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Many Aspirant who sat for The JAMB examination and also concluded POST utme in Uniport should be aware of how to calculate the aggregate score because is the method most university uses to screen candidate

Is it true uniport use the aggregate score Method?

if actually, you are asking yourself such question then here is the best place to be. university of Port Harcourt known as Uniport uses aggregate score

The final score that UNIPORT uses to determine if you will be admitted comprises of your Jamb and Post ume score and this method does not change nor vary from faculty to faculty and is often the same from year to year. In order to calculate your aggregate score, UNIPORT gives equal weight to your JAMB score and your Post Jamb score.


Both scores are placed on a scale of 0-400 and then added together to come up with your final score. This means the JAMB score will be added to 4 times your post-UTME score and the total will be divided by 2.

How To Calculate UNIPORT Aggregate Score

Now, to calculate your UNIPORT aggregate score, divide your UTME score by 8 and your Post UTME score by 2 and you will arrive at your score.

For example;

JAMB score /8 = 50%

POST UTME /2 = 50%

50% + 50% = 100%

Assuming David got 300 in UTME and she also score 80 in Post UTME, then this is how to calculate the aggregate

300/8 =37.5%

80/2 = 40%

40% + 37.5% = 77.5%

So David’s aggregate score is 77.5% out of 100%

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