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Easy Ways to Study In Berlin | Step By Step Method on Gaining Admission In Berlin

Humboldt University of Berlin tuition fees: We are able to offer you the most qualified education information for free. Research about studying at Humboldt University and free university in Berlin was made available for all students who are interested in appl.

Kindly check out the most common questions many international students ask base on preparation to study in Berlin, which are;

  • What is the requirement to study in Germany
  • Is studying Germany difficult
  • How can I get free education in Germany
  • Study in Germany requirement

Study In Berlin can help Nigerian and other international students who are interested to experience a new academic challenge in Germany.

The easy way to gain admission to study in Germany for international student 2021, How much does it cost to study medicine in Berlin, Humboldt University of Berlin tuition fees, How can I apply for University in Berlin, and What is the requirement to study in Germany are all review here.

Humboldt University Logo

Humboldt University Logo

Are you in search of Germany Tuition Fees For International Students 2021? University entrance qualification is an integral part of the application process at the Free University of Berlin. Foreign applicants need to have a qualification equivalent to the Abitur or European Matriculation Exam in order to be able to draft an application. More than 600 international scientists and scholars contribute to the university’s research legacy.

About Germany University in Berlin ( University Of Berlin)

The Free University of Berlin was established in 1948 by the students and professors. The initiative was to incorporate a free university and was strongly supported by the masses and gained plenty of financial aid. Currently, the university has 12 academic departments, four multi-disciplinary central institutes, and one merged medical school with the Humboldt University of Berlin.

The Free University of Berlin has 11 departments and a total of 178 courses to choose from. Multiple surveys have placed the university amongst the 5 best universities in Germany.

The university offers 52 doctoral, 105 graduate, and 73 undergraduate degree programs in various fields like social sciences, biology, chemistry, physics, chemistry, medicine, pharmacy, mathematics, languages, cultural studies, law, economics, business, and arts. The university is home to over 31,500 students, and over 4,500 staff members. It is counted among the top international universities for the high population of international students and teachers.

Notable Alumni of University of Berlin

Shoucheng Zhang.

Shoucheng Zhang, a successful Physicist known for his Work on Topological Insulators. Shoucheng Zhang was one of the founders of the field of topological insulators. He made one of the first theoretical proposals of the quantum spin Hall effect. Soon after the initial theoretical proposal, his group theoretically predicted the first realistic quantum spin Hall material in HgTe quantum wells.

Shoucheng Zhang, a successful Physicist known for his Work on Topological Insulators.

Shoucheng Zhang Biography

Shoucheng Zhang Biography

Jürgen Kocka

Jürgen Kocka (1941) is one of the best exponents of the renewal of German social history, as part of what is known as the Bielefeld School. His research concentrated mainly on the history of German and American workers and on the history of the European bourgeoisie, especially with regard to German industrialization.

Jürgen Kocka was a well-known German historian.

Jürgen Kocka biography

Jürgen Kocka biography

Klaus Wowereit

Klaus Wowereit (born 1 October 1953) is a German politician, member of the SPD (Social Democratic Party), and was the Governing Mayor of Berlin from 21 October 2001 to 11 December 2014. … He served as President of the Bundesrat (the fourth highest office in Germany) in 2001/02.

Klaus Wowereit was Berlin’s former mayor.

Klaus Wowereit biography

Klaus Wowereit biography

Wolfgang Becker

Wolfgang Becker is a famous German film director, born June 22, 1954, in Hemer, North Rhine-Westphalia, he is a German screenwriter, director, and actor. After the bachelor’s degree, he pursued at the University of Berlin studies of Germanic and American civilization and history. Then he enters the German Academy of Film and Television (DFFB).

His film End of Studies, Schmetterlinge (Butterflies), draws attention to him: this film that adapted a story of the English writer Ian McEwan, gets in Hollywood the Oscar for best film of Student Film Award, in Locarno, the “Lepard” of gold, and in Saarbrücken, the prize of the Minister-President of Saarland at the Max Ophüls Festival.

1988 he was celebrated in the Berlin TV station, Tatort (The Place of Crime), he produced in 1991, an episode entitled “Blutwurstwalzer” which raises enthusiasm. The following year, he turns for television Children’s Games, a drama of childhood whose success leads to his theatrical release.

  • Mario Laserna Pinzón is the founder of Bogotá’s Los Andes University.
  • Michael Stürmer is a German historian popular for his part in the 1980s Historikerstreit.
Wolfgang Becker biography

Wolfgang Becker biography

How Much Does it Cost to Study In Berlin

Germany Universities are gaining the highest standards of teaching and research is based on academic facilities and environment. The fact has always been that the University of Berlin is now becoming one of the top universities in the World. Many international students have shown great concern and interest in applying for admission to the University of Berlin.

The anxiety questions to study in Germany for international students, and applying for an admission is kind of numerous such as  What is the requirement to study in Germany, is studying in Germany difficult, how can I get free education in Germany, Humboldt University of Berlin tuition fees, study in Germany requirements, kindly check here to see how easy it is to study in the University of Berlin.

If you are interested to study at the University of Berlin, you have no worries at all about How much it cost to study in berlin because the good idea is that an estimation of how much you will be spending on your ‘study abroad in Germany’ is already approximate with cost evaluation.

Berlin Tuition fees:

Berlin Living expenses:

  • Food Approximate Cost €323
  • Clothes Approximate Cost €50
  • Transportation Approximate Cost €94
  • Learning materials €20
  • Medical costs Approximate Cost €80
  • Internet and recreation Approximate Cost €90

The cost of pursuing an undergraduate degree in a private German university can go up to €20,000 a year, whereas that of a postgraduate or master’s degree can be around €30,000 a year. However, these costs may vary depending on whether the university is private or public and the area of study you choose to pursue.

Germany Accommodation costs

  1. Accommodation costs make up for a large part of international students’ expenses. In Germany, the cost of accommodation can be anywhere between €210 and €360 per month.
  2. If you decide to live alone, accommodation can cost you about €363 per month, and living in campus. Accommodation could cost about €351 per month.
  3. The cost of accommodation in Germany varies depending on the city you are living in. For example, the approximate cost of renting a house in Munich is a whopping €665 per month, whereas the monthly student rent in Leipzig is about €327.

About Humboldt University

Humboldt university of Berlin tuition fees

Humboldt University of Berlin tuition fees

Humboldt University Berlin or Humboldt Universität Zu Berlin (HU) – public higher education institution in Germany. The history of HU can be traced back to 1810. The university campus is of urban type and is located in the vicinity of Berlin.

Humboldt University Berlin is classified as a large university with more than 31,000 concurrent students. The university accepts applications from foreign students. Local students have the opportunity to work with foreigners. 13% of students come from abroad.

Humboldt University of Berlin Ranking

Humboldt University Berlin every year manages to secure high ranks in the national ratings of Germany. The university is in the top 5% of the most prestigious educational institutions on the planet. It is famous for its education quality in the following disciplines:

  • Arts and Humanities
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Life Sciences and Medicine
  • Natural Science
  • Social Sciences and Management

The university is in the top 100 in education quality. In addition to the good academic standing, the university is also respected by employers all around the world.

Humboldt University of Berlin Tuition fees

  • When considering an applicant the deciding factor is always his/her academic performance. The academic year is divided into semesters. A year of studies at a bachelor’s level may cost you 1000 USD or even less.
  • If you want to obtain your master’s at HU this will cost you less than 1000 USD. Even though the tuition fees are not that high, the students still can apply for scholarships. The university offers a wide range of programs for online education. Due to the fact that the tuition fees at HU may vary depending on the faculty, we advise you to check the official website for more accurate information.
Ranking   cups 301, Rank   23
Humboldt Universität zu Berlin
Country Germany
City Berlin
Bachelor (foreigners) 685 USD/year.
Master (foreigners) 1,000 USD/year.
Bachelor (citizens) 1,184 USD/year.
Cost of living $652-1,237 USD/Month.
Official Website

Simple Step by Step On How Can I Apply For Free University In Berlin

If you are interested to study at the Free University of Berlin, Kindly check it out here for a quick way on how you can apply for free university in Berlin without difficulties:

Application portal: Online portal

Application fee: 10 EUR

Supporting documents: Following documents must be kept ready in order to draft a successful application at the Free University of Berlin-

  • School and University certificates
  • The final certificate of first degree with grade.
  • Translation of certificates (if not originally in English) by sworn translators or an agency that provides translations for government purposes.
  • German language proof
  • English language proof
  • Statement of purpose.
  • Financial guarantee proof
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Copy of passport
  • Resume (if applicable)
  • Motivational letter
  • APS Certificate for students from China and Vietnam.

Some of the salient points to be taken note of when applying for the Free University of Berlin are as follows:

  • All Applicants who have a foreign university entrance qualification have to apply via uni-assist, which takes about four to six weeks to process the application.
  • The interested candidates should follow the university semester system and has winter and summer intake seasons.
  • The application deadline for bachelor’s programs with NC is July 1 to August 20 and for master’s programs is June 30 for the upcoming winter semester.
  • Proof of language proficiency (English/German), letters of recommendation, and resume play a vital role as a part of the application.
  • Scholarships are available to both resident and non-resident students. Students must keep track of their application status.
  • All International students must ensure timely completion of their Schengen Student Visa process. A help desk is also available for students at in case of any discrepancy.

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