Marketstro e-commerce Launches Digital Mall for African Businesses

Marketstro e-commerce, is an e-commerce platform, has built a digital mall for African businesses. A digital mall where customers can connect with reputable vendors to haggle pricing and purchase things at market rates.

On the platform, business owners can own their unique SEO webstore by simply opening an account and supplying the following information: personal details, unique name of their shop, store location, phone number, and bank account details to receive sales rewards.

Marketstro e-commerce

Marketstro e-commerce

Marketstro is explicitly designed for the needs of social media vendors. The platform provides an alternative for social media merchants, an SEO webstore where they can display their products and services, as well as their business contact information, so that their clients may discover them on a platform other than social media.

Additionally, the vendor verification process increases their trustworthiness and makes clients feel at ease when purchasing from them. Marketstro e-commerce also provides value by marketing merchant stores on different social media channels increasing visibility thus providing great benefits for users.

Marketstro e-commerce intends to provide a comprehensive shopping experience for users and merchants and this is further highlighted by its vision.

According to the CEO of Marketstro, Wunmi Adungba: “On Marketstro, we ensure that our vendors are verified so we can promote them as trustworthy vendors with verification badges on their store and product page.”

She stated, “Once products are uploaded via vendors dashboard, they will appear on our platform Marketstro.com and, of course, on the vendor’s unique online store. Each vendor is provided a unique store link or subdomain depending on the vendor’s subscription level.”

“We provide logistics service through DHL. Hence when a customer places an order on our platform, we process the fulfillment of the order from start to finish. After a product is successfully dispatched, the vendor is paid immediately.”

Vendors can register on Marketstro right away and begin to benefit from a seamless and user-friendly shopping experience.

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