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UK Scholarships For Nigerian Students
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UK Scholarships for Nigerian Students is a good option for you, don’t miss out. Looking for scholarships for Nigerian students in the UK? You’re in the right place!

This article covers various scholarships in the United Kingdom specifically for Nigerians. The UK is among the top choices for international students due to its fantastic quality of life, stunning scenery, and friendly people.

The UK education system is renowned worldwide, making it an ideal place to pursue your studies. Scholarships for Nigerian students in Canada provide a chance to study abroad and enjoy perks like a top-notch education, exposure to the latest curriculum, cultural diversity, living in student-friendly cities, and collaborating with bright minds from around the world.

Applying for a scholarship in the UK is a straightforward process once you’ve secured admission to a UK university.

UK Scholarships For Nigerian Undergraduate Students 2024

Scholarships for Nigerian students studying in the UK can be categorized into various types, each with its own eligibility criteria and application process. Here are some common types of scholarships available for Nigerian students in the UK:

  1. Government Scholarships:
    • Commonwealth Scholarships: Offered by the UK government to students from Commonwealth countries, including Nigeria, these scholarships cover tuition fees, living expenses, and other allowances.
    • Chevening Scholarships: Funded by the UK government, Chevening Scholarships are awarded to outstanding individuals with leadership potential. They cover tuition, living expenses, and other costs.
  2. University Scholarships:
    • Merit-Based Scholarships: Many UK universities offer scholarships based on academic excellence. These may cover partial or full tuition fees.
    • Need-Based Scholarships: Some universities provide scholarships to students based on financial need.
  3. Private and Nonprofit Organization Scholarships:
    • Shell Niger Delta Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme: This scholarship is for Nigerian students from the Niger Delta region pursuing postgraduate studies in the UK.
    • NNPC/ADDAX Scholarships: Offered by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and ADDAX Petroleum, these scholarships support undergraduate and postgraduate studies.
  4. Subject-Specific Scholarships:
    • Engineering Scholarships: Some organizations and universities offer scholarships specifically for students pursuing engineering degrees in the UK.
    • Medical Scholarships: There are scholarships available for Nigerian students studying medicine or related fields in the UK.
  5. Research Scholarships:
    • Research Council Scholarships: Various research councils in the UK offer scholarships for international students, including those from Nigeria, who are pursuing research degrees.
  6. Professional Body Scholarships:
    • Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) Scholarships: ACCA offers scholarships to Nigerian students pursuing accounting and finance qualifications in the UK.
  7. Sports Scholarships:
    • Sports Scholarships: Some universities offer scholarships to talented athletes from Nigeria who wish to pursue their academic and sports careers simultaneously.
  8. Online Learning Scholarships:
    • Distance Learning Scholarships: For Nigerian students opting for online or distance learning programs, some scholarships are available to support their studies.

UK Scholarships For Nigerian Students 2024 Fully Funded

Picking a university becomes easier when you know they offer scholarships for undergraduates. It’s important to check if the university you’re applying to has any scholarships available.

In the UK, universities usually provide scholarships for international students pursuing their bachelor’s degrees. These scholarships are often given for doing well academically or excelling in sports.

University of Nottingham

The University of Nottingham offers a variety of scholarships across many courses and faculties. Their new regional excellence awards cover a contribution toward tuition fees in the first year of your course, and are available for high-achieving students who will put their degree to great use in their careers.

The University also offer sport scholarships for successful sportsmen.

University College of London

The University College London has its own scholarship finder. This means there are plenty of options for international students.

There are search filters to make your scholarship search simpler, such as your country of origin, degree, if you are a current or prospective student, course – you name it. Take your time and explore in detail what possibilities are available to you.

University of Sheffield

The University of Sheffield offer £2,000–£2,500 scholarships to international students depending on their course. They also offer 50 scholarships worth 50% of your tuition fees for each year (subject to a 60% average) of your undergraduate degree.

Visit their country pages for more information about country-specific scholarships and funding opportunities.

University of Brighton

The University of Brighton’s criteria for awarding international scholarships are primarily merit based. This is not limited to academic merit but can be interpreted to include outstanding performance in a variety of areas.

The strongest candidates will be students demonstrating a mixture of academic merit (including English language ability) and other outstanding achievements in your particular field of activity.

University of Manchester

The University of Manchester offers a huge variety of scholarships and bursaries. There are subject-specific awards that are offered to international students studying in specific courses, disciplines or faculties.

The university also offers travel awards, university funding, and many more. Make sure you take a look at their website to find which scholarships apply to you.

Warwick University

Warwick University has a list of scholarships for international students that are available to all countries outside of the UK and EU.

Most of their international scholarships are listed by country of origin. It might be worth filtering by your country to view the scholarships available to undergraduate students in your country of origin.

Durham University

Durham University offers The International Excellence Scholarship worth £2000 for the first year of study which is awarded to international students of outstanding academic ability.

All international students enrolled in a Bachelor’s or Master’s level Mathematics and Statistics degree are automatically considered for the scholarship. So unless you are applying for the Mathematics and Statistics program, you will need to make a scholarship application to be considered.

University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh offers three different types of undergraduate scholarships to international students: The Edinburgh Global Undergraduate Mathematics Scholarships for Math students, Robertson International Scholarships for History, Classics, and Archaeology students, and the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies International Scholarship for Veterinary students.

The university also offers a limited emergency Hardship Fund for non-UK students who fall into unexpected financial difficulties for a variety of reasons.

University of Westminster

The University of Westminster in London has two main scholarships for undergraduate students: Westminster Undergraduate High Achiever Awards and Westminster Undergraduate Full Scholarships.

The university also offers a scholarship finder option on its website, so take your time to explore all your options and check if you’re eligible for any joint or external scholarships.

University of Leicester

The University of Leicester offers scholarships for non-EU undergraduate students such as The President’s Undergraduate Scholarship Scheme and the College of Science and Engineering Undergraduate Scholarship Scheme, but on top of that, they offer bursaries and discounts as well.

Among many scholarships, there are discounts for some specific courses or family members of graduates and current students. That means if you have a brother or a sister who wants to study or currently studying at Leicester, then one of you will get a discount on your course fees.

Other UK universities are offering undergraduate scholarships too. A larger list of universities can be found on the website, but it’s going to take some time to explore them all.

How To Apply For a Scholarship In the UK From Nigeria

Applying for a scholarship in the UK from Nigeria involves several important steps to help you secure financial assistance for your academic goals. Here’s a breakdown of the process:

  1. Identify Scholarships:
    • Utilize scholarship search engines, government portals, and study abroad agents to find suitable scholarships.
    • Look for scholarships that match your requirements, nationality, and qualifications.
  2. Note Down Requirements:
    • Make a list of eligibility criteria, application deadlines, and necessary documentation for each scholarship.
    • Pay attention to specific instructions, such as essays, recommendation letters, or portfolios.
  3. Gather Necessary Documents:
    • Collect required documents, including academic transcripts, recommendation letters, English test scores, personal statements, and a resume.
  4. Choose the Application Route:
    • Determine the application process for each scholarship.
    • Some scholarships may have online application portals, while others might require you to apply for admission to the program first.
  5. Complete the Application Form:
    • Fill out the scholarship application form accurately, providing all required information.
    • Adhere to all guidelines, including word limits for essays and other written components.
  6. Submit Application:
    • Thoroughly review your application before submission.
    • Ensure that all information is accurate and complete, and submit your application before the specified deadline.
  7. Accept Scholarship Offer:
    • If you receive an automatic scholarship offer, carefully review the terms and conditions.
    • Follow the provided instructions to accept the offer and fulfill any necessary formalities.

How can I get a 100% scholarship to study in the UK?

Certain universities, like the University of Nottingham, provide scholarships that cover the entire tuition fee. Getting a 100% scholarship for studying in the UK can be challenging, as full scholarships are often highly competitive and may have specific eligibility criteria.

Here’s a step-by-step guide On How To Apply For UK Scholarships For Nigerian Students

  1. Acceptance to a UK University:
    • Ensure you have been accepted into a UK university before applying for scholarships.
  2. Shortlist Suitable Scholarships:
    • Identify scholarships based on your eligibility, skills, and expertise. This targeted approach helps you find the most fitting options.
  3. Check Availability:
    • Verify that the scholarships you’ve shortlisted are still open for applications.
  4. Be Aware of Deadlines and Requirements:
    • Stay informed about application deadlines and specific requirements for each scholarship to avoid missing out on opportunities.
  5. Prepare Required Documents:
    • Gather all necessary documents, including educational certificates. Incomplete applications may not be considered.
  6. Additional Documents to Include:
    • Academic transcripts
    • Letter of Acceptance from the university
    • Statement of Purpose
    • Medical Test Certificate
    • Aptitude Test Score Certificate (e.g., GRE, SAT, GMAT)
    • English Proficiency Test Score Certificate (e.g., IELTS, TOEFL)
  7. Submit Complete Applications:
    • Ensure your application is complete with all required documents before submission.

It’s a good idea for interested individuals to bookmark this page for future updates on more UK Scholarships For Nigerian Students for the 2024/2025 application.

If there are any questions or inquiries, feel free to use the comment box below for assistance. Stay tuned for more information and best of luck to all applicants!

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