preparation material is structured in such a way that if you go through it thoroughly, there is no way you won’t pass the exam….. Yes, that’s the fact.

If you Are searching for KSU post-Utme Examination Past Questions Papers PDF? “ if Yes, then You are on the Right Page. KSU Past post-Utme Questions and answers are a Success material to pass your Post Utme. Candidates who wish to sit for KSU Post Utme 2022/2023 or to gain Admission as well can check here below to see KSU Post Utme Past Questions.

ENGLISH Post Utme Questions 2022

Choose the option nearest in meaning to the underlined words:

Do you have the same aversion as I do to way film?

A. Bitterness
B. Dislike
C. Criticism
D. Indignation
E. Preference

I didn’t think she could be so easily taken in by his pretenses

A. Flattered
B. Deceived
C. Enamoured
D. Overcome
E. Blackmailed

The crux of the matter is that the president has just become aware of the mismanagement

A. The part of the problem that has just surfaced
B. The result of the matter
C. The most important aspect of the problem
D. The ways to solve the problem
E. The moment of crisis

The witness was guilty of swearing to a statement he knew to be falseA. Forgery
B. Perjury
C. Libel
D. Slander
E. Affidavit
The story told by the suspect was difficult to believeA. Incredulous
B. Credible
C. Incredible
D. Credulous
E. Ridiculous

Choose the expression or word which best completes each sentence:

By the end of this year, …. in this town for eleven years

A. I’m living
B. I’d be living
C. I’ll live
D. I’ll have lived
E. I have lived

If he had left home earlier, he …. late

A. Would not be
B. Would have not be
C. Would not been
D. Would have been not
E. Would not have been

I saw you walking in that direction but i did not know exactly ….A. Where are you going
B. Where you were going
C. Where were you going to
D. To where were you going
E. Where you are going

The hill behind the town was so steep ….A. That no man could find a foot-hold on
B. That any man could find a foot-hold on it
C. For no man to find a foot-hold on
D. That no man could find a foot-hold on it
E. For any man to find a foot-hold on
Walking down the street ….A. The boy was knocked down by a car
B. A car knocked the boy down
C. The boy was knocked down by car
D. A car collided with the boy
E. A serious accident happened

Accounting Utme Questions 2022

One major advantage of the ledger is that it

A. Is a book of original entry
B. Is only accessible to shareholders during liquidation
C. Removes the need for preparing a balance sheet after each transaction
D. Can be used by any type of business

A trial balance is usually prepared by an accountant from account balances in the ledger for the purpose of

A. Classifying accounts in the ledger
B. Testing arithmetical accuracies of the ledger account balances
C. Identifying the balance sheet items
D. Providing a basis for establishing the accountant’s competence

What are the advantages of an imprest petty cash book?
I cheques can be drawn easily
II A cheque on the use of cash
III Liability of the petty cashier is limited to the value of petty cash
IV Loses through the petty cashier can be minimized

A. I, II and III only
B. I, II and IV only
C. I, III and IV only
D. II, III and IV only

Bola, UTC’s regular customer, owed N1,00 on account of a radio bought. If he sent in a cheque for N1,500, UTC would send him a

A. Credit note
B. Debit note
C. Journal voucher
D. Way bill

A payment of cash of N20 to John was entered on the receipt side of the cash book in error and credited to John’s account. Which of the following journal entry can be used to correct the error?

A. John: N40 Dr, cash: N40 Cr
B. Cash: N40 Dr, John: N40 Cr
C. John: N20 Dr, cash: N20 Cr
D. Cash: N20 Dr, John: N20 Cr

Which of the following factors has aided the development of accounting?

A. The emergence of nation states
B. The discovery of mineral resources in commercial quantity
C. The growth in the size of businesses and separation of ownership and management
D. The development and management of sophisticated monetary system

which of the following factors has aided the development of accounting?

A. The emergence of nation states
B. The discovery of mineral resources in commercial quantity
C. The growth in the size of businesses and separation of ownership and management
D. The development and management of sophisticated monetary system

Which of the following concept stipulates that accounting profit is the difference between revenue and expenses?

A. Accrual concept
B. Conservatism concept
C. Prudence concept
D. Materiality concept

KSU Post Utme Past Questions

Complete each of the following sentences by choosing the option that most suitably fills the space;

The managing director did not pay his staff last month ….?

A. Didn’t he
B. Had he not
C. Is not it
D. Did he
E. Has he

Although he is in all respects a poor student, he has managed to buy a tape recorder to improve his …. of french

A. Mastery
B. Mastering
C. Speaking
D. Ideas
E. Thinking

Granted you are my senior by one year, you cannot …. me around as if i were your servant

A. Control
B. Dribble
C. Order
D. Ask
E. Compel

…. mark an important step in the history of industrial revolution

A. The invention of the locomotive engine
B. The discovery of locomotion
C. The discovery of the engine
D. The process of locomotion

Because the referee was partial and his opponent rough, the loser of the wrestling match received …. cheers than the winner

A. Thunderous
B. Many more
C. Overwhelming
D. A little more
E. Several

The dog was limping. It appeared that one of its legs might have been injured

A. The dog was limping as if it had an injured leg
B. The dog was limping as it had an injured leg
C. The dog was limping so it had an injured leg
D. The dog was limping so as it had an injured leg
E. The dog was limping for it had an injured leg

Choose the option which is nearest in meaning to the sentences in each of the following questions:

I can walk that distance and have done it many times

A. I am used to walk that distance
B. I used to walk that distance
C. I used to walking that distance
D. I am used to walking that distance
E. I will walk that distance

For all he cared, his parent might have been dead for years

A. Although concerned about his parent, he had been unable to find out if they were alive
B. He cared for no one except his parents, and it was possible that they had died long before
C. He did not care whether his parents were alive or had died long before
D. He was concerned about everyone not just his parents, who might have died long before
E. He cared very much for his parents even though they were dead

Agricultural Science Post Utme Questions

If T represents the gene for tallness while t represents dwarfness

When a tall (TT) crop is crossed with a dwarf (tt) crop, the resultant crops will be

A. 100% dwarf
B. 100% tall
C. 50% tall and 50% dwarf
D. 75% tall and 25% dwarf.

The instrument which enables a surveyor to find the direction of a baseline is

A. Abney level
B. Ranging pole
C. Plumb bob
D. Magnetic compass

In crop production, ginger is propagated by

A. Seeds
B. Bulbs
C. Rhizome
D. Corn

Tomatoes are staked in order to

A. Accelerate their growth
B. Induce flowering
C. Accelerate fruit ripening
D. Prevents rotting of fruits

Crop rotation decreases the incidence of pests by

A. Breaking life cycles of pests
B. Attracting pest predators
C. Sterilizing the soil
D. Maintaining soil fertility.

The following crops will enrich the soil with nitrates except

A. Calopogonium
B. Pueraria
C. Centrosema
D. Axonopus

Close to the time of harvesting of cotton, sunshine is needed to ensure the production of bolls that are

A. Big
B. Bright
C. Not mouldy
D. Not open

Agriculture contributes to the economy of West African countries through the following means except

A. Reduction of poverty through job creation
B. Supply of armament for territorial defense
C. Provision of foreign exchange
D. Supply of raw materials to industries

In animal production, newly-born rabbits are called

A. Bunnies
B. Kids
C. Pouts
D. Lambs

Which of the following crops has a fibrous root system?

A. Cotton
B. Coffee
C. Cowpea
D. Sugarcane

How To Pass KSU Post Utme Past Questions

  • Candidates should make sure they have the right Materials such as the Legit KSU Post Utme Past Questions of Your course and study the Utme Past Questions.
  • Understand the Method of How KSU Operates their Post Utme Exam, you can easily ask those who are in Kogi State University
  • Get your textbook to study, especially this textbook known as Exam Focus Textbook.
  • Work On Your Speed and Accuracy
  • Have A Relatively Good O/level Result
  • Kill that anxiousness of you getting scared or wanting to finish early
  • Don’t be Late to your exam Venue, instead, be 30min early
  • Have the Confidence in God and Believe in your Ability To Come Out in Flying Colours

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