2022 Waec Objective Question And Answers – Free WAEC English Language 2022

2022 Waec English Language Question and Answers
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2022 Waec English Language Question and Answers. Get the expected questions for 2022 WAEC English Language questions on objective and essay. The 2022 WAEC English Language OBJ and theory questions and answers are available. All you have to do is to go through the questions and take note of the WAEC English Language answers 2022. Read on to find out.


All Waec candidates are to expect to write all the Paper which

English Language Paper 1: Essay (letter Writing or Argumentative Easy Writing or Publication of News)

English Language Paper 2: Objective ( Oral)

English Language Paper 3: Objective ( Comprehension, Register, Lexis and Structure, Synonyms and Antonyms, complete the sentences, nearest in meaning)


2022 Waec English Language Question and Answers ( Most likely Questions to Expect)

English Language Paper 2 ORAL PAPER

From the words lettered A to D, choose the word that has the same vowel sound as the one represented by the letter(s) underlined.


A. firm

B. knowlegde

C. vice

D. marine



A. took

B. look

C. moon

D. mode

3. says

A. end

B. bay

C. rain

D. fern



A. bed

B. matrix

C. concern

D. cape



A. currant

B. leisure

C. first

D. sure



A. part

B. hand

C. market

D. charade



A. mug

B. font

C. cost

D. moth



A. hoof

B. crude

C. soup

D. stood



A. beat

B. buffet

C. head

D. seer



A. supper

B. bang

C. coy

D. tie



A. cat

B. shout

C. cane

D. aunt



A. bear

B. swear

C. spare

D. beer



A. drown

B. draft

C. should

D. tough



A. chaos

B. coin

C. boar

D. phone



A. word

B. call

C. won

D. sown



A. led

B. filed

C. taken

D. ludo



A. give

B. sag

C. beg

D. vigil



A. think

B. there

C. breath

D. them



A. lace

B. steal

C. vision

D. lesson



A. chimera

B. chic

C. soldier

D. batch



A. rowdy

B. bow

C. quiet

D. wrench



A. physical

B. psychic

C. lap

D. psalm



A. bog

B. nagged

C. zonked

D. game



A. blinks

B. eclipse

C. example

D. desk



A. sing

B. bring

C. manager

D. finger



A. chimera

B. chic

C. soldier

D. batch



A. rowdy

B. bow

C. quiet

D. wrench



A. physical

B. psychic

C. lap

D. psalm



A. bog
B. nagged
C. zonked
D. game

2022 Waec English Language Question and Answers

English Language Paper 3: Objective ( Comprehension, Register, Lexis and Structure, Synonyms and Antonyms, complete the sentences, nearest in meaning)

PART I Comprehension Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions on it.

When Miss Anna Bonsra entered the classroom, a deep silence descended on the class. Then her shrill voice pierced the silence, “Kwaku Ananse,” she called, “come forward and give your oral presentation”. At once my heart began pounding like our old school corn mill.

I realized at that moment how much she disliked me. She had more than forty students to choose from, but she selected me. I was partially hidden behind the burly Owo, who sat in front of me. I had looked everywhere except towards the front of the room. But my ploys were unsuccessful. I had been called upon at long last to give a presentation. “Don’t get nervous; be a man,” I said to myself, as I braced myself to face the class.

With sweating hands, I took my notes, which I had tucked away in my notebook. She watched me with that familiar mocking half-smile of hers which seemed to say she knew I wasn’t as though I hadn’t had enough time to prepare for the presentation. It was no surprise assignment.

For weeks we had gone over the fundamentals of writing a research paper and had been told to hand in a twenty-page paper which we would present orally to the class. I had typically waited until the last few days. Then I thumbed desperately through an encyclopedia for a suitable topic.

I finally settled on William Shakespeare because there were some recordings of some of his plays in the school library. I figured that playing some portions of these films would not only take up part of the required time but also make my presentation unique.

After three days and three long nights, my paper was ready, Never had I written a paper so quickly, or one with so little content. Once I was before the class, my main thought was getting done with.

With very little feeling, I told the class what I knew about the renowned playwright, my mouth was so dry that I wasn’t sure whether it would open again for another sentence. My hands shook uncontrollably as I turned the pages in front of me.

Finally, refering to my notes more often than was expected, I finished the oral part of my presentation. All that was left was to show the slides. The worst was over!

Questions For 2022 Waec English Language Question and Answers

A. What did the writer do to avoid being called by Miss Bonsra?

B. Why was the writer nervous?

C. State two character traits of the writer, as revealed in the passage.

D. What two things made the writer’s paper different from those he had written earlier?

E. What advantage did he expect to gain from using the films?

F. With very little feeling
iii. What is the grammatical name given to this expression?
iv. What is its function in the sentence?

G … pounding like our old school corn mill
What figure of speech is used in the expression above?

H.  For each of the following words underlined in the passage, give another word or phrase which means the same and can replace it in the passage:
i. burly, ii. fundamentals iii. typically, iv. desperately
v. unique, vi. renowned

PART II Most Nearly opposite in Meaning

In the sentence below, there is one underlined word and one gap. From the list of words lettered A to D, choose the one that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the underlined word and that will, at the same time correctly fill the gap in the sentence.

Tom is refined but his brother is rather …….

A. Arrogant
B. Crude
C. Unskillful
D. Foolish

Lions are in extinction in The Gambia but monkeys are still in …….

A. Action
B. Existence
C. Vogue
D. Custody

Mary’s explanation was explicit but mine was …..
A. Long
B. Winding
C. Vague
D. Irrelevant

The Major demanded an unalloyed, and not a ….loyalty from his soldiers.
A. Strict
B. Wavering
C. Clumsy
D. Alterable

The brevity of the President’s speech contrasts with the ….. of the Secretary’s
A. Accuracy
B. Vagueness
C. Clarity
D. Verbosity

I can vouch that he broke the glass accidentally and not …..
A. Forcefully
B. Directly
C. Carefully
D. Deliberately

Only question one is compulsory; therefore, the rest are …..

A. Easy
B. Clear
C. Confusing
D. Optional

The Magistrate convicted the hardened criminal but …..and discharged the first offender
A. Acquitted
B. Jailed
C. Released
D. Sentenced

Houses built with bricks are sturdy while those built with glass are …..
A. Temporary
B. Fragile
C. Beautiful
D. Cosy

The principal is very strict but his vice is …..
A. Peaceful
B. Lenient
C. Kind
D. Efficient



From the words lettered A to D, choose the word that best completes the sentence below.

The brutal killing of members of the opposition provoked strong ……

A. Condemnation
B. Accusation
C. Molestation
D. Denial

The doctor ……. my illness as malaria

A. Discovered
B. Diagnosed
C. Prescribed
D. Announced

Since we should not disclose our identity, our letter to the principal must be …..

A. Unclear
B. Anonymous
C. Ambigous
D. Candid

Although we pleaded for long with our father, he remained ……. that we should not go to the stadium.
A. Callous
B. Curious
C. Adamant
D. Candid

Ranti: This is not my key, Ayo: Then… is it?
A. Of which
B. Whose
C. Who’s
D. Whom

There were no meat in the market .. Shade bought some fish
A. So
B. Unless
C. Since
D. Whereas

The police vehicles raced .. full speed with their sirens blaring.
A. On
B. With
C. At
D. In

Tutu liked to read detective novels to take his mind … his worries
A. Off
B. Away
C. Out of
D. From

I don’t know what to do with these children. They are always fighting …
A. Themselves
B. Myself
C. One another
D. Each of them

If she had known, she wouldn’t have come …
A. Would she?
B. Did he?
C. Can he?
D. Wasn’t it?

Salary cuts could be the … of the worker’s protest.
A. Course
B. Curse
C. Cause
D. Coarse

Neither John nor Mary felt happy … the incident
A. For
B. In
C. About
D. By

Any parent would be pleased … such impressive performance
A. At
B. From
C. With
D. For

Stella wanted to show … with her necklace.
A. Off
B. On
C. Over
D. Back


In questions numbered 1 – 16 below, choose the best option from letters A – E that best completes the gap

Probably the motorist saw the – 1 – lorry too – 2 – to be able to – 3 – disaster. However, he realized that if he kept to the – 4 -, a probably – 5 – head-on – 6 – would be unavoidable. The only alternative was to take the lesser risk of leaving the road. With great care, therefore, he turned sharply – 7 – the road into the ditch by the – 8 -. The consequence was that instead of being involved in a serious and probably fatal – 9 -, the – 10 – escaped with a few minor – 11 – and bruises, while the only – 12 – to his car was a bent mudguard. By – 13 – into the roadside ditch to avoid what could have been a collision with the approaching lorry, he averted a – 14 – accident at the – 15 – of a few – 16 – to himself and the slight damage to his car.

A. Incoming
B. Oncoming
C. Downcoming
D. Offcoming
E. Outcoming

A. Incoming
B. Oncoming
C. Downcoming
D. Offcoming
E. Outcoming

A. Much
B. Early
C. Soon
D. Often
E. Late

A. Avert
B. Revert
C. Convert
D. Averse
E. Reverse

A. Road-side
B. Traffic
C. Way
D. Road
E. Level-crossing

A. Slight
B. Fatalistic
C. Fatal
D. Mild
E. Coalition

A. Collision
B. Collusion
C. Confusion
D. Collation
E. Coalition

A. 0f
B. Off
C. Up
D. Over
E. Roadside

A. Road
B. Level – crossing
C. Pavement
D. Alley
E. Through

A. Casualty
B. Collusion
C. Fall
D. Accident
E. Jump

A. Transporter
B. Cyclist
C. Driver
D. Rider
E. Motor – cyclist

A. Caught
B. Cuts
C. Cut
D. Cult
E. Carts

A. Damage
B. Collision
C. Accident
D. Repair
E. Fall

A. Swerving
B. Jumping
C. Hooting
D. Speeding
E. Accelerating

A. Huge
B. Gigantic
C. Big
D. Notorious
E. Serious

A. Expends
B. Expenses
C. Expend
D. Expense
E. Expanse


After the sentence, a list of possible interpretations of all or part of the sentence is given.Choose the interpretation you consider appropriate for the sentence.

The candidates were told that passing the examination wasn’t a passport to getting an admission.
A. A guarantee of
B. A suggestion in
C. An equivalent
D. A necessity for
E. An intention for

She tried to throw dust in my eyes
A. Blow dust into my eyes
B. Fight me
C. Rebuke me
D. Mislead me
E. Make me blind

Despite the different economic measures taken by the government, the country is not yet out of the wood
A. On the right path
B. Underveloped
C. Generating enough money from its forest resources
D. Free from difficulties
E. Above comfort

Our house swept the board in the inter-house sports competition.
A. Prepared the field
B. Came last
C. Was completely successful
D. Was only partially successful
E. Won a consolation prize

The preacher advised those who lost their property in the fire outbreak that every cloud has a

A. The loss is a common
B. Every body must witness misfortunes in life
C. Every cloud has some silvery lines behind it
D. When there is life there is hope
E. There is a good side to all misfortunes

My father always advised me to take time by the forelock
A. Use an opportunity promptly
B. Take things easy
C. Be clever
D. Always hurry up
E. Think twice before  act


All the questions drop down are not exactly 2022 Waec English Language Question and Answers but likely WAEC Mathematics repeated questions and answers, so if you can practice the questions it can also be of help.

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