UK Higher Education: The Most Top 10 UK University Ranking 2022

Uk university ranking 2020
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Uk university ranking 2022: Which Universities are the best in the UK? UK University rankings and league tables are highly competitive. There are over 150 higher education institutions to choose from in the UK, and it is important you have all the information on where to go and what to study before applying.

The Official latest Universities Ranking In UK has been finally released, the Important factors to consider when choosing a UK university include.

Other criteria are considered when approving Uk university ranking 2022:

      • “Completion” – the percentage of students who manage to complete their degree;
      • “Entry standards” – the average UCAS tariff score (data source: HESA);
      • “Facilities spending” – the average expenditure per student on sports, careers services, health and counseling;
      • “Good honors” – the percentage of students graduating with a first or 2.1;
      • “Graduate prospects” – the percentage of UK graduates in graduate employment or further study (data source: HESA’s survey of Destination of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE));
      • “Library and computing spending” – the average expenditure on library and computer services per student (data source: HESA);
      • “Research” (data source: 2008 Research Assessment Exercise);
      • “Student satisfaction” (data source: National Student Survey); and
      • “Student-staff ratio” (data source: HESA).

The challenge, of course, is making sure that British institutions feature just as prominently on the global stage in 2022 and far beyond. That is the aim of the review into university funding that Lord Browne of Madingley is carrying out for the government.

Higher education is going global fast. Students and academics are more internationally mobile. First-rate universities are growing in emerging nations. More research crosses national boundaries. I believe the UK is well placed to thrive on this exciting international stage.

UK Higher Education: The Most Top 10 UK University Ranking 2020

The most recent league table (2020) ranked the top 50 (out of 121) British universities as follows

Rank(1–10)UniversityAppearances inSubject TablesTopPlacesTimes inTop TenPercentagein Top Ten
1University of Cambridge412741100.0
2University of Oxford37937100.0
3Imperial College London1401392.9
4Durham University3323090.9
5University of St Andrews2442187.5
6London School of Economics1211083.3
7University of Exeter3702670.3
8University of Bath2621869.2
9University College London3702567.6
10Royal Veterinary College30266.7

Summary of national rankings

The following universities rank in the top 10 in at least one of the most recent national rankings; the table is ordered according to the Times Higher Education Table of Tables (2020).

UniversityTHE Table of Tables (2020) Complete (2020)Guardian (2020)#
University of Cambridge111
University of Oxford223
University of St Andrews332
Imperial College London447
Loughborough University584
Durham University665
Lancaster University777=
University of Bath896
London School of Economics9419
University of Warwick1011=9
University of Exeter1111=10
University College London131022

Uk university ranking 2020: Neither league tables nor the raw data behind them can tell the whole story, however. There is still the indefinable extra that comes from a strong, self-confident university with a commitment.

The highest standards of teaching and research based on free and independent academic inquiry. That is one of the great strengths of Britain’s universities, and we are committed to maintaining it.

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