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2022 Waec Computer studies Practical Specimen: Many WAEC candidates who are searching for the current WAEC Computer studies Practical Specimen should have in mind that is officially released you can now check for your 2022 Waec Computer studies Practical Specimen here.

On this page, the Waec practical specimens of questions and answers are dropped here. We released the current Waec specimen every year and also the answer to the WAEC Practical questions with a good reliable source in your Waec computer studies Practical examination.

Are the 2022 Waec Computer studies Practical Specimen released? Yes, the 2022 Waec Computer studies Practical Specimen For all Waec Candidates has been officially released kindly check it here to confirm it yourself.

The Waec Computer studies Practical for 2022 is now officially released for all Waec candidates. All Waec candidates can now Check the official Waec 2022 Physics practical specimen which is released today below.




2. The number of computers provided for the examination should be at least half of the population or the number of candidates who entered for the examination. For instance:

(a) a school presenting 20 candidates must have at least 10 computers

(b) a school presenting 55 candidates must have at least 28 computers

3. The computers should be connected to a Local Area Network

4. One high-performance printer should be connected to at most 10 computers (i.e ratio of printers to the computer is 1:10

5. The Operating System for the application should be Windows 7 or higher version

6. The following application packages should be installed on each computer
(a) MS WORD 2007 or higher
(b) MS EXCEL 2007 or higher
(c) MS ACCESS 2007 or higher
(d) MS POWERPOINT 2007 or higher
(e) CorelDraw

7. Schools are encouraged to provide additional PC’s on standby in case of equipment failure

8. If a candidate damages any of the equipment, the matter should be rectified and a note made on the Report Form.


9. The purpose of the practical Computer Studies test is to know or find out whether the candidates can carry out simple practical work themselves.

” The Examiner is aware that a candidate sometimes may not be able to show his/her practical ability owing to his/her failure to understand some point in the laboratory/workshop, he should be prepared to give such a candidate a hint to enable hi/her get on the experiment. In order to overcome this difficulty, you are asked to cooperate with the Examiner to the extent of being ready to give (or to allow the Computer Studies teacher to give) a hint to candidate who is unable to proceed”.

10. The following regulation must be strictly adhered to:
(a) No hint may be announced to the candidate as a whole

(b) A candidate who is unable to proceed and requires assistance must come up to you and state his/her difficulty. The candidate should be told that the Examiner will be informed of any assistance rendered in any way.

(c) A note must be made, in the Report Form, of any assistance given to any candidate, with the name and index number of the candidate.

11. it is suggested that the following announcement must be made to the candidates:
“The Examiner does not want to waste your time through inability to proceed with the practical test after he/she has spent 15 minutes on it, may come to me and ask for help. I shall report to the Examiner any help given in this way, and some marks may be lost for the help received.

You may ask me for any additional equipment which you think would improve the accuracy of your work, and you should state in your script how you used such equipment.”

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