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Waec Approved Centers in Abuja State: If you are a candidate who is in search of an approved Abuja state Waec Centre, a list of miracle Waec center in FCT Abuja state, or a list of Waec center in Abuja state 2021, then kindly know that you are on the right page.

The West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) commences officially the registration of 2020/2021 which still stands. You can see when the 2021 Waec registration is starting and closing? and it is imperative for candidates to know the Waec centers approved by Waec in Abuja state in other to carry out their registration.

All Waec centre Numbers in Abuja are all listed below. Your Waec centre in Abuja or Waec Miracle Centre in Abuja where you can register and sit for WAEC that is approved by WAEC BOARD is shown below.

The good thing is, you don’t need to travel out of Abuja because there are several official Waec Approved Centers in Abuja State that make a good result. If you are searching for Abuja State Waec Centre Examination Number, You can find it here for will published all the Abuja state Waec center examination numbers.

Waec Approved Centers in Abuja State

Waec Approved Centers in Abuja State

This is the official list of Waec center in Abuja State, which are

4020212Bicados International Secondary School, Kubwa, Abuja
4020213Visionary Senior Secondary School, Dutse, Baumpa, Abuja
4020214Government Secondary School, Jibi
4020215Total Child Senior Secondary School, Dutse
4020216Standard Academy Senior Secondary School, Mpape
4020217Wilman Comprehensive College, Bwari
4020218Shining Star College, Kubwa
4020219Government Secondary School, Shere
4020220Unity High School, Kubwa
4020221Metro International Schools, Kubwa
4020222Government Secondary School, Byazhin
4020223Government Day Secondary School, Dutse- Alhaji Abuja
4020224Catherina International Academy Dutse- Alhaji, Abuja
4020225Government Secondary School, Kawu- Abuja
4020226Evangel Academy, Kubwa
4020227Anglican Comprehensive Secondary School, Kubwa
4020228Ade-Ola International School, Kubwa
4020229Light Of Day School, Kubwa, Abuja
4020230African Child College, Byazhin New Extension, Kubwa- Abuja
4020231St. Theresa’s Catholic School, Bwari
4020232Golden Gate Pentagon College, Kubwa
4020233Whole Person Academy, Kubwa
4020234Scholars Land School, Kubwa-Abuja
4020301Government Secondary School, Gwagwalada
4020302Government Science Secondary School, Tugan-Maje
4020303Government Day Secondary School, Gwagwalada
4020304School For The Gifted, Gwagwalada, Abuja
4020305Christ The King College, Gwagwalada
4020306Government Secondary School, Dobi-Abuja
4020307Sheikh Hamdan Model Science Secondary School, Gwagwalada
4020308Chelston International Secondary School, Gwagwalada
4020309Emmanuel College, Zuba
4020310Calvary Secondary School, Zuba
4020311Star International Secondary School, Gwagwalada
4020312Christ Academy International School, Gwagwalada
4020313Zuba Academy Secondary School, Zuba
4020314Success International College, Zuba, Abuja
4020315Edu-Vision International Secondary School, Gwako
4020316Jolatsen Secondary School, Deshi, Paiko-Kore
4020317Standard Comprehensive Secondary School, Zuba
4020318Aunty Ayo Academy, Tunga Maje
4020319Louisville Girls’ Secondary School, Gwagwalada
4020320Christ Anglican College, Gwagwalada
4020321Government Secondary School, Zuba- Abuja
4020322Government Day Secondary School, Hajj Camp, Gwagwalada
4020323Best Intellect International Academy Gwagwalada
4020324Government Girls Secondary School, Dukpa
4020401Government Secondary School, Rubochi
4020402Government Secondary School, Kuje
4020403Government Girls’ Science Secondary School, Kuje
4020404S.S. Simon & Jude Seminary, Kuje
4020405Government Secondary School, Gwargwada
4020406Federal Government Girls’ College, Abaji, Abuja
4020407Federal Government College, Rubochi
4020408The Capital Science Academy, Kuje
4020409Government Secondary School, Gawu
4020410Funtaj International School, Kuje
4020411Government Secondary School, Gudun-Karya, Abuja
4020412Grace Garden International College, Kuje
4020413Glory & Praise International College, Kuje
4020414Government Secondary School, Gaube, Kuje
4020415Nigeria-Ghana International College, Kuje
4020416The Royals’ Schools, Kuje
4020501Government Secondary School, Kwali
4020502Federal Government College, Kwali
4020503Government Secondary School, Yangoji
4020504Government Secondary School, Yebu, Abuja
4020505Gss, Pai.
4020601Government Secondary School, Karu
4020602Government Secondary School, Karshi
4020603Government Secondary School, Gwarinpa
4020604Government Secondary School, Garki
4020605Government Secondary School, Tudun-Wada
4020606Government Secondary School, Wuse
4020607Government Secondary School, Jiwa
4020608Government Secondary School, Nyanya
4020609Government Secondary School, Airport, Abuja
4020610Army Day Secondary School, Asokoro
4020611Army Day Secondary School, Maitama
4020612Command Day Secondary School, Maitama
4020613Model Secondary School, Maitama
4020614Regina Pacis Girls Secondary School, Garki
4020615Government Science Secondary School, Pyakasa
4020616Fou’ad Lababidi Islamic Academy, Wuse
4020617Loyola Jesuit College, Wuse
4020618Central Secondary School, Idu, Abuja
4020619Nurul Bayan International Academy, Wuse Abuja
4020620Community Secondary School, Asokoro
4020621Nigerian Turkish International College, Wuse 2, Abuja
4020622Government Day Secondary School, Karu, Abuja
4020623Federal Government Boys’ College, Garki, Abuja
4020624Veraltos International College, Karmo
4020625King of Kings Academy, Lugbe
4020626Stella Maris College, Life Camp
4020627Word of Faith Secondary School, Durumi
4020628City Royal Secondary School, Nyanya F.C.T. Abuja
4020629Kings Comprehensive Secondary School, Karmo
4020630Starlight Secondary School, Idu-Karmo
4020631Kingsville College, Gwarinpa
4020632Eli Science Secondary School Karmo
4020633Rahinna Model Secondary School, Jikwoyi
4020634Abuja Comprehensive College, Nyanya
4020635Living Spring International College Gwarinpa, Abuja
4020636Ladela Day Secondary School, Abuja
4020637Divine Mercy Senior Secondary School, Asokoro Abuja
4020638Anglican Girls Grammar School, Apo1, Abuja
4020639Benjamin Joseph College, Gwarimpa
4020640Great Heights Academy, Kado Estate
4020641Pace Setters’ College, Wuye
4020642Lightway Academy, Wuse Ii
4020643Government Secondary School, Lugbe
4020644Pace Setters College, Gwarinpa.
4020645Government Day Secondary School, Wuse 2, Abuja
4020646Titsall Global Schools, Wuse 2, Abuja
4020647Spring Of Knowledge Academy, Gwarinpa
4020648Ave-Maria Schools, Jikwoyi
4020649Federal Science And Technical College, Orozo, Abuja
4020650Madona International Arts & Science Secondary School, Garki, Abuja
4020651Oasis International College, Abuja
4020652City Royal International Academy , Jikwoyi
4020653Africa International College, Kaura – Abuja
4020654Nig-Gha International College, Jabi – Abuja
4020655Baptist High School, Kubwa
4020656Cherryfeild College Plot Ct 19 Phase 1, Jikwoyi
4020657Premiere Academy, Fha Phase Ii Lugbe, Abuja
4020658Lead British International School, Gwarinpa
4020659La-Vogue International School, Jikwoyi
4020660Government Secondary School, Mabushi
4020661Nobel Heights Academy Karu
4020662Government Secondary School, Gwagwa
4020663Government Secondary School, Jikwoyi
4020664Government Secondary School, Jabi
4020665British Nigerian Academy Abuja
4020666Unity International School, Gwarinpa, Abuja
4020667Best School, International Life Camp Abuja
4020668Glisten International Academy, Abuja
4020669Gudmerc Kiddies Academy, Kurudu, Abuja
4020670Nelson Mandela International School, Nyanya
4020671Government Secondary School, Apo Abuja
4020672Almanar Senior Science School, Kado Estate, Abuja
4020673Olumawu College, Wuse 2 Abuja
4020674Samkings Science College, Karu
4020675Hampstead Academy Apo, Abuja
4020676Fine Trust Comprehensive College, Jikwoyi Phase 3, Abuja
4020677Government Secondary School, Mpape, Abuja
4020678Dabmak Great Foundation International School, Mpade Abuja
4020679Capville Schools, Gwarinpa, Abuja
4020680Kenuj Angels School, Jikwoyi, Abuja
4020681Anglican Comprehensive Secondary School, Kpeyegi Abuja
4020682Glorious Destiny Academy, Jikwoyi- Abuja
4020683Bristol Academy, Karu- Abuja
4020684Parliament International Secondary School, Apo Legislative Quarters, Apo,Abuja
4020685Rayino International School Dei-Dei-Abuja
4020686Government Secondary School, Dei- Dei Abuja
4020687Efab International School, Efab Estate, Abuja
4020688Ar- Rahman International School,Asokoro
4020689Premier International School, Wuse 2, Abuja
4020690Royal Family Academy, Wuye Abuja
4020692Gss, Kabusa
4020693Gstc, Area 3, Garki.
4020694Napo Private Secondary School, Maitama.

The Waec Approved Centers in Abuja State and 2021 WAEC Examination Centre Numbers are officially announced. If you register your Waec center in Abuja and you misplaced your Waec examination number don’t be scared for all the Waec Approved Centers in FCT Abuja are mentioned here.

The Waec centres in Abuja mentioned above are also reliable for your Waec registration in Abuja precisely. If you are a candidate who is searching for where he/she can register for 2021 Waec registration in Abuja, then you can visit the Waec Registration Centres In Abuja we mentioned above.

If you notice that some Waec Approved Centers in FCT Abuja are not mentioned, Nkedugists we really appreciate it If you can drop us the name of the Waec school in our comment box below.

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