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The Nigerian Law School is the institution responsible for providing professional legal education to law graduates in Nigeria. It was established in 1962 and has its headquarters in Bwari, Abuja.

To be admitted into the Nigerian Law School, an applicant must have a degree in law from a recognized university and must have passed the Bar Part I examination. After successful completion of the Bar Part II program, which includes courses on various aspects of Nigerian law and legal practice, students are called to the Nigerian Bar and are qualified to practice law in Nigeria.

The Nigerian Law School also provides specialized training programs for judges, magistrates, and other legal practitioners in Nigeria.

The Nigerian Law School is a highly respected institution in the legal profession, and its graduates are widely regarded as being among the best-trained lawyers in Nigeria.

  • What is the format of the Nigerian Law School exam? The Nigerian Law School exam is a combination of multiple-choice questions and essay questions. The multiple-choice questions are usually based on the Nigerian legal system, while the essay questions require the candidate to apply legal principles to a given set of facts.
  • How long does the Nigerian Law School exam last? The Nigerian Law School exam lasts for five days. The first four days are dedicated to written exams, while the fifth day is dedicated to oral exams.
  • What is the pass mark for the Nigerian Law School exam? The pass mark for the Nigerian Law School exam is 40%. Candidates who score below 40% will be required to retake the exam.
  • Can I use a computer to write the Nigerian Law School exam? No, candidates are not allowed to use computers to write the Nigerian Law School exam. All exams are written by hand. This is because the Nigerian Law School uses a specific answer booklet for the written exams, which is designed to be filled out by hand.
  • What happens if I fail the Nigerian Law School exam? If you fail the Nigerian Law School exam, you will be required to retake the exam in the following year. However, if you fail the exam three times, you will not be allowed to take it again and you will not be called to the Nigerian Bar.

How Can I prepare for the Nigerian Law School exam?

To prepare for the Nigerian Law School exam, you can attend tutorials or review classes, read past questions and answers, and study Nigerian laws and legal principles.

To prepare for the Nigerian Law School exam, you can follow these tips:

  1. Attend tutorials or review classes: You can attend tutorials or review classes organized by reputable institutions to help you prepare for the Nigerian Law School exam. These classes are often led by experienced legal practitioners and may include tips on how to answer exam questions effectively.
  2. Read past questions and answers: You can obtain past questions and answers from previous Nigerian Law School exams and study them to get a better understanding of the exam format and types of questions that are commonly asked. This will help you identify areas where you need to improve and also help you practice answering questions under exam conditions.
  3. Study Nigerian laws and legal principles: The Nigerian Law School exam covers a wide range of legal topics and principles. You can study Nigerian laws and legal principles by reading relevant textbooks, legal journals, and other publications.
  4. Attend revision classes: The Nigerian Law School organizes revision classes in the weeks leading up to the exam. These classes are designed to help you revise and consolidate your knowledge of the legal principles covered in the exam.
  5. Practice writing by hand: As mentioned earlier, the Nigerian Law School exam is written by hand. Therefore, it is important for you to practice writing by hand and develop good handwriting skills to ensure that your answers are legible and easy to read.
  6. Manage your time effectively: The Nigerian Law School exam is a time-bound exam, so it is important to manage your time effectively during the exam. You can practice answering past questions under timed conditions to help you get used to the time constraints of the exam.
  7. Stay focused and avoid distractions: During the exam period, it is important to stay focused and avoid distractions. You can achieve this by creating a study plan and sticking to it, avoiding unnecessary social media and internet use, and taking regular breaks to rest and refresh your mind.

Free Nigerian Law School Past Questions and Answers




works and formally hand over to Patterson Nigeria Limited shall pay 50% of the contract sum in advance; and the balance of,50% shall be paid on completion.

On January 1, 2017 ( a day after the contract was formalized) Patterson Nigeria Limited paid the sum of #15,000,000.00 to Jimson Nigeria Limited. Unfortunately, Jimson Nigeria Ltd.

Unfortunately, Jimson Nigeria Limited neither mobilized to the site nor performed any of its obligations under the contract because it subcontracted part of the fabrication works to another company named Engineering Designers Limited.

Despite several letters of demand written by Patterson Nigeria Limited, Jimson Nigeria Limited has not been able to perform any aspect of the contract instead Jimson is alleging that its default was a result of the secondary default by Engineering Designers Limited.

Patterson Nigeria Limited has briefed C.D Zaki, Esq to prosecute its claims against Jimson Nigeria Limited. But, C.D. Zaki, Esq. has been busy recently in his political campaigns due to his recent interest to contest the gubernatorial elections in his state.

As a result of this undue delay, Patterson Nigeria Limited has now engaged you to take over the prosecution claims against Jimson Nigeria Limited.

Answer the following questions:

(A) Comment on the most expedient mode of commencement which Patterson Nigeria Limited can employ to recover its claims expeditiously against Jimson Nigeria Limited. Give reasons and also list the processes which the claimant must file and serve on the Defendant under the procedure you identified.

(B) Assuming that the suit has been filed and served on Jimson Nigeria Limited of No. 20, Simpson Street, Lagos, and the company has briefed. You can get the full questions and answers when you purchase.

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