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Npower News On Stipends Payment For All Beneficiaries

Npower News Today: All the latest News such as Stipends Payment, Npower News on Permanency, Npower Beneficiaries, are all discussed on this page kindly check here below.

Npower News on Permanency

Npower News on Permanency

Npower news today

Instructions were earlier given to Exited Npower Volunteers having difficulties in registering on the NEXIT Portal to send an email to the NSIP team in this format, a new update is now out for Batch A & B Beneficiary,  who are still having issues with the Nexit portal.

Note the following:

  • Are you merge to batch A or B Npower, all batch A and B Volunteer was earlier sent an email to support@n-sip.gov.ng without a solution, If you get the message that was sent to you, containing the requested information above to update@n-sip.gov.ng.

Sample of your Message Dear Batch A & B Beneficiary 

We are reaching out to you to address your inability to register into the NEXIT portal. You are hereby requested to update your record. Please send the following: First Name, Surname, BVN, current Email address to update@n-sip.gov.ng.
Thank you

Npower is recording 249,673 exited @npower_ng beneficiaries from Batches A and B have so far registered for the @cenbank Empowerment program. Out of the registered beneficiaries, more than 88,718 have uploaded and submitted their records which were demanded.

Note that: NEXIT Programme is a collaboration between the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and CBN for Exited Npower Beneficiaries to access Other Empowerment options.

Npower Stipends Payment

We come across this information at npowerdg.com which says

Npower has commenced payment of the long awaiting Npower volunteers July Stipend. The stipend which the beneficiaries have been begging those in charge for payment just dropped this morning around 10Am.

What we don’t know right now is the batch receiving the stipend at the moment. The Ministry of Humanitarian affairs exited batch A by June and batch B in July 2020. So, as it is at the moment, only batch b may likely be receiving the payment.

Check out an Image from them.

Npower Stipends Payment

Npower Stipends Payment

The reason Nkedugists published this information, is to tell all beneficiaries that are asking when is Npower stipends payment be released? that soon they should be expecting their payment and if you do kindly write to us back by using the comment section box which is below

Npower News on Permanency

Sadiya Umar Farouq said Npower Transition is not for all volunteers because the total number of 100,000 volunteers are already engaged in businesses, hence won’t be needing MDAs Job

“A brief modulation into MDAs will be done as planned initial time, but only a few will be selected, this is because of no new vacancies in MDAs at the moment.

When asked how the “few” will be fetched, the Minister swiftly responded, thus; volunteers who meet the Psychometric test requirement have their chances.

Few to be selected in this case means, only those who showed interest and followed the update via focal officials directives.

Sadiya said “We have received large numbers of interested volunteers through the “details Update and we are processing it for immediate take-off”

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