University of Hawaii at Mānoa Scholarships for New Warriors For 2024/2025

University of Hawaii at Mānoa Scholarships
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All interested candidates can apply for the University of Hawaii at Mānoa Scholarships for New Warriors.

The University of Hawaii at Mānoa presents the New Warrior Scholarships, intended to acknowledge and commemorate the academic excellence and community contributions of first-year students pursuing a degree (both domestic and international) who enroll at UH Mānoa in the semester immediately following their high school graduation.

University Of Hawaii at Mānoa Scholarships For New Warriors Program Deadline

The application deadline for this scholarship is January 5, 2024. If you are planning to apply for the University of Hawaii at Mānoa Scholarships, please see the eligibility criteria and application instructions below.

Eligibility Criteria for University of Hawaii at Mānoa Scholarships for New Warriors Scholarship

Who Qualifies? To be eligible for the scholarship, a student must meet the following criteria

i. Achieve a minimum high school GPA of 3.7.”

Important Notice

The merit scholarships will be granted based on a comprehensive evaluation of the student’s admission application, their holistic academic record, and their demonstrated contributions to their community or communities.

University of Hawaii at Mānoa Scholarships Application Instructions:

To apply for the New Warrior Scholarship, please follow these steps:

i. Admission Application:

  • Submit a fully completed admissions application, including all self-reported fields, and attach your high school/college transcripts by January 5.
  • Ensure you include the admissions application fee.
  • Note that the deadline to submit supplemental materials for New Warrior Scholarship consideration is January 15.

ii. Supplemental Materials:

  • Once admitted, eligible students for higher-tier scholarships will receive instructions for submitting additional required documents for scholarship consideration.
  • Along with your admission application, you must also submit two supplemental documents:
    1. A comprehensive list of your extracurricular activities and achievements that provide insight into how you spend your time outside of the classroom. Share as much information as possible to help the admissions committee understand your impact on your community/communities.
    2. Craft a short-answer essay response to the following prompt: “Share with UHM the way(s) that you make an impact in your community/communities through your activit(ies)/commitment(s) and why that impact is important to you.” Some questions to consider in your response: Why is that activity/commitment significant to you? How will that experience shape your college journey at Mānoa?
    • Responses should be within the 250-400 word range, but deviations above or below this range are acceptable, as long as you address the prompt.
    • Optionally, you may also upload an updated transcript containing high school and/or college grades. Feel free to submit this if you have new academic information available since your original admission application.

iii. Application Review and Notification:

  • The Admissions and Scholarship Selection Committees will review applications during January and February.
  • Scholarship decisions will be communicated to applicants in early March.
  • Please note that this scholarship is exclusively awarded to students commencing their enrollment in the Full semester

University of Hawaii at Manoa’s New Warrior Scholarships Value:

The University of Hawaii at Manoa’s New Warrior Scholarships offer the following values based on residency status:

For Hawaii Residents:
i. Regents Scholarship – Full tuition (for 4 years) + $4,000/year stipend + $2,000 one-time travel grant
ii. Provost Achievement Scholarship – $10,000/year (for 4 years)

For U.S. Non-Residents:
i. Mānoa Excellence Scholarship – $22,032/year (for 4 years)
ii. WUE Mānoa Excellence Scholarship – $5,652/year (for 4 years, WUE residents)

For International Students:
i. Mānoa International Excellence Scholarship – $22,032/year (for 4 years)

These scholarships offer significant financial support to students from various backgrounds and residency statuses, making the University of Hawaii at Manoa an accessible and attractive educational destination.



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