Today latest News on Asuu Strike
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LATEST NEWS ON ASUU STRIKE TODAY, The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) will end its warning strike tomorrow (Monday), the 9th of May 2022, as considerations on indefinite strike commence.

Today latest news on Asuu strike updates – ASUU LATEST NEWS is that The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) will end its warning strike tomorrow (Monday), the 9th of May 2022, as considerations on indefinite strike commence.

Previous Updates On Asuu Strike Which is making Asuu engage on strike since a few months ago…

The government has once again appealed to striking ASSU members, to stop their protests and continue teaching as usual.

The percentage of a pay raise that the university workers are receiving is confidential to avoid backlash from the federal government. Munzali, an employee at the university, said that 200% would be difficult for the federal government to provide.

The Ministry of Finance said that nobody can pay our debts. I told them to renegotiate the agreement because contracts can always be reopened for negotiation even if a collective bargaining agreement is signed.

UTAS was suggested by ASUU, but failed to protect against hacking.

For the last three years, there have been several different teams in charge of reviving NAFTA. They’ve tried to come up with an acceptable deal for all three countries but with no success yet.

In order to settle the dispute with Core shareholders, a committee was created. The new committee, which consists of former pro-chancellor, University of Lagos, Wale Babalakin, was appointed in 2017.

After a disagreement with UNILAG management, Mr. Babalakin resigned from the committee in protest.

After December 12, 2020, Munzali Jibril who is an English professor and had acted as governing council chairman for the Federal University of Lafia, Nasarawa State will be chairman of the committee.

According to Minister of Labor and Employment, Chris Ngige, all of the pro-chancellors, who would have negotiated with Mr. Jibril, have retired, which effectively makes them unfit. You Can Read More On Asuu Strike.


ASUU, the union representing academics, will end its warning notice today (Monday), May 9th, as considerations begin on an indefinite strike.

ASUU, the union that provides teachers for Universities in Nigeria, will end its warning strike tomorrow at 12 p.m because ASUU is holding a discussion on an indefinite strike.

Today latest News on Asuu Strike

Today Latest News on Asuu Strike

The Asuu strike is becoming something else and if Asuu should embark on the Indefinite strike, what will be the fate of that candidate who gains admission in 2022 and those writing Jamb this year?

What will be the fate of the Undergraduate students who have spent five to six years in university because of this Asuu strike?

What is your take on this Asuu Embarking on Indefinite strike? kindly drop a comment because it will really go a long way. How many years have you spent in school since this whole FG to ASUU strike? Have you started learning skills or trades?

Let’s Check Out Some Comments Related To Asuu Latest News For May 2022

Some students have already started making some comments on this latest News on Asuu embarking on an Indefinite strike which some are funny and some are speaking the truth on the official Asuu page.

Latest Asuu strike News

Latest Asuu strike News

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