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Lauriston Scholarship
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The Lauriston Scholarship program embodies the school’s core values of collaboration, community, contribution, and academic excellence, which extend far beyond grades. Their education is centered around providing students with the tools and skills necessary for lifelong learning.

While academic excellence is important, they also value students who are genuine in their desire to engage in all aspects of life at Lauriston Girls’ School. Their ultimate objective is to cultivate bold and tenacious learners who enhance the quality of our shared experiences.

To this end, the scholarship program includes not only Academic Scholarships but also General Excellence Scholarships for those who are well-rounded and committed to making a positive impact in their community.

Though academic performance is a crucial component, this broader approach enables them to better understand each student’s interests, passions, and contributions to the school community.

Criteria for eligibility for the Lauriston Scholarship?

The specific criteria for eligibility for the Lauriston Scholarship are

  • Lauriston’s Academic Scholarships are awarded to girls with outstanding academic potential
  • For entry into Years 5, 7, 8 and 10 for both new and current students.
  • Applicant must be a current or prospective student at Lauriston Girls’ School.
  • Applicant must demonstrate academic excellence or all-around excellence, depending on the type of scholarship.
  • Applicant must demonstrate a genuine desire to participate in and contribute to the Lauriston Girls’ School community.
  • Applicant must meet any additional eligibility requirements specified by the scholarship, such as age or residency restrictions.

How many Lauriston Scholarships are Available

  • Academic Scholarship
  • Belinda Phillips Goldman Sachs Memorial Scholarship
  • General Excellence Scholarships
  • Music Scholarships
  • The Lauriston Foundation Scholarship

What is the value of each of Lauriston’s scholarships?

The scholarships listed above have been sourced from Lauriston Girls’ School. You can contact the school directly, using the inquiry form on the official website.

Lauriston Academic Scholarship

The scholarships are awarded to girls who demonstrate exceptional academic potential. The scholarships are awarded based on a rigorous selection process that takes into account academic performance, potential, and other factors.

The scholarships are designed to provide recipients with access to a high-quality education that will help them achieve their full potential. They may cover full or partial tuition fees, depending on the level of support required by the recipient.

Belinda Phillips Goldman Sachs Memorial Scholarship

The Belinda Phillips Goldman Sachs Memorial Scholarship is intended for a well-rounded student who exhibits both passion and proficiency in sports.

It is granted to a student who would not have the opportunity to attend Lauriston School otherwise. This scholarship is open for girls who will be entering Year 10 or Year 11, and applications are encouraged from students in both year levels.

Lauriston General Excellence Scholarships

Lauriston Girls’ School’s General Excellence Scholarship will be awarded to pupils who exhibit a comprehensive set of abilities and a more extensive contribution to the institution.

Scholars must demonstrate academic achievements as well as involvement in a variety of activities, both academic and co-curricular. Each candidate will be expected to showcase their ability to work in collaboration and their dedication to the community.

Lauriston Music Scholarships

Scholars of Music make an active contribution to the thriving Arts community at Lauriston. Furthermore, preference will be given to candidates who can display comprehensive skills in various areas.

The Lauriston Foundation Scholarship

This Scholarship was instituted with the kind assistance of our contributors to offer financial aid to a student who might not otherwise be able to afford a Lauriston education. The Scholarship will be presented to a pupil who is starting Year 10 or Year 11.

What are the selection criteria for the scholarship recipients?

  • For entry into Years 5, 7, 8, and 10 for both new and current students.
  • These scholarships are awarded only to new students entering Lauriston
  • For entry into Years 5, 7, 8, and 10. Based on an exam, school reports, an audition, and an interview. Must meet minimum AMEB level.
  • For entry into Years 5, 7, 8, and 10. Means-tested and non-means-tested. Scholarships are awarded based on an exam, school reports, an interview, and a portfolio of achievements across a range of areas including sports, visual arts, leadership, community service, etc

Are the Lauriston Scholarships open to International students?

The Lauriston scholarship is only available for Australian citizens and not open to international students.

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