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WAEC Syllabus for Agricultural Science
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Waec Subject Combination: If you are a student who is having challenges on selecting the course you are to apply in your waec then this article is for you. The truth still remains that many Nigeria student who is still in senior secondary school don’t know how to select the nine main subject WAEC ask from them.

How to choose your nine subject selection in Waec

Most students are faced with the problem of selecting there nine (9) courses subject while deciding on writing there west Africa examination council (Waec)

Actually is not a challenge because this platform will enable you to get back to your right choice decision. These are the things you are to look out for when you want to choose your subject. Waec Subject Combination

Know your Waec compulsory subject

Waec has its compulsory subject for both commercial art and science student which are mathematics, English, Economics and of recent civic have been made compulsory which made it four subjects made compulsory for both commercial art and science student.

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Know your school entrepreneur compulsory subject

In these case entrepreneur courses have been added to the school curriculum and made compulsory also, but it is allowed to be enforced by the school and choose themselves which entrepreneur courses they want e.g. of entrepreneur courses are marketing, Animal husbandry, data processing, etc so know your school entrepreneur subject.

Identify the main key subject courses you have in mind

Every course has its main subject which without the subject your course can’t be making sense. For an instant in science physics, chemistry, biology, and geography while in art Economics, commerce, accounting are the main key subject so know your main key subject.

Have a blowing plan B     

In these cases every student doesn’t always think about the bad part of the exam, they always want to have their ways in good shape, so while thinking of having As, Bs, Cs so also think if I have F or D in my result grading. That is why you need plan B don’t be too specific in chosen one course have like two courses in mind so that even the examiner marker won’t have where to fail you because you are not too specific.

Be your real self in chosen your career or profession course

Most student make mistake by allowing friends, family, relatives, teachers or proprietor to chose the course for them which is not proper because you can’t be a shadow of another person in other to impress them you do it but is allowed if they guide you in picking your course nothing is wrong about that so the thing is you look at what you are good at doing in-class subject and while studying the subject you are happy and not bored doing it.

With these by now, you should have the solution to what you looking for in making good decisions in selecting your subject course but if you are still confused about this whole issue still kindly write to us in our comment box below.

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