Repeated Waec Biology Practical Specimen, for all the Waec biology practical specimen 2022 questions and answers from the specimen kindly check here to get all the Common Repeated Biology Practical Specimen. If you are asking for the 2022 WAEC biology specimen practical question paper, the 2022 practical specimen has not been released yet.

Waec always released some Common Repeated Biology Practical Specimen to all Waec candidates, and because we understand how Waec Specimen work will try to make sure will compile all the Biology specimens.

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The 2022 Biology Practical Specimen has not been released as of 20th April 2022. The official 2022 Waec Biology specimen has not been released, when the 2022 Biology specimen is released it is going to be published here.

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Specimen N – Transverse section of ripe paw paw fruit
Specimen M – Transverse section of ripe tomato fruit
Specimen L – Fresh pod of cowpea plant
Specimen K – complete, green pod of pride of Barbados plant
Specimen  I – Fresh okro fruit.

Specimen A – Clayey Soil
Specimen B – A Solution of one part of egg albumen mixed with two parts of water in a test tube/beaker
Specimen C – Mushroom (freshly plucked).
Specimen D – Giant land snail
Specimen E – Transverse section of ripe paw paw fruit
Specimen F – Transverse section of ripe tomato fruit
Specimen G – Fresh pod of cowpea plant
Specimen H – complete, green pod of pride of Barbados plant
Specimen J – Fresh okro fruit.

Specimen V – Adult cockroach (dead)
Specimen U–  Nymph of cockroach (dead)
Specimen T – Egg case of cockroach/ootheca

Specimen P – Potassium permanganate solution.
Specimen Q–  Granulated sugar (100g) in a beaker
Specimen R – 5 – day old boiled egg with shell intact stored in a warm place/rotten egg with shell intact.
Specimen S – 10ml of lime/lemon juice in a test tube.

Specimen T – Cervical Vertebra of a mammal
Specimen U – Thoracic Vertebra of a mammal
Specimen V – Lumbar Vertebra of a mammal

Specimen A – Winged termite.
Specimen B – Maggot (freshly procured).
Specimen C – Adult butterfly with open wings.
Specimen D – Caterpillar (freshly procured).
Specimen E – Grasshopper.
Specimen F – Carrot with leaves attached (freshly procured).
Specimen – Irish potato.
Specimen Q – Housefly.
Specimen R – Earthworm (dead, freshly procured in a Petri dish containing water).
Specimen – cross-section of unripe mango fruit.
Specimen – Cross section of tomato fruit.

Specimen A: twig of mango plant
Specimen B: twig of ixora plant
Specimen C: leaf of Hibiscus plant
Specimen D: hibiscus flower
Specimen E: green vegetable cut
beef specimen F: a piece of freshlycut beef
Specimen G: worker bee (wet preserved)
Specimen H: soldier termite(wet preserved)

Specimen J: adult cockroach (wet preserved)
specimen K: nymph of cockroach (wet preserved)
specimen L: young toad (freshly preserved)
specimen M: quill feather
specimen N: scale of bony fish
specimen P: freshly preserved mammalian skin preferably of goat or ram with hair/fur measuring at least 4cm by 4cm placed in a petric dish.

Specimen Q: slide of Hydra
Specimen R: small mammal (rat/rabbit/Guinea pig),wet preserved

Specimen S: Toad(wet preserved)
Specimen T: Freshly uprooted grass species
Specimen U: Brightly coloured lizard(wet preserved)
Specimen V: A branch of Cactus plant
Specimen W: Locust (wet preserved)

Specimen Q: Tridax plant(put in a petri dish)
Specimen R: Grasshopper

All the repeated Waec Specimen Questions for all Waec candidates are published here. The Answers to all the repeated Waec biology specimens will be released shortly. Kindly check here to see all the answers to biology specimen

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