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Official RELEASED Of NYSC Allowance For All States In Nigeria

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NYSC allowance for all states in Nigeria

Do you know that talk has been on since the past few 5 months based on the increment of NYSC allowances which has been promised by the Federal Government which have not yet been carried out as of then. The NYSC boss in an interview with one of the spokesmen said, “Wherever I go, the corps members keep asking, ‘This (N19,000), when will it go?’ But I keep explaining to them that it is tied to the minimum wage and with a little fraction on the minimum wage.” LOL

Here is the latest Update The Director-General, National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), Brigadier General Shuaibu Ibrahim, has said the Federal Government, in line with the new National Minimum Wage, has approved N33,000 allowance for corps members.

According to a statement released by the NYSC Director-General on the official Facebook page and twitter handle of the NYSC Scheme, Brigadier General Shuaibu Ibrahim made this known while speaking to corps members at the NYSC Bauchi State Secretariat during his working visit to the state.

Ibrahim explained that contrary to various amounts being circulated on social media, the sum of thirty-three thousand naira (33,000) had been approved as the new rate.

Now let get started here, the main article is to review to you about all the list of NYSC allowance for all states in Nigeria.

Official RELEASED Of NYSC Allowance For All States In Nigeria

1. Abia state Pays ₦5,000

2. Adamawa (we don’t know yet, help us if you do)

3. Akwa Ibom state pays ₦4,900 monthly

4. Anambra state pays ₦8,300 monthly (it is paid in bulk and not really monthly)

5. Bauchi state pays ₦1,250

6. Bayelsa – ₦3,000 to those in capital and ₦5,000 to those in rural areas.

7. Benue (No information yet)

8. Borno – ₦5,000

9. Cross River – ₦5,000

10. Delta – ₦5,000.

11. Ebonyi (EBONYI used to pay ₦9750 monthly; however, payment stalled since February 2019)

12. Edo (No information yet)


13. Ekiti – ₦5,000

14. Enugu – pays ₦3,800 to those in villages and ₦1,000 to those serving in towns

15. Gombe (No information yet)

16. Imo – pays ₦2,000

17. Jigawa – pays ₦5,000

18. Kaduna – ₦3000

19. Kano pays a one-time sum of ₦15,000 which is approximately ₦1,200 per month

20. Katsina (No information)

21. Kebbi — ₦2,000 monthly

22. Kogi (No information)

23. Kwara – ₦25,000 monthly (paid to medical corp members)

24. Lagos – ₦15,000 and sometimes ₦10,000 to corp members in ministries, ₦5000 to those in LGAs and ₦20,000 to medical youth corp members.

25. Nasarawa – pays ₦5,000 monthly (₦30K paid in bulk after 6 months)

26. Niger – used to pay ₦6,000; according to reports but not anymore.

27. Ogun – ₦5,000

28. Ondo – ₦75,000 monthly to medical corp members only

29. Osun – ₦5,000

30. Oyo – ₦5,000

31. Plateau (we have no information yet)

32. Rivers – ₦5,000 but the government of Governor Nyesom Wike has increased the NYSC allowance to ₦15,000

33. Sokoto – ₦5,000 to those in state government parastatals and ₦9,000 to those in state hospitals (please note that the payment is made in bulk at the end of the service year)

34. Taraba – ₦10,000 (we are not so sure about this anymore)

35. Yobe – ₦5,000 monthly for regular corp members while medical corp members earn 100,000 plus.

36. Zamfara – ₦3,000

37. FCT – Abuja doesn’t pay anything.

Nkedugists are going to drop a little advice to all the PCMs about our thoughts on this Allawii, Please avoid all states linked with insurgency terrorist attacks, because your life is precious and you’re among the best ever produced graduates in Nigeria so please make a good decision.

Please if you think any states here is paying higher than mentioned here, or lower than listed above, please use the comment box below to get us all informed!

In one word can you drop a comment about Nigeria payment of allawii in some state as a PCMs or Corper… if  actually the state should top up or better still keep it up?

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