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ASSU STRIKE IN NIGERIA AND HOW TO COPE WITH IT: Nigerian Education System is improving day by day but there are still some loopholes that need to be taken care of which I think will be hard that is why our education system is not good compared to other countries in the world. It has been a few years since students had to deal with long-term strikes in Nigeria; and just at the moment we thought the era of students having to stay an extra years in school due to unnecessary strikes by championed by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) was over, they strike again for there selfish benefit.

Imagine a Student who gain admission into one of the Nigeria University in the year 2014 instead of been a graduate at the year 2018 you will see the student passing out at the year 2020 ,proper research was made and it was because of strikes in Nigeria that made it so but in other countries the moment you are in gaining your admission the year runs nothing pause your year but not in Nigeria.

How long are we going to continue like this? how long we politicians stop playing with our academic system all in the name of their selfish interest? how long will Nigerian Education be perfect on the side of not going for a strike?


Strikes in Nigeria

Strikes in Nigeria

There is some reason why ASUU goes on strike which they think is truly a valuable reason for the strike. which are

1. Funding of Universities the Nigerian government was in arrears of N495 billion as at first quarter of 2016 in respect to the Needs Assessment Funds for the Revitalization of Public Universities.

2. They hope that issues such as payment of fractions/ non-payment of salaries, as well as Earned Academic Allowances (EAA)

3. Antics of the state governments have been neglecting universities that they established, and some state governors are going ahead to establish new ones while those brought to life by their predecessors in the office are neglected to rot and die.

4. Refusal to release the operational license of NUPEMCO; and the non-implementation of the provisions of the 2014 Pension Reform Act concerning retired professors and their salaries, will be sorted.

The reason above is what make millions of students, future of tomorrow to seat at home because Strikes In Nigeria, while there mate outside the country, are rounding up their academic section calendar and to worsen all after they call off the strike that is where you will see rush and pressure all in the name to meet up the time and cover scheme. the question is who is suffering it? the truth is that the student is seriously affected because students easily get into a lazy mode, where they sit around doing nothing or just meshing the entire time into one long continual nap fest…wasting valuable time and making no positive strides in their life all through the period of the strike.

The reason for this article is to make sure that no matter the strike if it holds or If you are one of the affected students and you are wondering how you could make this “indefinite” time worth your while, you may want to consider things you can do.


  •  Add a new skill

You finally have the time to learn new skills. It could be photography, jewelry making, learning to play an instrument like the saxophone or guitar, baking, writing and producing music or playing a sport like a football, tennis or volleyball. Take the time to learn it and get good at it. Not only does it give you an edge and provide opportunities for a side hustle, but it will also help build your self-confidence and give you value for time invested.

  • Apply for an interim job

While you are at home, you might as well make a little money. Get a job as an intern or assistant in an office or company. You can even get a job as a paid apprentice at a salon or creative studio. Even more, you may decide to go for something freelance like writing or blogging.

The beauty of the internet is that you can get connected to so many job opportunities without necessarily breaking a sweat. The money made may not be the kind that will set you up for life, but it may be enough for extra chills…and then again, working would be fun and educational. You learn the value of time and money and attain the essence of work ethic and work culture.

  •  Establish a little Business

There is no age too young for becoming an entrepreneur. Use this period at home to start a small business. You could either sell products or render a service. The good thing is that you do not necessarily need a large capital to get yourself started. You also have social media as a very important promotional tool.

You could start a home cleaning service or food delivery service…there are so many options. Managing a business gives you a lot of opportunities to gain a lot of experience with will be beneficial when you eventually conclude your studies

  • Engage for an Expert certification course

The university might be closed but there are other avenues for learning. You can enroll in short courses online or for professional classes that will grant you certain qualifications that may become relevant in the future. Even if you do not have the money to pay for these courses, you can go for free ones on portals like Coursera or Edx.
You don’t necessarily have to get a certificate; the idea is to acquire new knowledge that will be relevant to your career goals or aspirations.

  •  Attend seminars and personal development events

The period at home maybe offers a great opportunity to improve your social skills. Attend conferences and seminars as well as events. It does not have to be professional or vocational seminars or events. It could be events that offer opportunities to explore your hobbies or just enjoy yourself. Also, it offers opportunities for networking and exposes you to new connections. It could be book readings, slam poetry competitions, meetups, concerts e.t.c

  • Travel

There is never a bad time to travel. As a student, you may not have a lot of resources available for long leisurely trips, but you can visit another state within the country or just other cities within your state. Travelling can be fun and educational at the same time for students.

The thing is you must serve your country so while you decide to travel you can from there scout out where you will like to serve when you are through schooling.

So It is also a great way for students to learn more about the world around you and open yourself to alternative culture’s traditions and lifestyles while Strikes In Nigeria continue. You could travel to other African cities or continents if you can afford it or you have a sponsor as well. The important thing though, is that you keep your ear on the ground while on your travels, so you are well informed when the strike is called off.

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