Reasons why student fails WAEC examination: This is the major trending topic now on social media like Facebook, this question is what most WAEC candidates have been seeking for the answer, however, I welcome you to this hot page where I will be revealing a lot of helpful secrets that will help you to pass WAEC.

The fact is that anyone can fail the exam, but I will boldly tell you that WASSCE is the easiest examination you may ever dream of writing, did you know what! Once you know your problem discovering the solution to the problem is very easy.

So, I will advise you to calm down and follow me as I show you why you may fail the West African Examination Council (WAEC).

Reasons why students fails WAEC examination

Reasons why student fails WAEC examination

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5 Reasons Why You May Fail WAEC Exam

You Have Not Started Preparing

Many candidates will not like to start preparing for the exam until a day before the exam before they will start cramming, trying to pack everything into their brain but, is that a good method to prepare for external exams like WAEC? No!

The best time to start preparing for WAEC is immediately you enter SS1 and the next better time to start the preparation is now! The fact is that I wrote my NECO when I was in SS2 and I wrote my WAEC in SS3 and I pass both NECO/WAEC in one sitting without using expo, rather I spent all my time reading.

 You Are Planning to use Runz

Wait! Have anyone brainwash you that it is impossible to pass WAEC without cheating? let me now tell you that I passed my WAEC without expo, I can’t tell you that there is nothing like WAEC Expo/Runz but you will spend all your money and precious time searching for it.

I will advise you to stop thinking about using expo rather study your books, think of this; what if you were caught by the invigilator when you are using expo, they will tell you to fill malpractice form which you know what that means.

 You are Afraid of Some Subject

There are some subjects that most candidates usually find very difficult, look for those difficult subjects and look for someone that Is good at it for the person to teach you, no subject is hard and no one is simple it all depends on the way you give them attention.

You might fail WAEC if you are still afraid of some subjects that you are going to take in the exam.

You Are Not using WAEC Past Questions

Past question is one of the prophecies of the WAEC exam because it shows you how the main exam will look like, get at least 3 to 4 years different pass questions on each subject and practice.

Let me gist you, sometimes WAEC does repeat most of their questions, not using WAEC past questions too bad.

You Don’t Understand What you Study

Most candidates usually fail WAEC not because they do not study rather because of a lack of understanding of what they studied before the exam, for you to remember 90% of what you studied during the exam you need to read and make research until the topic is very clear to you.


In conclusion, do not depend on only your note if you want to pass WAEC, buy textbooks, and read, sometimes some students will read but it will not enter their brain never mind reread until it becomes clear to you. I wish you success in your examination.

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