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Netflix Account: Netflix Movies and How Much Does Netflix Cost?

Netflix Account Nkedugists know the right mind that is why this article is been writing. Actually, there are many reasons why people intend to go online to watch some videos, which is because of boredom, to gain happiness and rest of mind, to be excited, to get updated with the latest series movie and even this current time of Pandemic lockdown ( COVID 19).

What is Netflix?

What is Netflix? Netflix is a streaming service that allows members to watch a wide variety of award-winning TV shows, movies, documentaries, and more on thousands of internet-connected devices. With Netflix, you can enjoy unlimited ad-free viewing of our content. There’s always something new to discover, and more TV shows and movies are added every month!

Netflix – you have heard about it and have probably enjoyed watching movies and shows on the streaming platform as well. It needs no introduction whatsoever. If you’re already a member and would like to learn more about using Netflix, visit the website page.

Netflix Account and How Does Netflix Work?

Like any other large website focused on media delivery, Netflix uses a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to store and transmit movies and TV shows. However, the complete library of Netflix could fit in a couple of servers in a single building, there are some problems associated with it, which is why Netflix does not follow this.

Netflix has a massive amount of data, and it works directly with the ISPs by installing boxes called Open Connect Appliances either at exchange points or within the ISPs. These boxes can hold up to 280 terabytes of videos, which is presumably near around complete Netflix library.

This enables the subscriber to access Netflix without lag in a speedy manner rather than to access it from a far-fetched server. This actually means that you are connecting to Netflix at your own ISP, which brings down the latency and assures smooth play of videos.

Netflix is not the same as Youtube, Netflix can only be available and open to those, who pay a monthly subscription. The monthly subscription is really low, which is ONLY $8, which is about N3,000.

Did you know that you can watch thousands of movies for as little as $7.99 a month for its basic plan on your TV, mobile device, Play Station, and Xbox? Do you know that NETFLIX is the number one online streaming service for movies and TV shows in the world, and there is no doubt that it will be in great competition with iROKO TV and DSTV?

Netflix Price: How Much Does NETFLIX Cost?

NETFLIX comes with 3 affordable monthly plans Basic, Standard, and Premium which cost $7.99, $8.99, and $11.99 respectively, and going with the current naira to dollar conversion of $1 to N275 means that it would cost Nigerians N2,197.25 for the NETFLIX Basic Plan, N2,472.25 for the NETFLIX Standard Plan and N3,297.25 for the NETFLIX Premium Plan respectively.

As you can see the number of screens you can watch NETFLIX on with the same account and the High Definition option. Also, note that High Definition streaming would quickly ZAP your data bundle as it requires more bandwidth to serve you crisp clear-quality videos. If you are having a get-together and watching movies make sure you get an audio visual rental for better sound.

Netflix TV Show

Netflix TV Show

How Can I Get Netflix Download Movies

For you to download Netflix Movie, just kindly pick a movie of your choice that supports offline viewing, tap the Download icon next to the Share icon. Once your movie is done downloading, tap the Downloads icon on the bottom navigation. This is where you can watch and manage all of your downloaded content.

How Much Does Netflix Cost in Nigeria

You have three different options / Plans which are:

The Basic plan costs $7.99.
The standard plan costs $9.99.
The Premium plan costs $11.99.

At Naira 400 exchange rate to dollars, Netflix Nigeria will cost Naira 2,932.33 for a basic plan, N 3,666.33 for a standard plan, and N4,400.33 for Netflix Premium Plan respectively.

How to Pay for Netflix in Nigeria

You can pay for Netflix with your bank ATM cards, (Visa card and Master card) just enter your card details. You can also pay with your Paypal account

How to Connect / Watch Netflix to your Smart TV

If you have a smart TV from LG, Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, Philips, Sharp, or Toshiba it is very likely that there will be a Netflix app available on the set’s respective app store. The former three are also recommended by Netflix to carry the official badge.

The app will be free to download and install on your connected TV but you will need a subscription. You do get a 30-day free trial though if you’ve never used Netflix before.

Once you have the application downloaded and installed, you can log into it with your account details and off you go.

Most recent smart TVs already have the Netflix app installed on them. So just click on your smart tv’s smart hub and select Netflix, you will have the chance of your sign details and you will be able to enjoy the service

What’s the best Internet network to use for Netflix Nigeria

Netflix download

Netflix download

The best network to use for Netflix in Nigeria will depend on your location. If you have access to ISP {Internet Service Providers } that provides unlimited browsing per month, they may be your best choice as I do in Abeokuta. But if you don’t you might make do with the likes of Mtn, Glo, Airtel, or Etisalat 3G whichever one is stronger in your area.

What are the best and highly rated Netflix TV Shows

Some suggestions you should check out are: House of Cards, Breaking Bad, Orange Is the New Black, 30 Rock, Daredevil, Making Murder…

Netflix Account



Join the millions of subscribers around the world who enjoy unlimited award-winning TV shows, movies, documentaries, and more without a single advertisement.

As a Netflix member, you’ll be billed once a month on the date you originally signed up. There are no contracts, no cancellation fees, and no commitments. If you decide Netflix isn’t for you, you always have the option to cancel online anytime, or by contacting us.

Signing up for a Netflix account is easy! Check it here Follow the steps.

How Much Is Netflix Subscription In Nigeria 2022?

Netflix makes it in such a way everyone can benefit to watch any latest movies online without spending much and enjoy it in the comfort of your home.

If you are asking how much is Netflix subscription plan in Nigeria? Netflix subscription ranges from N1,200, N2,900, N3,600, and 4,400 cost price. You have to know that the Netflix plan is based on the financial power of the individual. The Netflix subscription price is given below.

The Netflix Subscription Price is categorized Into Four Plan

The First Netflix Subscription Plan is SmartPhone (Mobile Plan) which the Netflix cost price is NGN1,200. The second Netflix Subscription Plan is the Basic Plan and the Netflix cost price is NGN2,900.

The third Netflix Subscription Plan is the Standard Plan which the Netflix cost price is NGN3,600 while the fourth  Premium Plan and the Netflix cost price is NGN4,400.

Best Data Plan For Netflix Nigeria

The best data plan for Netflix in Nigeria are MTN, Airtel, Glo, and 9Mobile, these are the best data plan network you should consider when subscribing.

The list below to watch your Netflix movies without much network failure we have the data plan of

MTN 1.5GB for N300 this data plan is valid for 7 days, and the code for MTN 1.5GB for N300 is to dial *121# on your phone. This data is mainly for specific MTN users

MTN 2.5GB for N500 this data plan is valid for 2 days, and the code for MTN 2.5GB for N500 is to dial *121# on your phone and follow the prompts to complete the subscription

9Mobile 7GB for N1500 this data plan is valid for 7 days, and the code for Etisalat/9Mobile 7GB for 1500 is to dial *229*2*2# on your phone and follow the prompts to complete the subscription

Glo 1GB for N200 this data plan is valid For 1 day and the code for Glo 1GB for N200 is to dial *777# on your phone dialer. This data is mainly for specific Glo users.

Airtel 6GB for 1500 this data plan is valid for 7 days, and the code for Airtel 6GB for 1500 is to dial *440*161# on your phone and follow the prompts to complete the subscription

Glo 10GB for N3000 this data plan is valid for 30 days, and the code for Glo 10GB for N3000 is to *127*54# on your phone and follow the prompts to complete the subscription

9Mobile 2GB for N500 this data plan is valid for 3 days, and the code for 9Mobile 2GB for N500 is to dial *200*3*1*1*5*4# on your phone dialer and follow the prompts to complete the subscription

Glo 4.1GB for N1500 this data plan is valid For 30 days and the code for Glo 4.1GB for N1500 to activate dial *777# and follow the prompt.