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Turkey Success Scholarships
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The Turkey Success Scholarships, which spans one year, is tailor-made for students who are presently pursuing their studies in Turkish universities through self-financing and have demonstrated remarkable academic prowess.

These Turkey Success Scholarships are open to students at various academic levels, including undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. degrees. The online application period for the Turkey Success Scholarships for the 2024-2025 academic year will commence in October 2023.

Please note that the Success Scholarship Program deadline for submitting your application for the Turkey Scholarships 2024-2025 is set for November 30th, 2023. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Türkey Scholarships is a government-funded and highly competitive scholarship initiative designed to recognize and support exceptional students seeking to undertake full-time or short-term academic programs at Turkey’s leading universities. This prestigious scholarship program is available at the country’s top 50 universities, offering recipients a unique opportunity to excel in their chosen fields of study.

In addition to financial support, Türkey Scholarships also includes a mandatory one-year Turkish Language Course.

This language course plays a vital role in helping students seamlessly integrate into the social and cultural fabric of their new environment. It ensures that scholars not only excel academically but also thrive in the rich and diverse cultural landscape of Turkey.

Financial Coverage of Success Scholarships

The Turkey Success Scholarships provide financial support for the duration of an academic year, with payments disbursed on a monthly basis during the months (9 months) when students are actively pursuing their education.

Eligible applicants for the Success Scholarship will receive the following monthly stipends:

  • ₺ 450 for undergraduate students, which also covers tuition, accommodation, and health insurance expenses.
  • ₺ 600 for graduate students, encompassing tuition, accommodation, and health insurance costs.
  • ₺ 900 for Ph.D. students, including tuition, accommodation, and health insurance expenditures.

These scholarships not only offer financial assistance but also cover essential expenses to ensure that students can fully focus on their studies and research.

Success Scholarships Requirement

  1. Student Certificate: A Student Certificate bearing the signature and seal, obtained from the registrar’s office after November 1, 2023. (Mandatory)
  2. Copy of Valid ID or Passport: A copy of a valid identification card or passport. (Mandatory)
  3. Certified Copies of Previous Higher Education Certificates: Copies of previous higher education certificates, duly certified.
  4. Research Proposal (for Graduate and Ph.D. Programs): A detailed research proposal for applicants seeking admission to graduate and Ph.D. programs.
  5. Scholarship CV and Cover Letter: A Curriculum Vitae (CV) and a cover letter outlining the reasons for applying for the scholarship.
  6. Study Plan: A study plan outlining the applicant’s intended academic project as a scheduled student.
  7. Motivation Letter: A letter expressing the motivation behind applying for this funding, highlighting key points.
  8. Statement of Purpose (SOP): A Statement of Purpose explaining the applicant’s academic and career goals.
  9. Recommendation Letters: Two original Recommendation Letters written by previous professors.
  10. Letter of Intent (LOI): A Letter of Intent detailing the applicant’s intentions and objectives.
  11. Transcript: A transcript with the signature and seal obtained from the registrar’s office after November 30, 2023. (Mandatory).

Procedure For Applying For the Success Scholarships

The application process for the Turkey Success Scholarships involves the following steps:

  1. Create an Account: To begin the application process, applicants must first open an account on the Turkey Scholarships Application System.
  2. Provide Personal Information: After creating an account, applicants should enter their personal information, educational background, social activities, and any other required details in order to apply for the Success Scholarship.
  3. Submit Required Data: Applicants must provide all the requested data and information for their application. This includes uploading the requested documents in a supported format such as PDF or JPEG. Failing to provide all the necessary information and documents may lead to the application being considered invalid.
  4. Check for Errors: It’s crucial to review and ensure the accuracy of all the information and documents submitted. Any errors or mistakes detected in the application may result in the application being considered invalid. Furthermore, if such errors or mistakes are discovered after the scholarship is granted, the relevant legislation allows for the collection of the total amount of scholarship funds disbursed to the students.
  5. Complete the Application: Once all the necessary information and documents have been provided and reviewed for accuracy, applicants can submit their application through the Turkey Scholarships Application System.

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