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Simple Format Method For All NYSC 2024 On How To Write Redeployment Letter

How to write Nysc Redeployment Letter Format: Truth to be said there are many reasons why many PMC Corpers like to be redeployed whenever they are been posted to a state, there are reasons that are well known to them.

Nkedugists have made so much research on why most Nysc Corp members decline and redeploy, which is because they don’t really like the state they are been posted to. We get your back here because there is still a way out and that is why this article is been published here.

How to successfully apply for redeployment from a state you don’t really like to a more favorable state that is secure and closer home.

Although the scheme’s goal is to post PMC to areas they are not used to so that they can learn a new culture, language, and way of life with the sole aim of fostering national peace and unity between the South and North.

for your request to be granted it is necessary you put it in the right format and also state a valid reason if not your request won’t be granted.

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The National Youth Services Corps, NYSC has given all corp members a free say on either to staying or leaving their current NYSC serving states but leaving your serving state, you need to follow the laid down rules of NYSC redeployment/relocation.

Before you plan on redeploying, you must have a good reason of doing applying for it and it should be concrete and solid else, you will not be granted redeployment by NYSC officials.

After this, you will be required to write NYSC REDEPLOYMENT LETTER and which must be addressed to the right NYSC office. This is the reason why this post is created to help you tackle the redeployment/relocation issue.

How to write Nysc Redeployment Letter Format

How to write Nysc Redeployment Letter Format

Format for writing 

  • First your address at the top righthand side of your booklet
  • The address of NYSC D.G in Abuja, then you write “through” at the left side just after your address
  • Your NYSC State Coordinator, Then “through”
  • Your State Camp director.
  • Salutation (Dear Sir, or Dear Madam,)
  • Title example- Application For Redeployment Back To YOUR CHOICE STATE
  • Body your letter
  • Conclusion
  • Your name, signature, your NYSC State code.


Writer’s address (your address)



National Youth Services Corps,

The number of areas.



Your State NYSC Coordinator,

Number of roads- if available



State NYSC Camp Director,



Dear Sir,

Application for Redeployment to YOUR CHOICE OF STATE

I, ……………… with NYSC State code …………….., hereby write to request for redeployment back to YOUR CHOICE OF STATE. This is to enable me (insert a good and genuine reason for redeployment) and also continue to serve my fatherland in the State.

Attached to this letter, are my NYSC redeployment form and (PROOF OF EVIDENCE SUPPORTING YOUR REASON) to enable you to consider my application. I will really appreciate if my application is favorably considered.

Thank you in anticipation.

yours faithfully,




Note: If you are a married woman, attach also your marriage certificate.

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