NOUN Courses and Duration. At NOUN University the duration of courses is calculated in semesters and not in sessions. The two semesters make one session, but sometimes it depends on the person. In NOUN University a student can choose to finish a semester per year that is, an academic session in two years because of money or the nature of the job and that is the reason Noun university is really good.

Are you are asking about noun courses and duration to finish?  NOUN courses and duration is four years of academic disciplines but you can run it to a maximum of eight years, in case you back out for the main time.

Some Art courses like Law normally are Five years program and a maximum of ten years in case you back out for the main time.

If you are asking for the duration of courses in the national open university, then you should know that the two semesters make one session.

If you are asking for the duration of courses in national open university especially computer science and entrepreneur/small business management? The duration is a 4-5years course programme even with the coding programme for computers starts with 5 while entrepreneur starts with 3-4.

How much does it take to register for each course at Noun University? For 1 Unit course, you are to register with N1,000 while 2 Unit course is N1,500 and 3 unit course is N2,000 or #2,500

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  • What if I want to take four semesters in one season, since it’s possible to prolong is it possible to shorten the period of study like instead of studying a course for 4 year I study it for 3 years

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