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UI Post Utme Past questions and answers
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UI Post Utme Past question and Answer 2022/2023 If actually, you want to download or have access to the UI Post Utme Past question then you are at the right place because this post is about how to get UI Post UTME past questions and answers.

UI Post Utme Past question and Answer for all science faculties (Sciences, Medicine, and Engineering) and (Art, Accounting, and Law) are all available for 2022-23.

UI Post Utme How Many Questions??

Structure of How UI Post Utme Question Look Like. The University of Ibadan Post Utme question always comprises of Maths, English, chemistry with general Papers For Science while  English, general paper and any other subjects.

The format of the UI exam is 20 Maths, 20 English, and 40 general paper questions(all courses) making 80 questions in all for 1 hour. (If there will be any change in this format I will let you guys know before the exam just make sure you are subscribed to our updates here.)

UI Post Utme Past question and Answer/preparation material is structured in such a way that if you go through it thoroughly, there is no way you won’t pass the exam….. Yes, that’s the fact.

The Updated UI screening aptitude test. past questions and answers PDF for all the school faculties’ post-UTME past questions and answers arranged according to their courses/subjects.

This UI post-UTME past questions and answers PDF is compiled together with the recently held post-UTME exams for 2021.

FREE UI Post Utme Past Questions And Answers Pdf 2022/2023

Are you searching for the official UI Post Utme Past Questions and answers? If so the UI Post Utme questions are released here, and candidates can study the Post-UTME in the Faculties of Social And Management Sciences.

UI Post Utme English Language Questions

Select the option that best explains the information conveyed in the sentence.

Ado and Abu are always together these days. They must be up to something?

A) They must have reconciled after their quarrel
B) They are probably planning something bad
C) They are capable of a praiseworthy achievement
D) They bear some responsibility for what has happened

There should be a playing field for women entering politics?

A) Women should not be allow enter politics
B) Sports facilities should be provided should be given to women who wants to hear politics
C) Special privileges should be given to women who wants to enter politics
D) Men and women should be able to compete in the political arena on an equal basis

The country is holding its first free elections for five years?

A) The last time the country held free elections was five years
B) The free elections in the country havenow taken five years to conduct
C) The country held elections five years ago to but they were not free
D) There were elections in thecountry five years ago

Select the option that best explains the information conveyed in the sentence.

Thanks to that phone call, I obtain the visa.

A) In spite of that phone call, I obtained the visa
B) It was because of that phone call that I obtained the visa
C) I am greatful to whoever phoned me, and I obtained the visa
D) If I had not receive that phone call, I would not obtained the visa

Select the option that best explains the information conveyed in the sentence.

The official had allegedly been bribes?

A) Some people accused the official of taking bribes
B) The official had been taking bribes without feeling any guilt
C) It was proved that the official had been taking bribes
D) The official accused some people of taking bribes

The politician _____ the family of the deceased?

A) greeted
B) condoled
C) wept over
D) commiserated with

Making a phone call instead of paying a visit represents a _______trend?

A) sudden new major social
B) new social sudden major
C) new sudden major social
D) sudden social new major

Choose the option that complete the gap(s).

Our soldiers are starting to zero _____ the enemy?

A) at
B) in on
C) unto
D) on it

Choose the option that complete the gap(s).

My father has been away on a journey but my mother says she _____ he _____ this Friday?

A) expects / would arrive
B) expected / will arrive
C) expects / will arrive
D) expected / would arrive

Choose the option that complete the gap(s).

Yesterday in the hall, Ola said that _____ his watch?

A) he had mislaid
B) he had forgot
C) he has misplaced
D) he have lost

Choose the option that complete the gap(s).

Government should invest more in _____ training?

A) teacher’s
B) teacher
C) teachers
D) teachers’

Choose the option that complete the gap(s).

The team has benefited from the coach’s _____ of experience?

A) minefield
B) reservoir
C) wealth
D) world

Choose the option that complete the gap(s).

There was _____ any traffic as he drove home?

A) hardly
B) normally
C) usually
D) no

Choose the option that complete the gap(s).

I look forward to _____ you next week?

A) seen
B) seeing
C) be seeing
D) see

Choose the option that complete the gap(s).

He says he _____ find me a job, but will accommodate me?

A) could not
B) was not able to
C) is not able to
D) cannot be able to

UI Post Utme Government Questions

Nigeria’s top contribution to Africa’s agenda of decolonization and anti-racism was mostly enhanced with the formation of the_________

A) New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD)
B) Organization of African Unity (OAU)
C) Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS)
D) Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)

One of the following political parties produced Nigeria’s first Prime Minister_______

A) Northern People’s Congress (NPC)
B) National Council of Nigerian Citizens (NCNC)
C) Action Group (AG)
D) Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN)

The National Assembly in the second republic was made up of the________

A) House of Chiefs and the Senate
B) Lower House and the House of Representatives
C) Senate and the House of Lords
D) None

The All Progressives Congress (APC) is the result of a coalition of the following parties except the___________

A) All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP)
B) Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN)
C) United Progressive Grand Alliance (UPGA)
D) Congress for Progressive Change (CPC)

The process by which electorates remove elected official is called_________

A) impeachment
B) re-call
C) vote of no confidence
D) referendum

The Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) is an organ of the_________

A) African Union
B) Commonwealth of Nations
C) United Nations
D) New Partnership for Africa’s Development

Nigeria joined the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) in__________

A) 1970
B) 1971
C) 1972
D) 1973

The International Criminal Court (ICC) has its headquarters in__________

A) Hagues, Netherlands
B) Vienna, Austria
C) New York, United States
D) Ottawa, Canada

The current Secretary-General of the United Nations is_________

A) Ban Ki-moon
B) Filippo Grandi
C) Jorge Sampaio
D) Antonio Guterres

How To Pass UI Post Utme Past Questions and Answers

  • Candidates should make sure they have the right Materials such as the Legit UI Post Utme Past Questions of Your course and study the Utme Past Questions.
  • Understand The Method How UI Operates their Post Utme Exam, you can easily ask those who are in UI
  • Get Your textbook to study, especially this textbook known as Exam Focus Textbook.
  • Work On Your Speed and Accuracy
  • Have A Relatively Good O/level Result
  • Kill That Anxiousness of you getting scared or wanting to finish early
  • Don’t be Late to your exam Venue, instead, be 30min early
  • Have the Confidence in God and Believe in your Ability To Come Out in Flying Colours

UI Past Questions PDF Download

The current  UI Post Utme Past Question and Answer for 2022/2023 Is now available For all UI aspirants who wish to write their upcoming UI Post Utme can now download the UI Post past question here.

If you are a mass communication student and you are asking for UI Post Utme past questions for mass communication? you are to answer 4 courses which are English, Commerce., Economics, and general paper questions.

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