2023 NECO Civic Education Objectives and Essay Questions

2023 NECO Civic Education Questions
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2023 NECO Civic Education Questions: The National Examinations Council (NECO) is an examination body in Nigeria that conducts the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination and the General Certificate in Education in June/July and December/January respectively.

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Section II [Objective] Answer all questions in Part I.

1. The​​ agency in Nigeria charged with the responsibility of controlling drug abuse is

(a) Federal Road Safety Corps

(b) National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control

(c) National Drugs Law Enforcement Agency

(d) National Orientation Agency

(e) Nigeria Security and Civil Defence corps.

2. Civil Society organizations contribute to the citizen’s ability to exchange- on national issues​​

(a) Ideas

(b)​​ Interest

(c) Policies

(d) Programmes

(e) Resources​​

3. Which of the following is a preventive​​ measure against cultism?

(a) Drug Abuse should be encouraged

(b) Religious and moral education should be removed from the school​​ curriculum

(c) Students should be allowed to join any group

(e) Students should be counseled on the evils of cultism.

4. The​​ agency in Nigeria charged with the responsibility of controlling drug abuse is

(a) Federal Road Safety Corps

(b) National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control

(c) National Drugs Law Enforcement Agency

(d) National Orientation Agency

(e) Nigeria Security and Civil Defence corps.

5. Constitutional review and amendment is the sole responsibility of the​​

(a) Electorate

(b) Executive

(c) Judiciary

(d) Legislature

(e) Presidency​​

6. The most effective means of resolving dispute in the society is​​

(a) Confrontation

(b) Counseling

(c) Court action

(d) Dialogue

(e) Retaliation​​

7. The skill-acquisition project that requires huge capital to start is​​

(a) Barbing

(b) Blacksmithing

(c) Bricklaying

(d) Tailoring

(e) Welding

8. The Nigeria Police Act of 1964 spells out the following functions except

(a) Apprehension of offenders​​

(b) Bribery and corruption

(c) Prevention and detention of criminals

(d) Protection of lives and property

(e) preservation of law and order

9. Which of the following organizations is not expected to protest against government policies?

(a) Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps

(b) Association of market Women

(c) National Council of Women Societies

(d) Nigeria Football Association

(e) Nigeria Financial Institutions​​

10. A behaviour that is socially acceptable is​​

(a) Decorum

(b) Incompetence

(c) Lawlessness

(d) Smartness

(e) Thuggery​​

11. The involvement of the majority of the political activities of a nation is called popular​​

(a) Acculturation

(b) Orientation

(c) Participation

(d) Selection

(e) Socialization

12. A preventive measure against infections of HIV/AIDS is​​

(a) Being unfaithful to one’s partner

(b) sharing of syringe

(c) the use of sterilized objects

(d) transfusion ​​ of blood without screening

(e) unprotected sex

13. Drugs can be abused in the following ways except

(a) Chewing

(b) Inhalation

(c) rubbing

(d) smoking

(e) snuffing​​

14. Which of the following is not a measure for curbing cultism in our society?

(a) Good home training

(b) Good leadership

(c)​​ Legislation on cultism

(d) Proliferation of arms

(e) Upholding of societal values

15. In the classification of road, feeder roads are under the supervision of​​ government

(a) District

(b) Federal

(c) Local

(d) Regional

(e) State

16. Drug abuse can be curbed through the following ways except

(a) Avoidance of bad friends

(b) counseling programme

(c) enactment of laws

(d) self medication

(e) parental monitoring​​

17. Which of the following does not explain the involvement of the citizens in the political activities of a state?

(a) Attending party meetings

(b) Belonging to a political party

(c) Membership of a pressure group

(d) Contesting election

(e) Voter’s registration

25. Interpersonal relationship is promoted through the following attributes except

(a) Caring

(b) Envy

(c) Honesty

(d) Kindness

(e) Patience


Section II [Essay] Answer any FIVE questions in Part II.
Write your answers on the answer booklet provided.

Section A

Answer two questions from each section

1.(a) Explain the meaning of values,
(b) Identify four ways through which the society can promote justice and selflessness.

2.(a) What is the meaning of UIV?
(b) Discuss four symptoms and effects of HIV/AIDs.

3. Discuss five main functions of the legislature.

Section B

Answer three questions from each section

1. (a) What is cuitism?
(b) Explain three reasons why students join cult,
(c) Identify three preventive measures against cultism.

2. Explain five consequences of human trafficking,
(a) What is the meaning of NAPTIP?
(b) Explain four functions of NAPTIP.

3. (a) Define public service,
(b) Discuss four ways of improving public service in Nigeria.

4. (a) What is the meaning of NDLEA?
(b) What is drug abuse?
(c) Explain three ways of preventing drug abuse.

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