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Strathcona Scholarship encourage and support each girl to develop her own unique voice and identity, while nurturing her physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

The culture revolves around learning, and throughout the school’s history, we have instilled in our students the self-belief and resilience necessary to embrace new opportunities and pursue their passions with confidence, courage, and joy.

Annually, Strathcona offers a limited number of Academic, Music, and Special Scholarships, which recognize achievement, promote success, and require a commitment to the School’s values.

Our community is vibrant, inclusive, and connected, and we expect the families of scholarship applicants to share and uphold our values.

Before applying for a scholarship, we encourage you to review the information provided below, which outlines the available scholarships, the application process, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Available Scholarships For Strathcona

  • Academic Scholarships
  • Music Scholarships
  • Special Scholarships:

Academic Scholarships

The Principal of Strathcona, Mrs. Marise McConaghy, invites applications for academic scholarships every year from current and prospective students. In 2022, the following years of entry will be available: Year 5 through to Year 9.

Music Scholarships

Music and performance form a rich part of the tapestry of learning and life here at Strathcona. The
successful music scholarship applicant is expected to take an active part in the musical life at the School.

Special Scholarships:

Beth McLaren Smallwood Scholarship Program, This scholarship is funded by the Beth Smallwood Trust to support prospective students who have a hearing impairment. The application is subject to hearing and academic assessments, in addition to a family means test.

How to Apply For Strathcona

Academic Scholarships

1. Submit a Scholarship Application Online with EduTest. When the Scholarship applications are open, the link is available on their official website.

2 Submit a Scholarship Portfolio and supporting documents to our Registrar (via email or post). This must be submitted at least one week prior to the Academic Testing Day. Please note that your submission.

A letter from the student to our Principal outlining why they would like to attend Strathcona.
Preferably, this letter is to be handwritten and in the student’s own words.

  • Copy of the student’s Birth Certificate. Please note that where the student has been born
    overseas, please also provide a copy of the student’s Australian Passport, Australian Citizenship Certificate, or Permanent Resident Visa.
  • Copy of the student’s two most recent School Reports (e.g. Semester 1 and Semester 2 of
  • Copy of the student’s most recent NAPLAN summary.
  • Any supporting certificates, awards, photos of trophies, or examples of outstanding work, that you feel would be relevant to uphold the application for the scholarship.
  • MUSIC ONLY: provide relevant documentation supporting your daughter’s current standard of performance or musical achievements such as AMEB or similar examination reports.

Please do not include any original documents or display folders. Due to the bulk of submissions
received, we will be unable to return these to you.

3. Attend Academic Testing Day (specific dates will be published on our website).
4. Shortlisted candidates only will be invited to attend an interview with the Principal, Mrs. Marise
You will be invited to submit an Application for Enrolment at this point.

Music Strathcona scholarship

Music Strathcona scholarship

Music Scholarships

All music scholarship applicants must also participate in the Academic Scholarship testing process, and we ask that you follow the same steps outlined above.

Additionally, Music Scholarship applicants must apply online and you will be invited to attend an audition time in the weeks before or after the testing day.

Please provide copies of relevant documentation supporting your daughter’s current standard of performance or musical achievements such as AMEB or similar examination reports as part of your portfolio submission.

Special Scholarships

Please review our website for information about how to apply for the following opportunities:
Beth McLaren Smallwood Scholarship Program.

Academic Testing Day

  • Typical Schedule
  • 8.15 am Registrations Open
  • 8.45 am Presentation in Featherstone Hall
  • 9.00 am Testing Commences
  • 12.30 pm Students Available for Collection in Featherstone Hall

Please note that as the rest of the School will be closed, we are unable to host waiting for families, however, we have located just a short walk to Maling Road (with numerous coffee and food options).

What To Bring

A morning tea of fruit and water will be provided for students. Students should bring the following items:  a 2B or HB pencil, blue or black pen, eraser, and sharpener in a clear, plastic packet or sleeve (no pencil cases).

Please note that no iPads, no phones, no digital watches, or similar are permitted. Additionally, students must bring one of the following forms of identification:

  • Student Card (issued by your school)
  • Recent Class Photo (name clearly shown)
  • Current School Report (with photo)
  • Passport (recent)
  • Current Library Card (with photo)
  • Current Student Travel Card (with photo)

Please ensure that staff are aware of any medical concerns and receive copies of relevant asthma /
anaphylaxis action plans. Please also ensure that your child brings along any required medication to the testing day.  A medical officer is typically in attendance.

Attending Your Audition

Each applicant for a Music Scholarship will undertake a practical audition process. Auditions are held on the advertised date and applicants will be required to register for an audition on the day.

Applicants who learn more than one instrument may audition for more than one instrument. Each applicant must provide her own accompanist.

The use of backing tracks is NOT allowed. Applicants must provide a copy of each work to
the Head of Performing Arts before the start of the audition. Successful applicants who have auditioned on more than one instrument will only be awarded a Music Scholarship on one instrument.

Applications will perform (subject to annual review):

  •  Two contrasting pieces (no more than 10 minutes total
  •  Technical work (a study of vocalization, scales, and arpeggios)
  • A sight-reading exercise (provided by the Head of Performing
  • A short aural theory test based on basic musical knowledge.

Accepting a Scholarship Offer

Following a successful statement from the Principal, Strathcona may be in a position to provide you with a Scholarship Offer, congratulations! We ask that you be prepared to accept this offer within two business days.

All scholarship holders, together with their parents/guardians will be required to accept and sign a
Scholarship Agreement that will detail the concession conditions.

This will include committing to the ethos, program, and expectations of the School. The agreement will also include details of the annual performance review.

To accept the Scholarship Offer, families will be asked to make a payment of a $1,000.00 non-refundable enrolment fee and a $1,000.00 non-refundable scholarship holding fee.

The School requires receipt of the signed acceptance paperwork, in addition to receipt of all required documents as part of a standard enrolment (e.g. Application for Enrolment form signed by both parents, Birth Certificate, Immunisation Record, any Visa or Citizenship documents).

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I attend a tour with my daughter prior to applying for a Scholarship with Strathcona?

The short answer is yes! It is always in your best interests to attend a tour of a school prior to submitting an Application for Enrolment or Application for a Scholarship.

During the scholarship process, there will be limited tours available and so sooner is always better. We recommend attending the next tour opportunity to gain valuable insight into a typical day at Strathcona.

Are the Strathcona examinations run by an external organization?

Strathcona utilizes the services of a company called EduTest for all academic assessments. This company manages all applications and the examination process (including results).

Does Strathcona have a set number of scholarships to award every year?

The number of scholarships on offer varies from year to year and is highly dependent upon the academic performance of individual students.

Does Strathcona award a certain amount or percentage?

The School may award anything between 25% to 80% of the tuition fee, and this amount can fluctuate from student to student.

It is worth noting that Strathcona does not offer any full scholarships of 100% and any other levies or charges may be applicable.

Does Strathcona provide any feedback following the examination and is it possible to obtain a copy of the Scholarship results?

Due to the competitive nature of the Scholarship process, Strathcona declines to share feedback or results with participants.

If I accepted a Scholarship offer, but later change my mind, what happens?

Any fees paid are non-refundable and subsequently forfeited. Please read the Scholarship Policy carefully.

I already hold a Scholarship with Strathcona, am I eligible to participate?

Regretfully, students that already hold a Scholarship with Strathcona are not eligible to participate.

What can my child expect from the academic examination?

There are typically five sections to each examination paper:
1. Verbal Reasoning
2. Numerical Reasoning
3. Reading Comprehension
4. Mathematics
5. Written Expression

Do you have practice tests that my child can use to prepare for the examination?

EduTest has some practice assessments available online. Please note that online tests are designed to make students feel comfortable with the style and format of the questions they are likely to encounter in a scholarship examination, and do not entirely duplicate the examination material.

If I receive an offer for a Music Scholarship, will this include Instrumental Music Tuition?

Generally, scholarships are awarded at 50% of Tuition Fees and up to 100% of Instrumental Music Tuition Fees for one instrument, subject to conditional means testing in some cases (Principal discretion applies).

Am I am eligible to apply as an International Student?

Full Fee Paying Overseas Students (on a 500 Visa or similar) are not eligible for these scholarships.

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