WAEC Agricultural Science Questions and Answer Obj and Theory 2023/2024

Waec Agric Questions and Answers
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WAEC Agric Questions and Answers for free to all Weac candidates In Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and The Gambia. On this page, all the Waec Agric questions and answers for 2023 and the most common questions and answers are released here.

Waec Candidates that applied for the West African Examination Council (WAEC) SSCE Examination will write their Waec Agric For general students. All details you need for you to be successful and pass this 2023 Waec Exam will also be given and make sure you read all through.

2023 Waec Agric Exam Papers

2023 Waec Agric Exam Papers Are

  • Waec Agricultural Science Essay Questions
  • Waec Agricultural Science Objectives Questions,

You are writing the 2 papers in only one day. In this post, the previous Year’s Waec questions and answers for Agricultural Science are released and the 2023 Waec Agric Exam Questions will also be released for those participating in the 2023 Waec examination.

2023 Waec Agric Questions and Answers Objective Questions (paper 1)

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Previous Year WAEC Agric Science Obj Answers.



2023 Waec Agric Questions and Answers THEORY (paper 2)

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Previous year Agric Science Theory Answers

(1a) Subsistence Agriculture
i) Farming practices in which crops are cultivated for local consumption.
ii) Farms are small and food crops are cultivated such as rice and wheat.
iii) Old tools and implements are used by the farmers.
iv) Depends on monsoon and there is greater use of manpower.
v)keep your family fed. Commercial Agriculture
i) Farming practice in which goods produced are mainly for the market to get cash.
ii) Farms are larger and cash crops are cultivated. Such as cotton, sugar-cane, jute.
iii) Better implements are used and there are proper irrigation facilities.
iv) Less of manpower is used.
v)enables you to sell things like diamond mines and, in asia, tea or rubber plants.

i)Expand the budget for agriculture, the governmental investment in rural infrastructure and governmental land.
ii)Plough back the revenues from till-land occupation tax and city maintenance fee into agriculture and rural economy
i)Government can assist by setting up special local banks whose job is to extend credit to the rural farmers and will be announce on radio for adequate circulation of information.
ii)The Federal Government established the Agricultural Co- operative and Credit Bank to serve this purpose.
i)utilization of hospital services
ii)vaccine efficacy
(1c) agricultural ecology is the study of agricultural ecosystems and their components as they function within themselves and in the context of the landscapes that contain them.
(1d) i)Pesticide leaching ii)Fertilizers
iii)Organic contaminants
iv)Soil erosion and sedimentation
v)Tillage and nitrous oxide emissions

(2a) Farm surveying is the process by which measurement of land is made on farm by tables,plans or layout on a specific purpose.
(2b) i)It is dangerous or fatal if carelessly handled.
ii)It is very expensive.
iii)It can cause fire hazards.
iv)It is not always regular.

(2c) i)To maintain efficiency in operation.
ii)To avoid damage.
iii)To prevent the iron areas from corrosion.
iv)To avoid breakage

(2d) Land according to agriculture refers to where productive activities such as growing of crops,rearing of animals and establishment of farmstead,etc are carried out.
(2e) i)Population pressure;-When there is high population,there will be limited land for agriculture.
ii)Mining;-Activities of mining renders the soil inadequate for agriculture
iii)Topography;-Some lands are located in a place where they will not be favourable for some crops.

(3a) Staking is when yam is staked with strong stick or bamboo to ensure adequate exposure of the leaf surface to sunlight and increases yield
(3b) The nusery needs of spacing 20cm x 20cm on a field of 3mx3m on a loamy soil containing organic matter in a filled up polythene bags.The seeds are sown with shade to prevent it from direct heating by the sun and water and weeding is done twice daily or every morning/ evening.
(3c) i)To reduce the breakage of grains
ii)It helps to bring vitamins to the outer layer of the grains
iii)It reduces the labour requirement to remove husk
iv)It saves time
(3d) Advantages:
i)It helps to increase the farmers income and standard of living
ii)It gives access to forest product iii)It creates employment opportunities Disadvantages: i)Cultivation of selected crops ii)Reluctance in releasing fertile soil

6a) print
ii)hand bills
iii)pamplets media
iii)film show
6b) i)it is not at tendious as in the case of individual method
ii)it enable extension workers to reach but to many farmers at a time
iii)it saves time and money
iv)it tends to show more intrest in what may be introduce
6c) assembling as a marketing function;this is the re-gathering of various produce brought form different sources.it is also involving the repackage of produce in readness for final consumption
6d) -maize streak symptom
i)reduced yield control
ii)destroy diseased plant
iii) use resistant varieties
-ground nut rosette symptoms
i)yellow leaves with mosaic mottling control
ii)early planting
iii)uproot and burn infected plant 4a) -Artificial insemination:Is the process by which semen of a desired male animal is inserted into the vulva of the female ie no physical contact between two animals
-Pen mating:Is the one which a group of male and female animals are allowed to mate at random without any preference
-Individual mating:The farmer selects the mate and female animals to be material with preference

4c) -They give beauty to the environment
-They provide capital when sold
-They help reduce green house effect
-They are used for decoration purposes
-They encourage pollination

Before you leave this page kindly make sure you understand and know how WASSCE grades your WAEC Subject. The reason why we are doing this, is not to frighten or scare you but to put you in check and see reasons why you need to be serious with your Agric science studies for the 2023 Agric Exam.

Waec Grading System For all Waec Candidates

Do you know that the West African Examination Council (WAEC) Board has published the Waec grading system of results? Kindly check below to see the meaning of the Waec Grading Result.

The table below shows candidates’ positioning of the Waec grading of results ranging from A1, B2, B3, C4, C5, C6, D7, E8, F9 are the complete list of Waec Grading Result. All Waec candidates must fall into one of the Waec Grading Systems.


WAEC Grading Percentage Scores

  1. A1 Excellent 75% – 100%
  2. B2 Very good 70% – 74%
  3. B3 Good 65%  69%
  4. C4 Credit 60% – 64%
  5. C5 Credit 55% – 59%
  6. C6 Credit 50% – 54%
  7. D7 Pass 45% – 49%
  8. E8 Pass 40% – 45%
  9. F9 Failure 0% – 44%

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