9 Hidden Secret Reasons Why Student Don’t Do Well In Universities

Reasons Why Student Don't Do Well In Universities
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Reasons Why Student Don’t Do Well In Universities: In this article, we are going to be looking at reasons why many undergraduate students don’t do well in campus, many reports have been going on about how student have carryover, bribing lectures to pass and depreciate in their credit load courses.

The happiness of every student is to make their parents proud of them by doing well on the campus in studies and behavior, so why go to school and be doing poorly? Nkedugists know what you are passing through that is the reason why this article is published.

Are you a student having an issue with reading and studying? do you have a short memory of studying? do you have poor time management? do you know the reasons why students dropout of college? let get started by listing the reasons why students fail in the universities.

9 Hidden Secret Reasons Why Student Don’t Do Well In Universities

Many students don’t know how to study

Students Procrastination on assignments.

Students don’t really know there learning style and their capability

Students Taking classes out of sequence

Some take note by keyboard instead to write with there hands

Allowing yourself to be distracted in the classroom by the internet, your phone, and student antics instead of paying attention to the presentation.

Time Management.

Accepting too many tasks out of school: friends, clubs, religious organizations, work hours.

Not using time well: wasting minutes/hours.

Lack of understanding of the material.

Other Special Reasons

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  • Proper Note-taking Skills

For me, it’s poor note-taking skills, but that’s mainly because I physically can’t listen and take notes at the same time. Thing is, whenever I take notes, I have to physically mouth or think about what I’m writing down or else I forget what I was going to write down, and consequently, I tune out what the professor is saying without meaning to–it just happens.

Many students have been complaining about how they forget what phrase they are going to write down, but they  waste time trying to remember that phrase, write it down wrong, or just have words jotted down that make no sense to me after class at all.

This is a problem in classes where the professor doesn’t podcast because then I can’t review the podcast to hear info I’ve missed out on or misheard. I’ve heard this is common in people with an auditory processing disorder, which I suspect I have because note-taking and listening at the same time is extremely difficult for me (when I listen to podcasts of lectures, I have to hit the pause button several times and even have to replay a few sections over and over again to make sure I’m hearing right).

Wasting time going over podcasts or fretting over my incomplete notes for classes that don’t podcast prevent me from getting to understanding the materials, which is why I tend to get B’s and C’s and not A’s (the only A’s I’ve gotten were in my music and foreign language classes back in community college). That is a complain of a students.

  • Skipping Lectures



Most mistake many students make is skipping classes, they always believe that they can study at home and comprehend without going to classes. The truth is that many student readouts of point and overstress their brain, don’t be surprised that what the lecturer wants is just a piece of information from one topic.

The people who I know who do poorly, it’s because they started skipping class. I guess that could fall under the time management category. It’s okay to miss class 2 or 3 times during the semester, but beyond that, it really can start to hurt you. Pretty much, if you go to class and put in minimal effort, then you can at least come out with C’s.

  • Too Much Reliance on others

Every student need to develop academic independence and accountability from the moment they enter school.

Each student should know his/ her responsibility for their own learning: completing all tasks and assignments; bringing the right books and equipment to every class, and taking everything home each night.

Students who routine leave books or homework at school must learn cause and effect on their behavior.

Establishing routines and good study habits at an early stage will pave the way for most students to develop into a self-directed learner. Talk to your lecturer and don’t be scared if you are struggling in a particular area, and/or seek a tutor.

  • Lack of Desire

Reasons Why Student Don't Do Well In Universities

Reasons Why Student Don’t Do Well In Universities

Many students are underachievers; although capable of completing their schoolwork, they lack the initiative or motivation to succeed. These are students that can do the work, are highly intelligent, but have decided that there are other things that are more important.

In many cases they are distracted by outside factors, emotional issues, or are not challenged enough in school. (In some cases, there may be an undiagnosed learning disability.)

The danger in rewarding younger students for academic achievement is the pattern that they may only achieve when there is something to gain.

Hence, the crash and burn experiment. For all students, there may come a time where you may have to refuse to help. It may be that he or she waited until the last minute to begin a project, study for a test, or refused to attend an extra-help session.

Now, at the 11th hour, you’re being asked to help. While the consequences of not helping may seem dire, the lesson you are teaching may out-weigh those consequences. Saying no may seem harsh, but it may result in a better outcome the next time around.

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Solution Nkedugists think can Help

Time management and stress is a big issue here which nkedugists are going to deliberate on. let get started,

(a) effective time management 

(a) How Can You Effectively Manage Your Time?
Identify Your Time-related Needs and Preferences
Build a Schedule: Use a tool that works for you: Memo pad, Planner, PDA
Use Scheduling Techniques: Prioritize
Fight Procrastination: Act early and plan for the worst
Be Flexible
Manage Stress by Managing Time: You can’t achieve your goals if you don’t manage your time.

(b) Anti-Procrastination Strategies:

Act early and plan for the worst
Ask for help
Take the first step
Reward yourself with something tangible
Don’t expect perfection of yourself
Think about the positive effects of completing the task
Set reasonable goals
Use positive self-talk

In conclusion

Nkedugists advise students not to make mistakes in such a way of accepting the course they don’t want or like all in the name of going to school because it is the mistake that frustrates many students to study and skip lectures. if you have any issue on Reasons Why Student Don’t Do Well In Universities

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