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UNIZIK Post Utme Past question and Answer
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UNIZIK Post Utme Past question and Answer 2022/2023If actually, you want to download or have access to UNIZIK Post Utme Past question then you are at the right place because this post is about how to get UNIZIK post UTME past questions and answers.

UNIZIK Post Utme Past question and Answer for all science faculties (Sciences, Medicine, and Engineering) and (Art, Accounting, and Law) are all available for 2022-23.

UNIZIK Post Utme How Many Questions??

Structure of How UNIZIK Post Utme Question Look Like. UNIZIK Post Utme question always comprises of Maths, English, chemistry, and Biology For Science while  English, general paper and any other subjects.

The format of the UNIZIK exam is 20 Maths, 40 English, and 40 general paper questions(all courses) making 80 questions in all for 1 hour. (If there will be any change in this format I will let you guys know before the exam just make sure you are subscribed to our updates here.)

UNIZIK Post Utme Past question and Answer/preparation material is structured in such a way that if you go through it thoroughly, there is no way you won’t pass the exam….. Yes, that’s the fact.

The Updated UNIZIK screening aptitude test. past questions and answers PDF for all the school faculties’ post-UTME past questions and answers arranged according to their courses/subjects.

This UNIZIK post-UTME past questions and answers PDF is compiled together with the recently held post-UTME exams for 2021.

FREE UNIZIK Post Utme Past Questions And Answers Pdf 2022/2023

2SO2(g) + O2(g) ⟺ 2SO3(g)

In the reaction above, the concentration of 2SO3(g) can be in creased by

A) decreasing the pressure
B) decreasing the temperature
C) the addition of catalyst
D) increasing the temperature

How many unpaired electron are in the p-orbitals of a fluorine atom?
A) 3
B) 0
C) 1
D) 2

The radioactive emission with the least ionization power is

A) α−particles
B) X-rays
C) γ−rays
D) β−rays

Zn(s) + CuSO4(aq) → ZnSO4(aq) + Cu(s)

In the reaction above, the oxidizing agent is

A) CuSO4(aq)
B) ZnSO4(aq)
C) Cu(s)
D) Zn(s)

An example of a hygroscopic substance is

A) CuO (S).
B) MgCL2(S).
C) CaCL2(S).
D) NaOH(S).

The presence of an impurity in substance will cause the melting point to

A) be zero
B) reduce
C) increase
D) be stable

What volume of carbon (ll) oxide is produced by reacting excess carbon with 10 dm3 of oxygen?
A) 5 dm 3
B) 20 dm 3
C) 15 dm 3
D) 10 dm 3

The rate of diffusion of a gas Y is twice that of Z If the relative molecular mass of Y is 64 and the two gases diffuse under the same conditions, find the relative molecular mass of Z

A) 32
B) 4
C) 8
D) 16

The radioisotope used in industrial radiography for the rapid checking of faults in welds and casting is

A) carbon-14
B) phosphorus-32
C) cobalt-60
D) iodine-131

The shape of the carbon (lV) oxide molecule is

A) pyramidal
B) linear
C) angular
D) tetrahedral

Which of the following food substances is digested in the stomach?

A) Carbohydrate
B) Fats and oil
C) Fats and proteins
D) Proteins
E) Carbohydrates and fats

The conversion of excess amino acids into urea occurs in the

A) Kidney
B) pancreas
C) villi
D) liver
E) spleen

For pollination and fruit formation, the essential part(s) of the flower should be the

A) corolla
B) ovary
C) pistil (gynoecium)
D) ovules
E) receptacle

Which one of the following parts of the mammalian body is most closely associated with the production of urine?

A) Malpighian capsule
B) Urinary bladder
C) Ureter
D) Vas deferens
E) Urethra

A potometer is used to determine the rate at which a shoot

A) respires
B) sucks air bubbles
C) loses weight
D) absorbs water
E) transpires

A green plant growing in a compost pit is feeding

A) holozoically
B) parasitically
C) saprophytically
D) holophytically
E) in none of the above ways

The part of the cell solely responsible for respiration is the

A) nucleus
B) nucleolus
C) mitochondria
D) golgi apparatus
E) endoplasmic reticulum

In anaerobic respiration, glucose is converted to one of the following

A) Carbon dioxide and water
B) Carbon dioxide only
C) Carbon dioxide and alcohol
D) Alcohol and water
E) water and acetic acid

During excretion of urea there is also a corresponding re-absorption of water into the blood. This re-absorption takes place in the

A) uriniferous tubules
B) Bowman’s capsule
C) glomerulus
D) malpighian capsule
E) renal artery

If the bark and phloem tissue of a woody shoot are peeled off by ringing, the whole plant will eventually die because

A) water does not reach the leaves
B) water and salts remained below the ring portion
C) there is a withdrawal of water from the root by soil
D) manufactured food does not reach the roots
E) the roots store too much water

The noticeable adaptation of the animal to it’s aquatic habitat is the possession of

A)webbed digits
B)four limb
C)wide mouth
D)large eyes

Paternity disputes can most accurately be resolved through the use of

A)Blood group typing
B)Finger printing
C) Tongue rolling
D)DNA Analysis

High relative humidity will be expected in Zones

A)ii and iv
B)ii and iii
C)i and iii
D)i and iv

How To Pass UNIZIK Post Utme Past Questions and Answers

  • Candidates should make sure they have the right Materials such as the Legit UNIZIK Post Utme Past Questions of Your course and study the Utme Past Questions.
  • Understand The Method How UNIZIK Operates their Post Utme Exam, you can easily ask those who are in UNIZIK
  • Get Your textbook to study, especially this textbook known as Exam Focus Textbook.
  • Work On Your Speed and Accuracy
  • Have A Relatively Good O/level Result
  • Kill That Anxiousness of you getting scared or wanting to finish early
  • Don’t be Late to your exam Venue, instead, be 30min early
  • Have the Confidence in God and Believe in your Ability To Come Out in Flying Colours

UNIZIK Past Questions PDF Download

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If you are a mass communication student and you are asking for UNIZIK Post Utme past questions for mass communication? you are to answer 4 courses which are English, Commerce., Economics, and general paper questions.

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