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Send Money From Nigeria using Western Union or Moneygram Transfer

Western Union Nigeria
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Send Money from Nigeria: Development has become fascinating and adorable when it comes to technology, You might not be surprised when we say technology has enabled people to travel to any part of the world and still maintain close contact with their relatives without been there.

Sending Money from one country to another is now common without much stress, So many Nigerians citizens love to send money to people, relatives living abroad, the reverse is not so common. In the latter case, Nigerian students studying abroad may need financial support from their relatives back home.

Nigeria was known for money laundering activities and as a result, some international money transfer organizations shied from offering their services in the country. However, things have changed a lot and it is possible to send and receive money through these multinational money transfer institutions.

How fast will my money get to Nigeria?

Actually, It takes most money transfers between three and five working days to arrive that was then but now you can choose cash pick up and your money is typically available in minutes at convenient locations throughout Nigeria. Select bank deposit and your money will typically arrive in minutes to all banks in Nigeria.

How to Send and Recieve Money to and from Nigeria (Western Union Money Transfer)

The major international money transfer services are present, through agents, in almost all countries in the world and in basically all the countries where Nigerians have relatives. The most common international money transfer services in Nigeria are MoneyGram and Western Union.


Send Money from Nigeria

Send Money from Nigeria

Moneygram has grown so wide that money can be transfer in so many convenient ways which are easy and fast. This is the process in which money can be transferred which is a Mobile wallet and Bank account.

You will be given a form, which you will need to complete and handover to the agent serving you, along with the amount you wish to send and the transfer fee. The agent will issue you with a receipt and a reference number for the transaction, which you need to save for your records and share with the recipient of the money. Contact the recipient, tell him or her money has been sent, and then provide them with the reference number.

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Receiving money is a lot easier with MoneyGram. All you will need to do is to present yourself to the MoneyGram agent closest to you with the reference number you obtained from the sender and your identification document. You will need to complete a “receive” form. The agent will verify the details in the form plus your identification. If everything is in order then you will be given your money in Naira.


Send Money from Nigeria

Send Money from Nigeria

The Western Union Money Transfer service is used by anyone who needs to send or receive money quickly. These include people supporting friends or relatives abroad, travelers, and business people who need to make fast, international remittances.

Money can be sent online or in-person at Western Union agent locations. Cash can be collected in person at any other Western Union agent location worldwide by providing the 10-digit MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) and identification. In some cases, a secret question and answer can be used instead of identification.

The interesting about western Union transfer is that Notwithstanding the foregoing, and subject to applicable law, international transfers may be canceled for a full refund of the principal and fees paid within 30 minutes of payment unless the funds have been picked up or deposited. You may also receive a full refund in certain circumstances if you successfully assert an error or as otherwise provided under applicable law.

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The second way of receiving money in Nigeria through Western Union is on a prepaid card. This will require you to have Western Union Prepaid Card. You can load your money transfer onto your Prepaid Card by calling the number on the back of your card or logging into your card account online. The last option is to receive the money directly into your Nigerian bank account.

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