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NAFDAC Salary Scale Structure For New Entry Workers For 2022/2023

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NAFDAC Salary Scale Structure: Do you know that the full meaning of NAFDAC is also popularly known as the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration Control. This organization is a Nigerian federal agency under the Federal Ministry of Health that is responsible for regulating and controlling the manufacture, export, importation, advertisement, distribution and use of drugs in Nigeria.

Nigeria is our fatherland, and in our fatherland, there is always a greener pasture made for us to inherit if you can say Nafdac organization is the place where you want to make your daily means from is never bad at all. Some talks have been going on about NAFDAC Salary Structure such as;

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NAFDAC Salary Scale Structure

NAFDAC Salary Scale Structure

Mission and Vision of NAFDAC

NAFDAC was established in 1993 and is headquartered in Abuja Nigeria. The federal organizations’ staff are paid using the content salary scale. NAFDAC have been the best functioning agency or organization in Nigeria which have defined the Health stability of goods imported and exported. check out out their Mission and vision

Mission: To safeguard public health by ensuring that only the right quality food, drugs, and other regulated products are manufactured, exported, imported, advertised, sold and used.

Vision: To safeguard the public health of the nation

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The major reason for this post is what we are quickly going to reveal which is how much NAFDAC pay their new entry-level workers? NAFDAC  regulates and inspects cosmetics, medical devices, chemicals, foods and packaged water sales in Nigeria.


Most often companies do not reveal the salary scale structure/ remuneration of their new graduate employees, this has lead to an estimation of what the company pays its new workers.

New Entry Level Employees earn lower than other experienced old workers, however, the amount of money earned by the new employees is expected to increase with promotion and years of work experience.

The estimated current salary earned by new entry workers of NAFDAC is between

₦ 70,000 to  ₦ 90,000 per month after tax (excluding allowances).

A NAFDAC Staff on GL 7 is paid

 N1,073,217 per annum. That is about N89,434 per month before pension and tax deductions.

A NAFDAC on GL 8 is paid

N1,247, 854 per annum. That is about N103,987 per month before pension and tax deductions.

The fact is that apart from the basic salaries paid to NAFDAC staff, there are some allowances which they are entitled to. However, these allowances depend on some criteria such as year of service, location, the position occupied e.t.c.

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