NECO BECE Questions and Answers – BECE Past Questions 2023

Neco Bece Entrance Past Questions and Answers
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Neco Bece Entrance Past Questions or BECE Past Questions is now available here. Are you preparing to write your Junior Secondary School common Entrance? Yes, I am preparing to sit for my NECO BECE or Junior Waec Exam.

Then you are on the right page, on this page we are releasing all the NECO BECE QUESTIONS,  BECE EXAM QUESTIONS, or JUNIOR WAEC QUESTIONS.

The exam questions you will see here are past questions and are likely questions you will come across in the 2023/2024 BECE Exams so kindly study them and answer them yourself.

The free NECO BECE Entrance Exam (Federal) past questions and answers pdf is now available online, for you can get a copy of the BECE Entrance Exams past questions in Nigeria.

Many of our subscribers have testified about our questions and answers, according to our candidates who use our Junior WAEC Questions to prepare have never regretted it and they do much better than those who didn’t.

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Get Neco Bece Entrance Past Questions
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Get Bece Past Questions And Answers Pdf For 2022/2023

When preparing for the BECE Entrance Exam, always have it in mind that thousands of candidates like you apply for this Basic and Secondary School BECE Entrance Exam, which means there’s a price you will pay for you to gain admission and the price is to make sure you get the right material to study  (NECO BECE or BECE past questions and answers pdf)

Nkedugists always published questions you are to expect during your exam day, which makes us the best when it comes to offering past questions. The past questions are collected from great scholars and examiners.

Free BECE Past Questions And Answers Pdf Samples For 2022/2023

BECE Basic Science Likely Questions

Basic science past questions and answers

Basic science past questions and answers

45 minutes

1. Which of the following activities does not cause soil erosion?

A. Clearingof vegetation
B. Bush burning
C. Heavy rainfall
D. Overgrazing
E. Crop rotation

2. What is the difference between mass and weight? The

A. mass of a body is twice the weight
B. weight of the body is constant but its mass varies
C. mass of the body varies but its weight does not
D. weight of the body varies but its mass does not
E. mass of the body is half the weight

3. By what process is heat transferred from the bottom of a beaker containing water to the top?

A. convection
B. conduction
C. radiation
D. absorption
E. transmission

4. In what units are work and energy measured?

A. work in joules, energy in watts
B. work in joules, energy in joules
C. work in newtons, energy in joules
D. energy in watts, work in watts
E. energy in newtons, work in joules

5. Which of the following is the organic part of the soil?
A. Mineral salts
B. Water
C. Rock particles
D. Air
E. Humus

6. A mixture of sugar and water can be separated by

A. Filtration
B. Evaporation
C. Decantation
D. Distillation
E. Condensation

7. The air pressure at great heights can be measured with

A. A thermometer
B. An anemometer
C. A barometer
D. A hydrometer
E. A hygrometer

8. Which of the following animals reproduces without mating?

A. Toad
B. Lizard
C. Dog
D. Man
E. Amoeba

9. Which of the following environmental factors can cause the fastest rate of water loss from leaf surfaces?

A. High humidity
B. Wet wing
C. Stillair
D. Low temperature
E. Dryair

10. A fruit adapted for dispersal by wind is likely to be
A. succulent
B. brightly coloured
C. hooked
D. sticky
E. hairy


45 minutes

1. Countries in North Africa are noted for the production of
A. iron ore
B. gold
C. crude oil
D. diamond

2. Using a scale of 1:100,000 find the actual distance between two towns which are 4.5 centimeters apart on a map
A. 4 km 50 m
B. 4 km 450 m
C. 4 km 500 m
D. 5 km 50 m

3. The revolution of the earth results in
A. high and low tides
B. day and night
C. the four seasons
D. wind directions

4. The most suitable physical feature for the construction of a dam is a

A. gorge
B. ridge
C. valley
D. plateau

5. A football match between Ghana (Longitude 0°) and Nigeria (Longitude 15°E) starts in Lagos at 4 o‟ clock
pm. At what time will the telecast of the match start in Ghana?

A. 3 o‟clock pm
B. 4 o‟clock pm
C. 5 o‟clock pm
D. 6 o‟ clock pm

6. Which of the following is a chemically formed sedimentary rock?

A. Granite
B. Coal
C. Potash
D. Lignite

7. Axim in the Western Region of Ghana is influenced by the
A. South-East Polar winds
B. South-West Monsoon winds
C. North-East Monsoon winds
D. North-East Polar winds

8. The following are instruments used in measuring the elements of the weather and climate except
A. barometer
B. thermometer
C. clinometers
D. anemometer

9. How many times in a year is the sun vertically overhead at the equator?
A. Once
B. Twice
C. Three times
D. Four times

10. The conventional sign shown on a topographical map refers to a
A. path
B. dam
C. bridge
D. waterfall

BECE Mathematics Likely Questions

1 hour
1. R = {1, 3, 5, 7} and S = {2, 4, 6, 8}. Find R U S.

A. { }
B. {1,2,3,5,6,8}
C. {1,2,3,4,5,7,8}
D. {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8}
E. {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10}

2. Find the missing members in the set {5, 10, 15, _ , 25, _ , _ ,40}

A) 20 and 30
B) 30 and 35
C) 20 and35
D) 20, 30 and 35
E) 30, 35 and 45

3. What property of addition is defined by (a+b)+c = a+(b+c)?

A) Union
B) Inverse
C) Commutative
D) Distributive
E) Associative

4. Find the highest (greatest) common factor of 63 and 81.

A) 3
B) 7
C) 9
D) 21
E) 27

5. Change 124 five to a base ten numeral.

A) 24
B) 35
C) 39
D) 42
E) 55

6. Kofi bought 4 books at an average price of ¢2,500.00. If the total cost of 3 of the books
was ¢6,500.00, find the cost of the fourth book.

A) ¢3,500.00
B) ¢4,000.00
C) ¢4,500.00
D) ¢6,500.00
E) ¢10,000.00

7. Find the sum of all even numbers between 70 and 80.

A) 200
B) 223
C) 280
D) 300
E) 375

8. By how much is 5 / 6 greater than 3 / 4?

A) 1 / 12
B) 1 / 6
C) 5 / 12
D) 2 / 3
E) 4 / 5

9. Evaluate 0.25 x 0.006, correct to three decimal places.

A) 0.001
B) 0.002
C) 0.015
D) 0.075
E) 0.105

10. Express 5 / 8 as a decimal fraction

A) 0.125
B) 0.375
C) 0.625
D) 0.750
E) 0.875

IMPORTANT NOTICE TO ALL CANDIDATES –  BECE Entrance Exams conducted Nationwide

The BECE Entrance Exams which are conducted Nationwide for JSS3 Students seeking admission into Senior Secondary Schools are divided into two categories which are

  • Ministry of Basic and Secondary School BECE Entrance Exam (State) – JUNIOR WAEC
  • NECO BECE Entrance Exam (Federal)

Ministry of Basic and Secondary School BECE Entrance Exam – (State

These BECE questions are provided by the state for candidates seeking admission into secondary school. All the states’ BECE EXAM QUESTIONS are available.

NECO BECE Entrance Exam (Federal)

These NECO BECE questions are provided by the Federal Government Unity Schools such as

– Federal Govt College
– Federal Girls College
– Federal Science and Technical College
– Kings College
– Queens College.

Candidates seeking admission into Federal Government-run Unity School can get the Federal Government Unity NECO BECE EXAM QUESTIONS which are available here.

Interested candidates who wish to buy a copy of any of the NECO BECE Past Questions paper and answers or BECE Past Questions and Answers can get a copy of it here, we have successfully compiled the complete BECE Past Questions and Answers in PDF.

Any of the Past questions and answers you get from us are all updated which we are sure, will help you during your examination. The Neco Bece Entrance Past Questions is compiled from previous years’ examinations and it is 4 – 10 years past questions with common repeatedly asked questions.

How to Purchase The Complete BECE Past Questions Paper or NECO BECE Past Question Papers and Answers

The past question paper and answer is gotten from the state and federal governments’ unity schools source direct, which will guide and direct you on how many hours you are to spend in the exam hall.

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