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NYSC Expectation of when the New Minimum Wage Allowance be Granted

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Nysc latest News on the allowance: Talk has been on since the past few months based on the increment of NYSC allowances which has been promised by the Federal Government which have not yet been carried out. The NYSC boss in an interview with one of the spokesmen said, “Wherever I go, the corps members keep asking, ‘This (N19,000), when will it go?’ But I keep explaining to them that it is tied to the minimum wage and with a little fraction on the minimum wage.”

Speaking further, he explained: “I can assure you if you scrap NYSC, there is nothing to replace it. Mr. President recently said the NYSC, the military, and the police remain the only institutions that unite the country.

“As the current chief executive of the scheme, I was also a corps member, and like everyone, I also have stories of my experience. Apart from the military and the police, which another institution is able to bring together over 300,000 youths together and mobilize them to other parts of the country? It is NYSC.

Nysc latest News on the allowance

Nysc latest News on the allowance

“We always have about 350,000 corps members in the scheme annually, and they are everywhere despite the security challenges. When I had an interview with a media house, I told them that most of the deaths recorded during the service year were not on account of insecurity, but road traffic accidents.

The director-general also said corps members would be communicated about the payment of arrears on the new minimum wage, which was signed into law in April by President Muhammadu Buhari.

He said: “The minister (of Youth and Sports Development, Sunday Dare) has announced it and further details will be given to us by the Minister of Finance (Mrs. Ahmed). This, we are waiting for.

“I want to assure that just as the minister said, the corps members also benefitted from the minimum wage. The moment we get the details, they will be contacted.

“We are going to commence the payment, as directed by the Federal Government. I have spoken to my corps members when I visited Jigawa State about four days ago. I told them that they also have benefitted from the minimum wage. And they were so excited and were praying for the Federal Government, saying it will enable them to perform more duties for the country.

“Once the government commences with the civil servants, the corps members will enjoy the same. Our minister has directed that further details will be communicated to us by the minister of finance.”

Dare said the scheme had made immense contributions to the socio-economic, political and cultural development of the country, 46 years after it was established.

To sustain the achievements, the minister urged all levels of government to fulfill their obligations towards ensuring the smooth operation of the scheme.

He called for the creation of a working environment that would be conducive for the potential of corps members to be fully harnessed for national development. Nysc latest News on the allowance.

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