Mathematics Scheme Of Work For JSS1 – First Second and Third-term

Mathematics Scheme Of Work For JSS1 - 3
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Mathematics Scheme Of Work For JSS1 – First Second and Third-term can be accessed by school teachers, directors, and students. The Nigerian Ministry of Education has recently introduced a unified scheme of work for Mathematics in Junior Secondary Schools 1 (JSS 1).

This scheme of work has been approved for use in all schools, whether government or privately owned, to prepare students for the West African Junior Secondary Certificate Examination.

Our platform now offers access to the government-approved scheme of work for JSS 1 -3 Mathematics. This unified scheme of work covers all topics from the first to the third term, including the introduction and revision of the previous term, midterm breaks, revision, examination, and vacation.

Given that the government has approved this scheme of work for all Junior Secondary schools in Nigeria, it is essential for schools to adopt it.

This updated scheme for JSS 1 Mathematics is applicable to all states in Nigeria, making it a valuable resource for both private and government-owned schools. Therefore, we highly recommend that schools utilize this scheme of work as it contains the approved curriculum.

The scheme of work for JSS 1 Mathematics that has been approved by the federal government is being uniformly used across all states in Nigeria, including the southern, eastern, and northern regions. This means that the same scheme of work is being implemented throughout the country for the benefit of all students.

The scheme of work for junior secondary schools in Nigeria, covering JSS1 to JSS3 for subjects such as Mathematics, English Language, Basic Science, Social Studies, and Business Studies, follows a uniform structure across various states and major cities in Nigeria, including Lagos, Edo, Enugu  Abuja, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Kano State, Cross River, Imo, Delta State, Anambra, River State, and others.

On this page, we are going to be giving out the Federal Government scheme of work for JSS 1 Mathematics only. You can check out the Jss 2 and Jss3 Mathematics scheme on our page.



Week 1: Number and numeration (writing in figure)

Week 2: C. M. of whole numbers

Week 3: C. F. of whole numbers

Week 4: Fractions

Week 5: Changing proper fractions to improper fraction and vice versa

Week 6: Changing improper fractions to mixed number. Vice versa

Week 7: Equivalent fractions

Week 8: Addition and subtraction of fractions

Week 9: Multiplication and division of fractions

Week 10: BODMAS of fractions

Week 10: Estimation


Week 1: Approximation

Week 2: Number base – changing to binary numbers

Week 3: Addition and subtraction of number base

Week 4: Multiplication of number base

Week 5: Basic operations(place value)

Week 6: BODMAS

Week 7: Decimal(Addition and subtraction)

Week 8: Algebraic process

Week 9: Word problem in Algebra


Week 1: Word problem in symbolic terms

Week 2: Simple equations

Week 3: Statistics

Week 4: Averages

Week 5: Geometry(Plane shapes)

Week 6: Solid Shapes

Week 7: Angles

Week 8: Construction

The above scheme of work topics has been approved by the government curriculum, forming the basis for the West African Junior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE) set by WAEC and NECO. Therefore, they should be taken seriously.

If you are interested in obtaining the approved curriculum for junior secondary schools in different states, it is now available at a cheaper price. The curriculum is comprehensive and contains the current topics and subtopics arranged according to the Federal Government Scheme Work.

This information provides a reference for the subjects offered in both public and private secondary schools in Nigeria. Should you have any questions related to the above topic, feel free to leave a comment below, and we will respond accordingly.

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