Neco Practical Agricultural Science Specimen Questions For All Candidates

2023 NECO Civic Education Questions
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Neco Agriculture Practical Questions for 2022 are released, for all the 2022 Neco Candidates who are searching for the 2022 Neco practical agriculture questions and answers can kindly visit this page.

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Let’s check out the 2021 Neco practical agriculture questions which are below.

2021 Neco Agric Practical Questions Science Questions

Specimen A – Measuring Tape.

Specimen B – Gunter’s Chain.

Specimen C – Ranging Pole.

Specimen D – Peg.

Specimen E – Sandy Soil.

Specimen F – Urea Fertilizer.

Specimen G – Paddy Rice.

Specimen H – Cassava Tuber.

Specimen I – Palm Fruit.

Specimen J – Fresh Milk.

Specimen K – Eggs.

Specimen L – Hides and Skin.



(i) Make sure the chain is not faulty before use.

(ii) Avoid error of parallax when reading measurements.

(iii) All chains, tapes, ropes e.t.c. must be properly alligned before taking measurements.


(Specimen A)

(i) It is used in taking detailed measurements.

(ii) It is used for taking the length, breadth and height of a farmland.

(Specimen C)

(i) It is used for marking stations.

(ii) It is also used for making straight lines.

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