Official Waec Centers in River State and Waec Examination Centre Number

Waec Approved Centers in River State: If you are a candidate who is in search of an approved River state Waec Centre, a list of miracle Waec center in River state, or a list of Waec center in River state 2023, then kindly know that you are on the right page.

The West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) commences officially the registration of 2023/2024 which still stands. You can see when the 2021 Waec registration is starting and closing. and it is imperative for candidates to know the Waec centers approved by Waec in River state in other to carry out their registration.

The good thing is, you don’t need to travel out of River State because there are several official Waec Approved Centers in River State that make a good result. If you are searching for River State Waec Centre Examination Number, You can find it here for will published all the River state Waec center examination numbers.

Waec Approved Centers in River State

Waec Approved Centers in River State

This is the official list of Waec center in River State, which are

4330202Upata 1 Community Secondary School, Edeoha
4330203Government Girls’ Secondary School, Ahoada
4330204Western Ahoada County High School, Ahoada
4330205Upata 2 Community Secondary School, Odiabidi
4330206Government Secondary School, Ogbo
4330207Comprehensive Secondary School, Odiemerenyi
4330208Community Comprehensive Secondary School, Okporowo-Ekpeye
4330209Community Secondary School, Ozochi
4330210Sonnicity Universal Secondary School, Ahoada
4330211Federal Science & Technical College, Ahoada
4330212The Light Foundation Secondary School, Ahoada East
4330213Community Secondary School, Uka-Opata
4330214Community Secondary School, Ochigba
4330215Community Secondary School, Ikata, Ahoada
4330301Ugbobi Community Secondary School, Idu-Ekpeye
4330302Government Secondary School, Ubeta
4330303Community Secondary School, Akinima
4330304Igbuduya Community Secondary School, Okogbe
4330305Ubie Community Secondary School, Ula-Ubie
4330306Joinkarama Grammar School, Joinkrama
4330307Government Secondary School, Okarki
4330308Government Comprehensive Secondary School, Mbiama
4330309Joinkrama Girls’ Secondary School, Joinkrama
4330310Community Secondary School, Oyigba
4330311Community Secondary School, Ikodi Engenni
4330313Community Secondary School, Okporomini
4330314Ihuaba Community Secondary School, Ihuaba
4330315Community Secondary School, Ubarama
4330316Government Secondary School, Uptabo
4330317Gospel International College Ahoada Port Harcourt
4330319Echo High School, Odiabidi, Ahoada
4330320Governmentt. Comprehensive Seondary School, Port Harcourt
4330321Community Secondary School, Odiereke, Ahoada
4330401Abonnema Girls’ Secondary School, Abonnema
4330402Nyemoni Grammar School, Abonnema
4330403Community Secondary School, Obonoma
4330404Comprehensive Secondary School, Soku-Akulga
4330405Comprehensive Secondary School, Elem, Sangana
4330501Community Secondary School, Ido
4330502Community Secondary School, Krakrama
4330503Kalabari Girls’ High School, Buguma
4330504Kalabari National College, Buguma
4330505King’s College Of Commerce, Buguma
4330506Comprehensive Secondary School, Abalama
4330507Community Secondary School, Ifoko Town
4330508Community Secondary School, Oproama
4330509Community Secondary School, Minama
4330510Government Secondary School, Angulama
4330524Victor International Sec. School,Ogale- Eleme
4330601Bonny National Grammar School, Bonny
4330602Government Girls’ Secondary School, Finima Bonny
4330603Saint Paul’s Comprehensive College, Bonny
4330604Community Secondary School, Bonny Island
4330605Community Secondary School, Burukiri-Bonny
4330606Spring Foundation College, Bonny
4330607Kings & Queens High School, Abalamabia Rd, Bonny
4330608Ibitamuno Secondary School, Bonny Island
4330701Oba-Ama Boys’ High School, Bakana
4330702Community Secondary School, Bille
4330703Community Secondary School, Tombia-Del Ga
4330704Saint Scholarstica Girls’ High School, Bakana
4330705Community Secondary School, Obuama
4330706Degema National High School, Degema
4330707Government Secondary School, Abissa Akulga
4330708Government Secondary School, Idama
4330709Government Secondary School, Ke
4330710Government Secondary School, Usokun Degema
4330711Community Secondary School, Kula
4330712Community Secondary School, Bukuma
4330713Baptist Model Secondary School, Old Bakana
4330714Comprehensive Secondary School, Abonnema
4330715Community Secondary School, Soku
4330801Comprehensive High School, Alesa-Eleme
4330802Ascension High School, Nchia-Eleme
4330803Government Secondary School, Onne-Eleme
4330804International Secondary School, Onne Campus
4330805Ranjenny’s High School, Ogale Nchia Eleme
4330806Community Secondary School, Ebubu Eleme
4330807Lion Comprehensive High School, Ogale
4330808Rhoda Heartfelt Comprehensive College, Eleme
4330809Community Secondary School, Eteo-Eleme
4330810Community Secondary School, Aloda-Eleme
4330811Milly International School, Alode Eleme
4330812Arise & Shine Educational Centre, Akpajo Eleme
4330813Divine Favour International Secondary School, Akpajjo-Eleme
4330814Lord’s International Secondary School, Agbonchia
4330815Goel International School, Onne
4330816De-Living Proof Academy, Ogale
4330817Glorious Commercial Secodnary School, Eleme
4330818Oswol Academy, Aleto Eleme
4330819Divine Secondary School, Aleto, Eleme
4330820Community Secondary School, Aleto-Nchia Eleme
4330821Sunshine International Secondary School, Alejor-Onne, Eleme
4330822Big Sky International Sec. School, Alejor Onne
4330823Obarijima Comprehensive College, Ebubu, Eleme
4330825Peniel Academy International, Eleme
4330826Excellence Model Academy, Eleme
4330832Nazareth College, Woji
4330833Silver Bird International School, Rumueme, P/H
4330901Community Secondary School, Omudioga Emohua
4330902Community Secondary School, Egbeda
4330903Community Secondary School, Elele-Alimini
4330904Community Secondary School, Obelle
4330905Odegu Community Secondary School, Rumuewhor
4330906Ibaa Girls’ Secondary School, Ibaa
4330907Community Girls’ Secondary School, Okporowo-Ogbakiri
4330908Ommunity Secondary School, Oduoha Emohua
4330909Rundele High School, Agba-Ndele
4330910Community Secondary School, Rumuekpe
4330911Ojim’s College, Rumuji
4330912East West Comprehensive College, Elele-Alimini
4330913Community Secondary School, Rumuji
4330914Emmanuel College Of Commerce, Emohua
4330915Government Secondary School,okporowo-Ogbakiri
4330916Govenment Secondary School, Emohua
4330917Rivers State College Of Educ. Demostration Sec. Schl., Ndele
4330918Community Secondary School, Ndele
4330919Uvahu Comprehensive High School, Ibaa
4330920Community Secondary School, Elibrada-Emohua
4330921Rundele Community Secondary School, Emofo/egamini
4330922C.s.s. Ahai, Emolga
4330923Advent Secondary School, Rumuji
4330924Community Secondary School, Akpabo
4331001Community Secondary School, Umuozoche, Etche Igbodo
4331002Community Secondary School, Egbu-Etche
4331003Community Secondary School, Obite-Etche
4331004Community Secondary School, Ulakwo Etche
4331005Community Secondary School, Igbo-Etche
4331006Community Secondary School, Odagwa Etche
4331007Umuselem Community Secondary School, Odufor Etche
4331008Community Secondary School, Isu-Etche
4331009Community Secondary School, Umuoye-Etche
4331010County Grammar School, Ikwerre-Etche
4331011Government Secondary School Umuola, Etche.
4331012Saint Joseph’s Secondary School, Umuaturu-Etche
4331013Government Secondary School, Ndashi-Etche
4331014Government Secondary School, Okehi
4331015Government Secondary School, Ozuzu-Etche
4331016Community Secondary School, Nihi Etche
4331017Community Secondary School, Okoroagu-Etche
4331018Community Secondary School, Egwi-Etche
4331019Annunciation Girls’ Secondary School, Akpoku Eteh
4331020Masuna International Secondary School, Emuebulu Etche
4331021Comprehensive Community Secondary School, Ndashi Etche
4331022Divinity Academy College, Umuebulu Eteshe
4331023Blessed Child International College, Umuebulu Ii Etche
4331024Re-Angels Secondary Academy, Umuebule Ii, Eteche
4331025Panos Secondary School, Umuebule Ii Etche
4331026Unique International Secondary School, Etche
4331027Meved Model International School, Chokota Igbo Etche
4331028Anita Early Foundation School, Oyigbo
4331029Jopack Academy Secondary School, Umuebule Ii, Port -Harcourt
4331030Nobsams International Secondary School, Igbo Eteche.
4331031Chrisway Model School, Etche
4331032Kings Word College, Umuebule 1
4331033Goldsprings High School, Ikwerre Ngwo, Etche
4331101Community Secondary School, Bomu, Gokana
4331102Community Secondary School, Biara
4331103Community Secondary School, Bera, Gokana
4331104Community Secondary School, Kegbara Dere
4331105Community Secondary School, Baranyowa Dere
4331106Bua Yeghe Community Secondary School, Yeghe
4331107Community Secondary School, Mogho
4331108Saint Pius X College, Bodo
4331109Government Secondary School, Kpor Gokana
4331110Bodo City Girls’ Secondary School, Bodo, Gokana
4331111Community Secondary School, Nweol, Gokogana
4331112Apostolic Comprehensive Secondary School, Bodo City
4331113Community Secondary School, Deken
4331114Comprehensive, Secondary School, Lewe
4331201Community Secondary School, Ubima
4331202Community Secondary School, Omuanwa
4331203Community Secondary School, Aluu
4331204Community Secondary School, Omademe
4331205Model Secondary School, Isiokpo
4331206Community Comprehensive Secondary School, Apani
4331207Okeh Memorial Secondary Commercial School, Elele
4331208Saint Aquinas Secondary School, Elele
4331209Government Secondary School, Isiokpo
4331210Macdonald Memorial Institute, Igwuruta Port-Harcourt
4331211Community Secondary School, Omagwa
4331212Government Secondary School, Omerelu
4331213Government Army Secondary School, Elele
4331214Igwuruta Community Secondary School,igwuruta
4331215Community Girls’ Secondary School, Elele, Kelga
4331216Adventist Comprehensive High School, Elele
4331217Foundation Comprehensive Secondary School, Omuoko Aluu
4331218Emarid College, Igwuruta
4331219Faasaa Comprehensive College, Aluu
4331220Blessed Model Secondary School, Omueke Igwurunta
4331221Anglican Secondary School, Isiokpo
4331222Charles Dale Memorial International School, Ikwerre
4331223Trinitate International School, Igwuruta
4331224Community Secondary School, Ozuaha, Isiokpo
4331225Jesus The Saviour International Secondary School, Elele Town.
4331226Queen’s International High School, Igwuruta-Ali
4331227St. Martin De Porres Girls’ College, Omordu,Ubima
4331301Community Secondary School, Uegwere-Boue
4331302Community Secondary School, Kono Boue
4331303Community Secondary School, Kpean
4331304Kono Secondary School, Kono
4331305Bua Nama Community Secondary School, Gwara
4331306Community Secondary School, Okwale
4331307Community Secondary School, Wiiyaakara
4331308Berri High School, Beeri
4331309Community Secondary School, Lueku
4331310Kabangha Comprehensive Secondary School, Kabangha
4331311Community Secondary School, Buako
4331312Kidi Commercial Secondary School, Zaakpon
4331313Birabi Memorial Grammar School, Bori
4331314Government Comprehensive High School, Taabaa
4331315Mariam High School, Bane
4331316Government Secondary School, Sogho
4331317Government Secondary School, Lumene-Bangha
4331318Government Secondary School, Kaa
4331319Community Secondary School, Luawii
4331320Community Secondary School, Kaani
4331321Palace Tots Secondary School, Bori
4331322Community Secondary School, Bori
4331323Methodist Comprehensive High School, Baen
4331324River State Polytechnic Secodnary Schoo, Bori
4331325Community Secondary School, (lorre) Khana
4331326Pope John Paul Ii College, Bori
4331327Comprehensive High School, Sii Khanna
4331328Zina Academy, Nyokuru, Bori.
4331401Community Secondary School, Ibotirem-Andoni
4331402Community Secondary School, Agwut-Obolo
4331403Community Secondary School, Ebukuma
4331404Community Secondary School, Dema
4331405Government Comprehensive Secondary School, Ataba
4331406Community Secondary School, Ikuru-Town
4331407Government Secondary School, Asarama, Andoni
4331408Community Secondary School, Ekede-Andoni
4331409Government Secondary School, Ngo-Andoni
4331410Nigerian Christian Comprehensive College, Asarama-Andoni
4331411Monatata Secondary Commercial School, Okoroboile
4331412Community Secondary School, Ngo-Uyeada
4331413Community High School, Egbormung Andoni
4331501Archdeacon Crowther Memorial Girls’ Sec. School, Elelenwo
4331502Community Boys’ Secondary School, Elelenwo Port Harcourt
4331503Community Secondary School, Okoro-Nu-Odo
4331504Government Girls’ Secondary School, Rumuokwuta, Port-Harcourt
4331505University Demonstration Secondary School, Uniport, Port Harcourt
4331506Sacred Heart Seminary, Rumuibekwe
4331507Commercial & Industrial Trade Centre, Rumuolumeni
4331508Obio Comprehensive College, Port-Harcourt
4331509Government Girls’ Secondary School, Rumueme
4331510Army Day Secondary School, Bori Camp, Port-Harcourt
4331512Our Lady Of Lourdes Secondary School, Ozuoba
4331513Federal Government College, Port-Harcourt
4331514Government Secondary School, Eneka
4331515Bishop Crowther Memorial Secondary School, Port-Harcourt
4331516Bereton Academy, Port-Harcourt
4331517Community Comprehensive Secondary School, Rumuokwurusi
4331518Community Secondary School, Rumuapara
4331519Airforce Secondary School, Port-Harcourt
4331520Chuks Comprehensive College, Choba, Port-Harcourt
4331521Hallel College, Rumuogba, Port-Harcourt
4331522De-World International Secondary School, Port-Harcourt
4331523First International Academy, Port-Hacourt
4331524Lincoln Comprehensive College, Port-Harcourt
4331525Immanuel Comprehensive High School, Rumuobiakani
4331526Regina Memorial Secondary Academy, Port-Harcourt
4331527Royal Girls’ Academy, Port-Harcourt
4331528Brainfield Secondary School, Port-Harcourt
4331529Jephthah Comprehensive Secondary School, Port-Harcourt
4331530Oginigba Comprehensive Secondary School, Oginigba, Port-Harcourt
4331531Michael Comprehensive College, Rumuepirikom
4331532Modern Comprehensive Secondary School, Rumuobiokani
4331533Blessed Comprehensive Secondary School, Rumueme, Port-Harcourt
4331534Community Secondary School, Rumuekini
4331535Community Secondary School, Rumuolumeni
4331536Jenida Secondary School, Rukpokwu, Port-Harcourt
4331537Faasa Comprehensive College, Rumuodara
4331538New Era Secondary School, Azuabie
4331539Ojims Christian College, Port-Harcourt
4331540Oasis International High Sch., Rumuomoni/rumuorosi, P/harcourt
4331541Goman International Secondary School, Port-Harcourt
4331542Beryl Comprehensive College, Diobu, Port-Harcourt
4331543Cadgif Model Comprehensive College, Port-Harcourt
4331544Faith International College, Rumuomasi
4331545First Pillar College, Port-Harcourt
4331546Port-Harcourt International School, Port-Harcourt
4331547Comprehensive Secondary School, Mgbuosimini
4331548Zion International High School Rumueme
4331549Great Expectation College, Rumuokwuta, Port-Harcourt
4331550Istan Comprehensive High School, Port-Harcourt
4331551Kumoni International Secondary School, Port-Harcourt
4331552Sure Foundation Comprehensive College, Port-Harcourt
4331553Mater Christi High School, Woji Obio, Port-Harcourt
4331554Community Secondary School, Ogbogoro

4331555Haruk International College, Portharcourt
4331556Atlantic Heralds High School, Portharcourt
4331557Wify Comprehensive College, Eliozu
4331558National Comprehensive Secondary School, Elelenwo
4331559Benviatto Secondary School, Rukpokwu
4331560Doma Comprehensive Secondary School, Rumuolu
4331561Abijah Model College, Mgbuoba
4331562Bfb International College, Igwuruta
4331563Meved Model International High School, Oginigba
4331564Kateville International High School, Mgbuoba, Port Harcourt
4331565Salvation Heights Secondary School, Elelenwo, Port Harcourt
4331566A-Z International High School, Woji, Port Harcourt
4331567Emmy Norberton International Secondary School, Rumuordara
4331568Rosalyn Memorial College, Woji, Port Harcourt
4331569Glorious Child International College, Mni Ewa-Oginigba
4331570Tititrinity College, Rumuduru Town, Port Harcourt
4331571Tessy International Secondary School, Rumuokoro
4331572Rozy Step International Secondary School,rumuigbo
4331573Tenderfoot International Secondary School, Rumuigbo
4331574Bamef Comprehensive Secondary School, Rumuewhor, Oro-Igwe
4331575Success Comprehensive High School, Ozobua
4331576The Glorious Child Secondary School, Rumuodomaya
4331577Redemption International Secondary School, Mgbuoba
4331578Paragon City Light College, Rumueme
4331579Alabaster School Of Excellence, Rumueme
4331580Anchorleg International Academy, Rumuolu
4331581Christian Council College, Elekhia, Port Harcourt
4331582Faith International School, Off Alcon Rd., Woji Town
4331583Intelligent High School, Rumuokwuta
4331584Cherry Forte College, Woji, Port Harcourt
4331585Early Steps Secondary School, Rumuigbo
4331586Victory Comprehensive College, Elelenwo, P/Harcourt
4331587Christ International Secondary School, Ogbatai
4331588Brilliant International Secondary School, Mgbuoba NTA Road, Port Harco
4331589Archdeacon Brown Education Centre, Woji
4331590National College, Eneka
4331591Princess International College, Port-Harcourt
4331592Gracefield International Academy, Orazi, Port Harcourt
4331593Gafed International College, Rumuodara, Port Harcourt
4331594Lift-Up Child Secondary School, Elelenwo Port Harcourt
4331595F. E. Maryland Secondary School, Elelenwo
4331596Victory High School, Port-Harcourt
4331597House Of Wisdom Secondary School, Iriebe
4331598Gracefield Missionary Secondary School, Eliowhani
4331599Perfect International College, Elelenwo
4331601Community Secondary School, Erema
4331602Community Secondary School, Obagi
4331603Community Girls’ Secondary School, Omoku
4331604Community Secondary School, Osiakpu
4331605Community Secondary School, Obigwe
4331606Sancta Maria High School, Omoku
4331607Egbema Grammar School, Okwuzi
4331608Government Secondary School, Akabuka
4331609Government Secondary School, Ndoni
4331610Government Secondary School, Kreigani
4331611Community Secondary School, Aggah
4331612Community Secondary School, Obrikom
4331613Ogba Comprehensive High School, Ogba
4331614Comprehensive Secondary School, Ebogoro
4331615Immaculate Comprehensive Secondary School, Omoku
4331616Community Secondary School, Oboburu
4331617Idu Comprehensive High School, Obosiukwu
4331618Demonstration Secondary School, Omoku Onelga
4331619Kin’s Comprehensive College, Omoku
4331620Talent International Academy, Onwoku Onelga
4331621Government Comprehensive Secondary School, Obite, Onelga
4331622Community Secondary School, Amah Onelga
4331623Model Boy’s Secondary School, Omoku Onelga
4331624Kings & Queens Model College, Omoku
4331625Comprehensive Secondary School, Ogbogu
4331626Community Secondary School, Omoku
4331627Community Secondary School, Obioziminini
4331628Community Secondary School, Mgbede
4331629Community Secondary School, Obiofu Ndoni
4331701Community Secondary School, Bolo
4331702Government Secondary School, Ogu
4331711Community Secondary School, Kula Aku Lga
4331801Okrika Grammar School, Okrika
4331802Community Secondary School, Okochiri, Okrika
4331803Community Secondary School, Kalio-Ama-Okrika
4331804Okrika National Secondary School, Okrika
4331805Government Girls’ Secondary School, Okumgba-Ama
4331806Comprehensive Secondary School, Ibaka Town
4331807Community Secondary School, Ogan-Ama
4331808The King s College, Okochion, Okirika
4331809Community Secondary School, Okujagu- Ama
4331901Community Secondary School, Amaji-Omuma
4331902Community Secondary School, Umuogba, Omuma-Etche
4331903Government Secondary School, Eberi-Omuma
4331904Essence Comprehensive College, Ohimogho
4331905Community Secondary School, Umuajuloke Omuma
4332001Comprehensive Secondary School, Opobo
4332002Comprehensive High School, Nkoro Town
4332101Community Secondary School, Egberu-Ndoki
4332102Community Secondary School, Obete-Ndoki
4332103Foundation Comprehensive College, Oyigbo
4332104Government Secondary School, Umuagbai-Ndoki
4332105Government Secondary School, Oyigbo
4332106Christus International Secondary School Oyigbo
4332107Zunic Secondary School, Oyigbo
4332108Brilliant Secondary School, Oyigbo
4332109Paradise International Secondary School, Oyigbo
4332110Evangel International Secondary School, Oyigbo
4332111Grace International Secondary School, Oyigbo
4332112Capital Secondary School, Oyigbo
4332113Lilly International Secondary School, Oyigbo
4332114New Heaven International Secondary School, Oyigbo
4332115Royal International Secondary School, Oyigbo
4332116Our Saviour’s Secondary School, Oyigbo
4332117Shalom Gate International Secondary School, Oyingbo
4332118National Technical Secondary School, Oyingbo
4332119Morning Star Secondary School, Oyingbo
4332120Destiny College, Satellite Village, Oyingbo
4332121All Saints Secondary School, Oyingbo
4332122Nepa Secondary School, Afam
4332123Vantage International School, Oyigbo
4332124Our Shield Model Secondary School, Oyigbo
4332125Wisdom International School, Oyigbo
4332126Godstime Comprehensive Secondary School, Oyingbo
4332127Rich Model Secondary School, Alam Road, Oyigbo
4332128Chambers Comprehensive College, Oyingbo
4332129Flolidid World College, Oyingbo
4332130Pace Setters’ International College, Oyigbo
4332131Excel International Secondary School, Oyigbo
4332132Bravery International Secondary School, Oyigbo
4332133Youth Technical Secondary School, Oyigbo
4332134Solid Step International High School, Oyigbo
4332135Trinity Secondary School, Oyigbo
4332136Success Secondary School, Oyigbo
4332137Blessed Model Secondary School, Oyigbo
4332138Immaculate Child Secondary School, Oyigbo
4332139Lakewood International Secondary School, Oyigbo
4332140Better Life International School, Oyigbo
4332141Great Child Educational Centre, Kom Kom, Oyigbo
4332142Good Beginning Education Centre, (Secondary), Oyigbo
4332143New Era Model Secondary School, Oyigbo
4332144G. K. College, Oyigbo
4332145Alpha Missionary School, Oyigbo
4332146Genuis International School, Oyigbo
4332147Diamond International School, Oyigbo
4332148Daily Queens & Kings Academy Oyigbo
4332149Rapid Result Academy, Oyigbo
4332150Dominite Model Secondary School, Umuoshi, Ndoki
4332151Basic International School, Church Road, Kom-Kom
4332152City International School, Oyigbo
4332153Sit-Up International School, Oyigbo
4332154Living Kingdom International College, Umuosi
4332155The Spring Field Secondary School, Oyigbo.
4332156Unique Brain Academy Afam Road, Oyigbo
4332157Priston International School,Oyigbo.
4332201Baptist High School, Port-Harcourt
4332202Stella Maris College, Port-Harcourt
4332203International Secondary School, Unitech, Port-Harcourt
4332204Kenneth Commercial & Technical College, Port Harcourt
4332205Government Girls’ Secondary School, Orominieke
4332206Government Comprehensive Secondary School, Borikiri
4332208Holy Rosary Secondary School, P/harcourt
4332209Methodist Girls’ High School, Port Harcourt
4332210Enitonna High School, Port-Harcourt
4332211Sports Institute Of Rivers State, Isaka
4332212Federal Government Girls’ College, Abuloma
4332213Community Secondary School, Nkpolu
4332214City College, Port-Harcourt
4332215Lao Russell Memorial Secondary School, Port-Harcourt
4332216Midtown College, Port-Harcourt
4332217Niger Grammar School, Portharcourt
4332218Randolph Comprehensive College, Port-Harcourt
4332219Community Secondary School, Abuloma
4332220Emarid College, Port-Harcourt
4332221Government Secondary School, Elekahia
4332222Joemax Commercial Secondary School, Elekeahia, Port-Harcourt
4332223Nigerian Navy Secondary School, Portharcourt
4332224Tantua International High School, Portharcourt
4332225Niger Delta Science School, Port-Harcourt
4332226National Professional Secondary School, Porthacourt
4332227Base Comprehensive College, Portharcourt
4332228Our Lady Of Fatima College, Portharcourt
4332229Community Secondary School, Amadi-Ama
4332230Community Secondary School, Oroworukwo, Port-Harcourt
4332231Immanuel International School, Amadi-Ama
4332232New Covenant Secondary School, Port-Harcourt
4332233Sonny Memorial College Diobu, Port-Harcourt
4332234New Era Brilliant College, Borikiri, Port-Harcourt
4332237Levinda College, Port-Harcourt
4332238Iverok College, Railway Compound, Port-Harcourt
4332239The Light Secondary School, Port Harcourt
4332240National High School, Port-Harcourt
4332241Christ For All Nations College, Port-Harcourt
4332242Philips Academy, Diobu, Portharcourt
4332243Holy Child College, Rumuokwurisi, Portharcourt
4332244Aladumo High School, Portharcourt
4332245Starlet Academy, Port Harcourt
4332246Immaculate Heart College, Borokiri
4332247Greenfield Secondary School, Port Harcourt
4332248Christ The King Secondary School, Mile Ii, Diobu, Port Harcourt
4332249Olivet Heights Secondary School, Diobu, Port Harcourt
4332250Fibella International School, Rumueme
4332251Methodist Comprehensive High School, D.line Port Harcourt
4332252Zion International High School, Diobu, Port Harcourt
4332253Science & Arts Specialist College, Port Harcourt
4332254Showers International High School, Port Harcourt
4332255God’s Favour Secondary School, Ozuboko Road, P/H.
4332256Faith Baptist College, Port Harcourt
4332257Millennium High School, Port Harcourt
4332258Charry Comprehensive Secondary School, Port Harcourt
4332259Sharon International Secondary School, Port-Harcourt
4332260German International Concept Academy, Port Harcourt
4332261Jireh’s Secondary School, Azuabie Port-Harcourt
4332262Rootway Comprehensive College, Port-Harcourt
4332263New Covenant Secondary School, Port Harcourt
4332264Wisdom Child International Secondary School, Borikiri, Port Harcourt
4332265Model International High School, Port Harcourt
4332266Graceland International School, Port Harcourt
4332267Total Victory College, P/Harcourt
4332268Cornerstone International Secondary School, Port Harcourt
4332269Dave Christian Academy, Azubia Town, Port Harcourt
4332270Divine International College, Port Harcourt
4332271Obiye Academy Secondary School, P/ Harcourt
4332272Model Secondary School, (Gra) Port Harcourt
4332273Bloom Breed High School, Port Harcourt
4332274St. Mary’s Catholic Model High School, Port Harcourt
4332275Catoky International Secondary School,Gra Phase Iii, Port-Harcourt.
4332276Child De Excellence Secondary School, Diobu, Port-Harcourt.
4332277Alpha Academy, Port-Harcourt
4332279Tago Education Centre, Port Harcourt
4332280Seedtime Model Secondary School, Port- Harcourt
4332281Matilda International Secondary School, Port – Harcourt.
4332301Tua-Tua Community Secondary School, Aabue-Korokoro Tai
4332302Community Grammar School, Sime-Tai
4332303Community Secondary School, Ban-Ogoi
4332304Community Secondary School, Bunu-Tai
4332305Community Comprehensive Secondary School, Nonwa/gbam
4332306Community Secondary School, Kira, Tai
4332307Community Commercial Secondary School, Botem Tai
4332308Government Secondary School, Kpite-Tai
4332309Community Secondary School, Koroma-Tai
4332310Community Secondary School, Kporghor Tai, Telga
4333082Gloria Comprehensive High School, Ehia Paranwo
4333801King David College, Pipeline, Rumukwurushi
4333802Gloria Comprehensive High School, Eliaparanwo
4333803Total Child Secondary School, Rumuopirikom Port Harcourt
4333804Susan Educational Centre (Secondary) Rumueme, Port Harcourt
4333805Cita High School, Rumuogba Housing Estate, Port Harcourt
4333806Chamba International Secondary School, Woji, Port Harcourt
4333807St. Scholarstica High School, Orazi, Port Harcourt
4333808Unibek College Of Science And Technical Education, Rumuokwurushi P/H
4333809City Model College, Rumuoprikom, Port Harcourt
4333810Emarid College, Eneka/Igwuruta Road,P/Harcort
4333811Virgitab Education Centre Secondary School, Aguabie
4333812International Royal Academy, Rukpokwu Town
4333813Olobo Premier College, East-West Road, Beside Uniport
4333814La Pierre Angulaire High School, P/Harcourt
4333815Malvan International Secondary School, Elioparanwo, P/Harcourt
4333816Royal Gate International College, Eneka, P/Harcourt
4333817Merit International School, Rukpokwu, P/Harcourt
4333818Viviland Mark Comprehensive Secondary School, Port Harcourt
4333819Sampav Model Secondary School, Choba, Port Harcourt
4333820Word Of Faith Secondary School, Obio Akpor
4333821Penielvile International Secondary School, Oginigba-Obio Akpor
4333822Sureway International High School, Elelenwo, Port-Harcourt
4333823Jesus Cares Academy, Rumuo-Lumeni
4333824Vivre De-Prince High School, Rumuwuegwu
4333825Gradefield International Academy, Port Harcourt
4333826Adonaibest Education Centre, Hospital Rd, P/H
4333827Sprout Hall International High School, Rumuodara P/H
4333828Jeck Comprehensive College, Elimgbu P/H
4333829Marygold International College, Elelenwo P/H
4333830St. Benedict Immaculate Canadian Academy Rukpokwu P/H
4333831Wisdom Gate International College, Eligbolo, P/H
4333834Uniport International Secondary School, Choba
4333835Rumuodomaya Model Secondary School, P/Harcourt
4333836Brookstone Secondary School, Igwuruta P/ Harcourt
4333837Enyinda International College, Ogbogoro
4333838Confidence Group Of Schools, Eneka Port Harcourt
4333839Gojehota International School Rumuokwachi Port Harcourt
4333840Topline Secondary School, Elelenwo Port Harcourt
4333841Convenant Academy Secondary School, Rumuokwu P/Harcourt
4333842Alpha Comprehensive Training Institute, Port Harcourt
4333843Harmony International Secondary School, Rumuosita
4333844Darlingnah International College, Location Rd., Port Harcourt
4333845Redeemer’s International Secondary School, Port Harcourt
4333846Grand Child College, Rumuokwurusi
4333847Emilo Piazza Memorial College, Rumuigbo, Port Harcourt
4333848Madonna Model Secondary School, Port Harcourt
4333849Hallel College, Boarding Airport Rd, Port Harcourt
4333850Vondorix International Secondary School, Rukpokwu
4333851Butter Stone International School, Okporo Road, Port-Harcourt
4333852Foundation Secondary School, Rumu Odomaya.
4333853Excellent College, Mgbuoba, Port-Harcourt
4333854Betty Ivory Towers Secondary School, Rumuokwuta, Port Harcourt
4333855Famvar International Secondary School, Port Harcourt
4333856Standard Vinto International College, Elelenwo
4333857Laurels Model College, Port- Harcourt
4333858Holy Ghost Manifestation Secondary, Rumuodara, Port-Harcourt
4333859St. Maria Goretti’s High School, Rumuodara, Port – Harcourt

The Waec Approved Centers in River State and 2021 WAEC Examination Centre Numbers are officially announced. If you register your Waec center in River state and you misplaced your Waec examination number don’t be scared for all the Waec Approved Centers in River State are mentioned here.

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WAEC Approved Centers In River State For 2023 Is Officially Out

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