Official Waec Centers in Edo State and Waec Examination Centre Number

WAEC Syllabus for Agricultural Science
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Waec Approved Centers in Edo State: If you are a candidate who is in search of an approved Benin City Waec Centre, a list of miracle Waec center in Benin City, or a list of Waec center in Benin 2023, then kindly know that you are on the right page.

The West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) commences officially the registration of 2023/2024 which still stands. You can see when the 2023 Waec registration is starting and closing. and it is imperative for candidates to know the Waec centers approved by Waec in Lagos state in other to carry out their registration.

The good thing is, you don’t need to travel out of Edo State because of Best Waec Approved Centers in Benin. There are several official Waec Approved Centers in Benin City that makes a good result.

If you are searching for the Edo state Waec Centre Examination Number, You can find it here for will published all the Edo state Waec center examination numbers.

This is the Official list of Waec Center in Edo State, Which are

4130102Okpe Mixed Grammar School, Okpe-Ijaja
4130103Osu Mixed Secondary Commercial Grammar School, Uneme-Osu
4130104Igarra Girls’ Grammar School, Igarra
4130105Uma Secondary Commercial School, Imoga
4130106Comprehensive High School, Igarra
4130107Ekpe Mixed Grammar School, Ekpe
4130108Igbode Mixed Grammar School, Erhunrun-Uneme
4130109Enwan Mixed Secondary School, Enwan
4130110Okpameri Grammar School, Ibillo
4130111Ojirami Mixed Secondary School, Ojirami
4130112Ososo Comprehensive High School, Ososo
4130113Ugboshi Secondary School, Ugboshi
4130114Ikakumo High School, Ikakumo
4130115Anglican Grammar School, Igarra
4130116Somorika Secondary School, Somorika
4130117Ekugbe Secondary School, Ugboshiele/Aiyegunle
4130118Comprehensive High School, Ekpedo
4130119Atte Secondary School, Atte
4130120Ewure Secondary School, Atte
4130121Oza Comprehensive High School, Ojah
4130122Ososo Grammar School, Ososo
4130123Ekpese College, Lampese
4130124Akoko-Edo Mixed Grammar School, Uneme-Nekhua
4130125Success Secondary School, Igarra
4130126Afeye Secondary School, Ikiran-Ile
4130127Supreme International College, Igarra
4130128Buntina Secondary School, Igarra
4130129Federal Government College, Ibillo, Edo State
4130130Ibilokha Secondary School, Ibillo
4130131Talent Secondary School, Okpe
4130132Unity Comprehensive College, Igarra
4130133God’s Grace College, Igarra
4130134Dagbala Secondary School, Dagbala
4130135Anglican Science College, Igarra
4130136Universal Secondary School, Igarra
4130137Ogugu Secondary School, Ogugu
4130138Solid Rock Secondary School, Igarra
4130139Makeke Secondary School, Makeke, Akoko Edo
4130140Apex College, Ekor
4130141Divine Grace Secondary School, Igarra
4130142Prestige Secondary School, Igarra
4130143God’s Time High School, Igarra
4130144Gloryland Secondary School, Igarra
4130145Cannanland Secondary School, Igarra.
4130146Shepherded Hill Academy Ibillo
4130201Eghosa Grammar School, Benin City
4130202Edo Boys High School, Benin City
4130203Evbuotubu Secondary School, Benin City
4130204Eweka Grammar School, Benin City
4130205Uwelu Secondary School, Benin City
4130206Uselu Secondary School, Benin City
4130207Iyoba Girls’ Senior Secondary School, Benin City
4130208Use Secondary School, Benin-City
4130209Ohonre Grammar School, Ohonre
4130210Asoro Grammar School, Benin City
4130211Federal Government Girls’ College, Benin City
4130212University Of Benin Demonstration Secondary School, Benin City
4130213Egor Secondary School, Egor, Benin City
4130214Udens Comprehensive Secondary School, Benin City
4130215Evbareke Senior Secondary School, Benin City
4130216Blessed Education Centre, Benin City
4130217Golden Touch High School, Benin City
4130218University Preparatory Secondary School, Benin City
4130219Esangbedo Comprehensive Secondary School, Benin City
4130220Leo National College, Benin City
4130221Unilec International Private School, Benin City
4130222Saint Paul Memorial Secondary School, Benin City
4130223Integrity National High School, Benin City
4130224Uwagboe Demonstration Secondary School, Benin City
4130225Alpha High School, Benin City
4130226Enina Mixed Secondary School, Benin City
4130227Aigbovo Secondary School, Benin City
4130228Merit Secondary School, Benin City
4130229Obaro Secondary School, Benin City
4130230Christian Education Centre, Benin City
4130231Saint Thomas’ Basic Secondary School, Benin City
4130232Aka International College, Benin City
4130233Bright Future Foundation Secondary School, Benin City
4130234Ogbonmwan Secondary School, Benin-City
4130235Jobravo Mixed College, Benin
4130236Ultimate College, Benin
4130237Hopewell Secondary School, Benin
4130238Auntie Maria College, Benin
4130239Gabmay Secondary School, Benin
4130240Federal Staff Secondary School, Benin City
4130241Paramount Christian College, Benin City
4130242Learning Field Royal Academy, Benin City
4130243Okunbor Group Of Schools’, Uwelu Quarters, Benin City
4130244Ayela Uwanguw Academy, Benin City
4130245Amen Regent College, Benin
4130246Springfield High School, Benin City
4130247Continental Comprehensive Secondary School, Benin City
4130248Blessing Foundation College, Benin City
4130249Saint Antty Foundation Secondary School, Benin City
4130250Scholars Imperial High School, Benin City
4130251King’s And Queen’s College, Benin City
4130252Divine Comprehensive College, Benin City
4130253Word Of Faith Secondary School, Evbareke, Benin City
4130254Uyi Secondary School, Benin City
4130255John Kelly Secondary School, Benin City
4130256Paradise College, Benin City
4130257Goberts Secondary School, Benin City
4130258Current Academy Secondary School, Benin City
4130259Hill Top International College, Benin City
4130260Mao Unique High School, Benin City
4130261High Tower Education Centre, Benin City
4130262Royal Academy Secondary School, Benin City
4130263Basco Comprehensive College, Benin City
4130264Passover Secondary School, Benin City
4130265Stemas Foundation College, Benin City
4130266City Demonstration Secondary School, Benin City
4130267Samuel Aimufua Memorial Secondary School, Benin City
4130268Simbridge College, Benin
4130269Norman Edwards College, Benin
4130270Gentry National High School, Benin City
4130271Edo Academy, Benin City
4130272Federal Staff Business College, Benin City
4130273Itose Comprehensive College, Benin City
4130274Westfield Christian College, Benin City
4130275Student Foundation Career College, Benin City
4130276Divine Light Mixed Secondary School, Benin City
4130277Zenith High School, Benin City
4130278Madrid Secondary School, Evbuotubu
4130279Testimony Secondary School, Benin City
4130280Embassy Secondary School, Benin City
4130281Lifeline Educational Centre Secondary School, Benin City
4130282Magdon Comprehensive College, Benin City
4130283Adonai International School, Benin City
4130284Omoroguwo High School, Benin City
4130285Step Forward Secondary School, Benin City
4130286Bravura Secondary School, Egor
4130287Genius Comprehensive Academy, Benin City
4130288Special Touch Academy Secondary School, Benin City
4130289Cogent Academy Secondary School, Benin City
4130290Nosa Eke High School, Ugbowo
4130291Supreme High School, Benin City
4130292Queen’s High School, Evbuotubu, Egor
4130293Eagles College, Benin City
4130294Jaclason Group Of Schools, Egor
4130295Vacglon Academy Secondary School, Benin City
4130296Ambassador College, Benin City
4130297Mattins Secondary School, Benin City
4130298Alpha And Omega Secondary School, Benin City
4130299Winfosa Education Centre, Benin City
4130301Opoji Secondary Commercial School, Okhore-Opoji
4130302Opoji Grammar School, Eguare Opoji
4130303Irrua Girls’ Secondary School, Irrua
4130304Ugbegun Grammar School, Ugbegun
4130305Usugbenu Grammar School, Usugbenu
4130306Ujabhole Grammar School, Irrua
4130307Annunciation Catholic College, Irrua, Esan Central
4130308Idunwele Girls’ Secondary School, Ewu-Ishan
4130309Ebudin Secondary School, Ugbegun
4130310Ikekato Secondary School, Ikekato Irrua
4130311Ewu Grammar School, Ewu
4130312Uneah Secondary School, Ibore-Irrua
4130313Scarlet Secondary School, Ewu-Ishan
4130314Zenith Royal College, Irrua
4130315Future Leaders Academy, Irrua
4130316Unique Secondary School, Eguare, Irrua
4130317Victorious Child Secondary, Eidenu-Irrua
4130318Shaka Momodu Memorial College, Irrua
4130319Standard International College, Eidemi Irrua
4130320Ebenezer Model Education Centre, Eko-Ewa
4130321Usi-Mart Academy, Opoji
4130322Judes’ College, Ugbegun
4130323Ideal Secondary School, Abokhal Quaters Eguavie Irrua
4130324Afuda Secondary School, Afuda-Irrua
4130325Government Science And Technical College, Irrua
4130401Agba Grammar School, Uromi
4130402Obeidu Secondary School, Uromi
4130403Arue Secondary School, Uromi
4130404Ebho-Iyi Secondary School, Uromi
4130405Obiyon Secondary School, Uromi
4130406Efandion Secondary School, Uromi
4130407Amedokhian Secondary School, Uromi
4130408Esan Grammar School, Uromi
4130409Our Lady Of Lurdes Girls’ Grammar School, Uromi
4130410Lumen Christi International High School, Uromi
4130411Uroh Secondary School, Uzea
4130412Uzea Secondary School, Olinlin-Uzea
4130413Idumoza Secondary School, Uromi
4130414Word Of Faith College, Uromi
4130415Christ The King Secondary School, Uromi
4130416Ufua Memorial Secondary School, Uromi
4130417Megrow Secondary School, Uromi
4130418Okpere Memorial Secondary School, Uromi
4130419Baptist Academy, Uromi
4130420Inegbeboh Comprehensive College, Uromi
4130421Buddy Secondary School, Uromi
4130422Unique High School, Uromi
4130423Obhili Memorial Grammar School, Uromi
4130424Universal Secondary School, Uromi
4130425Eigbibhala Oriasotie Memorial Secondary School, Uromi
4130426Okoeguale High School, Uromi
4130427Leaders Academy School, Uromi
4130428Obumen Memorial College, Egbele Uromi
4130429Federal Science And Technical College, Uromi
4130430Oriade High School, Uromi
4130431Divine Culture Secondary School, Benin
4130432Sacred Heart High School, Uromi
4130433Holy Trinity Secondary School, Uromi
4130434Holy Family Academy, Uromi
4130435Center For Child Care And Youth Dev. Sec. School, Uromi
4130436Esan Model (Boys) Grammar School, Uromi, Benin
4130501Ugboha Secondary Commercial School, Ugboha
4130502Ewatto Grammar School, Ewatto
4130503Edeikholor Grammar School, Ubiaja
4130504Ohardua Mixed Secondary School, Ohardua
4130505Obiaza Mixed Secondary School, Ubiaja
4130506Okhuesan Secondary School, Okhuesan
4130507Udakpa Secondary School, Ubiaja
4130508Illushi Secondary School, Illushi
4130509Agadaga Secondary School, Ewohimi
4130510Uhomebho Mixed Secondary School, Ewatto
4130511Okaiaben Secondary School, Ewohimi
4130512Saint John Bosco’s College, Ubiaja
4130513Pilgrim Baptist Grammar School, Ewohimi
4130514Emu Grammar School, Emu
4130515Ewohimi Secondary School, Ewohimi
4130516Sacred Heart Girls’ Model Secondary School, Ubiaja
4130517Unity Secondary School, Ewohimi
4130518Saint Francis College, Ubiaja
4130519Ubiaja Community Secondary School, Ubiaja
4130520Oria Secondary School, Oria
4130521Odua College, Ohordua
4130522Gospel Time Secondary School, Ubiaja
4130523Light House College, Ibhiadam, Ewu
4130524Japajom Secondary School, Ubiaja
4130525King’s & Queen’s College, Ubiaja
4130526Emunekhua Secondary School, Emunekhua
4130527Bright Hope College, Inyenlen
4130528Larmart High School, Ubiaja
4130529Arehoi Memorial College Ohordua
4130530St. Andrew’s College, Emu
4130531Esteem Secondary School, Udakpavia Ubiaja
4130532Ewatto Community Secondary School, Idinwe Ewatto
4130533Adesua College, Idinwe, Ewatto
4130534Larmart Demonstration College, Ibhiedu, Ohordua
4130535Irena Secondary School, Ewatto
4130536St. Mathias Group Of School, Ewohimi
4130537Holy Innecents Secondary School, Ugboha
4130601Ogwa Grammar School, Ogwa
4130602Uhiele Grammar School, Ekpoma
4130603Akugbe Secondary School, Emuhi-Ekpoma
4130604Illeh Secondary School, Ekpoma
4130605Ihumudumu Secondary School, Ekpoma
4130606Ujoelen Grammar School, Ekpoma
4130607Eguare Secondary School, Ekpoma
4130608Ujogba Secondary School, Ujogba
4130609Oka Secondary School, Egoro-Noka, Ekpoma
4130610Iruekpen Girls’ Secondary School, Iruekpen
4130611Urohi Secondary School, Urohi Ekpoma
4130612Ujemen Secondary School, Ekpoma
4130613Emaudo Secondary School, Ekpoma
4130614Iruekpen Grammar School, Iruekpen
4130615Ambrose Ali University Secondary School, Ekpoma
4130616Ukhun Secondary School, Ukhun
4130617Zanna Royal Academy, Ekpoma
4130618Idoa Secondary School, Idoa
4130619Mousco International Comprehensive College, Ekpoma
4130620Palm International College, Iruekpen
4130621Austin Beh Secondary School, Uwam Nifor
4130622Bishop Ajayi Crowther Memorial College, Ekpoma
4130623Blessing Secondary School, Ekpoma
4130624Wisdom Secondary School, Ekpoma
4130625Bonahis Secondary School, Ekpoma
4130626Assurance Secondary School, Ekpoma
4130627New Dimension High School, Benin
4130628Christ Foundation Secondary School, Benin
4130629Amazing Grace Secondary School, Ekpoma
4130630Saint Saviour National Secondary School, Ekpoma
4130631Cosmopolitan Church Secondary School, Ukpenu, Ekpoma
4130632Future Steps Academy, Ekpoma
4130633Ehiemua Memorial College, Ekpoma
4130634Suco International College, Ujemen Ekpoma
4130635Victory Secondary School, Ogwa
4130637Christ Is The Answer Secondary School, Ekpoma
4130638Mount Carmel Secondary School, Ekpoma
4130701Ekperi Grammar School, Ugbekpe-Ekperi
4130702Fugar Mixed Secondary School, Fugar
4130703Ogbona Secondary School, Ogbona
4130704Anegbette Secondary School, Anegbette
4130705Saint John’s Boys’ Model Secondary School, Fugar
4130706Pioneer Comprehensive High School, Fugar
4130707Osagbe College, Udaba Ekperi
4130708Life Line College, Fugar City
4130709Tony-Tom Comprehensive Secondary School, Ugbekpe-Ekperi
4130710Delegiwa Memorial Secondary School, Ugbekpe-Ekperi
4130711Prudence Comprehensive Secondary School, Ogbona
4130712Monica Group Of Schools, Iraokhor-Fugar
4130713Osumhe Secondary School, Osowhegbe-Ekperi
4130714Central College, Ogochi-Ekperi
4130801Okpella Comprehensive High School, Okugbe Okpella
4130802Imiegba Grammar School, Imiegba
4130803Iviukwe Grammar School, Iviukwe
4130804Egori Community Secondary School, Egori, Agenebode
4130805Igiode Secondary School, Igiode Agenebode
4130806Army Day Secondary School, Agenebode
4130807Afokpella Secondary School, Afokpella
4130808Ogute-Oke Secondary School, Okpella
4130809Weppa Secondary School, Weppa-Agenebode
4130810Saint Peter’s Grammar School, Agenebode
4130811Ikpomaza Grammar School, Okpella
4130812Oghe Community Secondary School, Ivioghe
4130813Ekuri Secondary Commercial School, Imiekuri-Okpella
4130814Providence Secondary School, Agenebode
4130815Progress Secondary School, Agenebode
4130816Okpekpe Secondary School, Okpekpe
4130817Elite Secondary School, Okpella
4130818Success Secondary School, Agenebode
4130819Sacred Heart College, Agenebode
4130820Hebrew International Secondary School, Okugbe-Okpella
4130821Iddo Community Grammar School, Iddo-Okpella
4130822Okpella College, Awuyemi Okpella
4130823United Secondary Commercial College, Okpella
4130824St. Margaret Mary’s High School, Iddo-Okpella
4130825Jebamoh Unisecondary School, Itsukwi
4130826Christ The King Secondary School, Agenebode
4130901Uku Secondary Commercial School, Iyuku-Uzairue
4130902South Ibie Secondary School, Iyakpi
4130903Apana Mixed Secondary School, Apana
4130904Jattu Secondary School, Jattu
4130905Our Lady Of Fatima College, Auchi
4130906Momodu College, Agbede
4130907Ikabigbo Grammar School, Ikabigbo
4130908Jagbe Secondary School, Jagbe
4130909Afowa Mixed Secondary School, Afowa-Uzairue
4130910Uluoke Secondary School, Uluoke
4130911Ughiole Secondary School, Aviele
4130912Ayuele Secondary School, Agbede
4130913Iyerekhu Secondary School, Iyerekhu
4130914Iyekhie Girls’ Secondary School, Auchi
4130915Akpekpe Secondary School, Auchi
4130916Auchi Comprehensive High School, Auchi
4130917Afashio Mixed Secondary School, Afashio
4130918Saint Angela Girls’ Grammar School, Uzairiue
4130919Ayogwiri Grammar School, Ayogwiri
4130920Iyamho Community Secondary School, Iyamho-Uzairue
4130921Auchi College, Auchi
4130922Army Day Secondary School, Auchi
4130923Ayua Secondary Commercial School, Ayua
4130924Iyora Secondary School, Iyora-Uzairue
4130925Sa’id Mixed Secondary School, Aviele-Auchi
4130926School Of Secondary Education, Auchi
4130927Muslim Secondary School, Auchi
4130928Evangel International School, Auchi
4130929Brighter Tomorrow Secondary School, Auchi
4130930Bishop Oyebode Memorial College, Auchi
4130931Patman College, Jattu, Uzairue
4130932Amina Foundation College, Agbede
4130933Brightway Secondary School, Jattu-Uzairue
4130934Auchi Polytechnic Secondary School, Auchi
4130935Diligence Secondary School, Jattu-Uzairue
4130936Vicky Secondary School, Jattu-Uzairue
4130937Early Breed Secondary School, Auchi
4130938Sancta Maria Secondary School, Ibienafe
4130939Elite Comprehensive College, Auchi
4130940Maris Blessed Secondary School, Auchi
4130941Trinity Secondary School, Jattu-Uzairue
4130942Izhar-Ud-Deen Muslim Secondary School, Jattu-Uzairue
4130943Al-Mukhtar Secondary School, Auchi
4130944Brainfield International School, Auchi
4130945Scholars Secondary School, Agbede
4130946Akhuetieme Comprehensive Secondary School, Iyakpi
4130947Aibotse Secondary School, Auchi
4130948Rilfad Secondary School, Auchi
4130949Morning Star Secondary School Iyakpi, Auchi
4130950St. Philips Secondary School, Jattu-Uzairue
4130951Success Comprehensive College, Auchi.
4130952Golden Kingdom Academy, Ughok-Ayuele
4130953Grace Divine Secondary School, Sabo South, Ibie
4130954Abiri Secondary School, Auchi
4130955Anwain Senior Secondary School, Idegun
4130956Daystar Secondary School, Ubiane, Aviele
4130957Ikelebe Secondary School, Auchi
4130958Hikmah Secondary School, Auchi
4130959Spring Leaders Secondary School, Edo
4130960Hira Comprehensive College, Iyakpi
4130961Hizbullah Secondary School, Auchi
4131001Ebelle Secondary Commercial School, Ebelle
4131002Igueben Mixed Secondary School, Igueben
4131003Igueben Grammar School, Igueben
4131004Ekpon Grammar School, Ekpon
4131005Ewossa Secondary School, Ewossa
4131006Ugun Secondary School, Ugun
4131007Ekekhen Idumogo Secondary School, Igueben
4131008Okalo Secondary School, Okalo
4131009Igueben College, Igueben
4131010Amahor Secondary School, Amahor
4131011Anglican Grammar School, Ebelle
4131012Brain Trust, Enakoye Secondary School, Ebelle
4131013Success Academy Secondary School, Igueben
4131014Wisdom Group Of School, Igueben, Benin City
4131015Faith College, Igueben
4131016Calvary Secondary School, Ekpon
4131017Ecopas Secondary School, Ekpon
4131018Edede High School, Igueben
4131019Zion Secondary School, Gkpon
4131020Shiloh Hil College, Igueden
4131101Western Boys’ High School, Benin City
4131102Niger College, Benin City
4131103Idogbo Secondary School, Idogbo
4131104Saint Maria Goretti Grammar School, Benin City
4131105Itohan Girls’ Grammar School, Benin City
4131106Aduwawa Secondary School, Benin City
4131107Oguola College, Benin City
4131108Osemwende Secondary School, Ohoghobi
4131109Ugiomo Secondary School, Benin City
4131110Ozolua Grammar School, Ologbo
4131111Queen Ede Secondary School, Benin City
4131112Ogunbor Secondary School, Benin City
4131113Army Day Senior Secondary School, Ikpoba Hill, Benin City
4131114Presentation National High School, Benin City
4131115Igbinedion Secondary School, Benin City
4131116Bishop Ajayi Crowther Memorial College, Benin City
4131117Lina Comprehensive College, Benin City
4131118Umelu Secondary School, Benin City
4131119Russell International College, Ikpoba Hill, Benin City
4131120Henson Demonstration Secondary School, Benin City
4131121Rubber Research Institute Of Nigeria Secondary School, Iyanomo, Benin City
4131122Penach International High School, Benin City
4131123Ute Secondary School, Ute
4131124Excel Secondary School, Benin City
4131125Bowe High School, Benin City
4131126Tempest High School, Benin City
4131127Urora Secondary School, Urora
4131128Saint Magdalene Mixed College, Benin City
4131129Accord Secondary School, Benin City
4131130Universal Comprehensive College, Benin City
4131131Hills International High School, Benin City
4131132Graceland Education Centre, Benin City
4131133Heritage International College, Benin
4131134Peak Comprehensive College, Benin
4131135Courage High School, Benin City
4131136Madonna Modern College, Benin City
4131137Richon High School, Benin City
4131138Gracious Secondary School, Benin City
4131139Holy Rosary Group Of Schools, Benin City
4131140Unicoach High School, Benin City
4131141Unity High School, Benin City
4131142Christ Chosen Secondary School, Benin City
4131143Medna Secondary School, Benin City
4131144Ebe Foundation Secondary School, Benin City
4131145Malpha Education Centre, Benin City
4131146Better Life Secondary School, Benin City
4131147Eden City College, Benin City
4131148Nonpareil Secondary School, Benin City
4131149Crystal College, Benin City
4131150Star International School, Benin City
4131151Auntie Julie Secondary School, Ologbo
4131152Eminent Secondary School, Benin City
4131153Obey-Olise High School, Benin City
4131154Calvary High School, Benin City
4131155Success Secondary School, Aduwawa, Benin City
4131156Good Foundation Secondary School, Benin City
4131157Standard High School, Benin City
4131158Notre Dame Special Secondary School, Benin City
4131159Grace College, Ekae, Benin City
4131160Sacred Wealth High School, Benin City
4131161Legend Secondary School, Benin City
4131162Word Of Faith School, Benin City
4131163Loyola Secondary School, Benin City
4131164Harvard Secondary School, Benin City
4131165Oregbeni Estate Secondary School, Benin
4131166Luigi Tartaghno Catholic Secondary School, Benin
4131167Word Of Success Secondary School, Benin
4131168Basic Foundation Secondary School, Benin
4131169Stars Christian College, Benin
4131170Zion Comprehensive College, Benin
4131171Royal Climax College, Benin
4131172Rezheights High School, Benin
4131173Patricia Group Of Schools, Benin City
4131174Faithful Secondary School, Benin City
4131175Faithline Mixed Secondary School, Benin City
4131176Corporate High School, Benin City
4131177Christo Comprehensive College, Benin City
4131178Christ Mission Group Of Schools, Benin City
4131179Word Of Faith Secondary School, Benin City
4131180Saint Carol’s College, Benin City
4131181Prince Of Peace Academy, Benin City
4131182Peyo Education Centre, Ikpoba, Okha
4131183Igbinovia Secondary School, Benin City
4131184Unity Group Of Schools, Benin City
4131185Upward Christian Secondary School, Benin City
4131186King’s Onward College, Benin City
4131187Justice Secondary School, Benin City
4131188Holy Child Secondary School, Benin City
4131189Bedrock Secondary School, Benin City
4131190Nscia Comprehensive College, Benin City
4131191Christ Mandate Secondary School, Benin City
4131192Winrose Secondary School, Benin City
4131193Oman Christain Academy, Benin City
4131194Igho Secondary School, Benin City
4131195Forward Secondary School, Oka1, Benin City
4131197Denosa Demonstration Secondary School, Benin City
4131198Greatest Secondary School, Benin City
4131199Prime High School, Aduwawa, Benin City
4131201Edo College, Senior Secondary School, Benin City
4131202Immaculate Conception College, Benin City
4131203Anglican Girls’ Grammar School, Benin City
4131204Edokpolo Grammar School, Benin City
4131205Oredo Girls’ Senior Secondary School, Benin City
4131206Ihogbe College, Benin City
4131207Oba-Ewuare Grammar School, Benin City
4131208Emotan College, Benin City
4131209Iyekogba Grammar School, Iyekogba, Benin City
4131210Akenzua 11 Senior School, Benin City
4131211Baptist High School, Benin City
4131212Idia College, Benin City
4131213New Era College, Benin City
4131214Greater Tomorrow Secondary School, Benin City
4131215Holy Mary Comprehensive College, Benin City
4131216School Of Secondary Education, (i.c.e.) Benin City
4131217Saint Paul’s Minor Seminary, Benin City
4131218Midwest Secondary School, Benin City
4131219Word Of Faith College, Benin City
4131220Imaguero College, Benin City
4131221Paragon Comprehensive College, Benin City
4131222Lydia Secondary School, Benin City
4131223Travis Christian College, Benin City
4131224Garrick Memorial Secondary School, Benin City
4131225Coronet Secondary School, Benin City
4131226Agbeyegbe Creative Secondary School, Benin City
4131227Covenant Christian Academy, Benin-City
4131228Edokpolor Secondary School, Benin City
4131229Emmanuel Comprehensive College, Benin City
4131230Dynamic Secondary School, Benin City
4131231Liberation Academy Secondary School, Benin City
4131232Broadway Secondary School, Benin City
4131233Students’ Academy Secondary School, Benin City
4131234First Impression College, Benin City
4131235Rapid Success High School, Benin City
4131236Sunny Comprehensive College, Benin City
4131237High Tower College, Benin City
4131238Franej International High School, Benin City
4131239Newsky International Secondary School, Benin City
4131240Ceta International Secondary School, Benin City
4131241Phencos International Secondary School, Benin City
4131242Nigtingale Secondary School, Benin
4131243New Discovery School, Benin City
4131244Imperial College, Benin
4131245Nosakhare Model Education Centre, Benin City
4131246Merriken College, Benin City
4131247Ohis Secondary School, Benin City
4131248Unibound High School, Benin City
4131249Jatto Memorial Christian College, Benin City
4131250Oghosa Education Centre, Benin City
4131251Gaius Obaseki International High School, Benin City
4131252Tunland College, Benin City
4131253Faithland Secondary School, Benin City
4131254Progressive Secondary School, Benin City
4131255Divine Wisdom Educational Institute, Benin City
4131256Wider World High School, Benin City
4131257Ebenezer Secondary School, Benin City
4131258Negbenebor International School, Benin City
4131259Saint Mary Dedication High School, Benin City
4131260Kezia Secondary School, Benin City
4131261Passmaster Academy, Benin City
4131262Independence Secondary School, Benin City
4131263Favour Secondary School, Benin City
4131264Presely Secondary School, Benin City
4131265Eston College, Benin
4131266Triumph Secondary School, Benin City
4131267Auntie Rose Secondary School, Benin City
4131268Lilmak Secondary School, Benin City
4131269Libra College, Benin City
4131270Man Prof. High School, Benin City
4131271Diamond Scholars Academy, Benin City
4131272Elyon Education Centre, Benin City
4131273Topmost International College, Benin City
4131274Unprep Secondary School, Benin City
4131275Coltech Secondary School, Benin-City
4131276Paragon Demonstration School, Benin City
4131277Pioneer Secondary School, Benin City
4131278Unicent High School, Benin City
4131279Ighile Secondary School, Benin City
4131280Global Secondary School, Benin City
4131281Blue Dove Education Centre, Benin City
4131282Kiddies Kollege, Benin City
4131283Emmanuel Foundation Education Centre, Benin City
4131284Great Oxford International Group of Schools, Benin City
4131285Kids College Benin City
4131286Unifac High School Benin City
4131287Blessed Comprehensive College, Benin City
4131288Ogbe Secondary School, Benin City
4131289Precious Secondary School, Benin City
4131290Ascension Secondary School, New Benin, Benin City
4131291Iyobosa International School, Benin City
4131292Salvation Secondary School, 30 Oko-Ogba Rd., Benin City
4131293Royal City College, Benin
4131294Golan Heights Secondary School, Benin
4131295Praise College, Benin City
4131296Corinthians College, Benin City
4131297First Choice High School, Benin City
4131298Modellink Comprehensive College, Benin City
4131299St. Jude Academy, Benin City
4131301Ugo Grammar School, Ugo-Niyekorhiomwon
4131302Oheze Secondary School, Oloten
4131303Evboesi Mixed Secondary School, Evboesi
4131304Aibiokunla Grammar School, Abudu
4131305Mixed Secondary School, Ugboko Numagbae
4131306Obanosa Secondary School, Evbuobamsa
4131307Igbanke Grammar School, Igbanke
4131308Urhonigbe Grammar School, Urhonigbe
4131309Ugbeka College, Evboehighae
4131310Oza Grammar School, Oza
4131311Ogan Mixed Secondary School, Ogan
4131312Ugu Grammar School, Umoghunmu-Nokhua
4131313Mixed Secondary School, Okogbo
4131314Igbanke Mixed Secondary School, Igbanke
4131315Mixed Secondary School, Obozogbe-Niro
4131316Ugboko-Niro Mixed Secondary School, Ugboko-Niro
4131317Owe Mixed Secondary School, Owe
4131318Urhonigbe Mixed Secondary School, Urhonigbe
4131319Sokponba Mixed Secondary School, Sokpaonba
4131320Evbokabua Mixed Secondary School, Evbokabua
4131321Orogho Secondary School, Orogho
4131322Omolua Secondary School, Igbanke
4131323Iru Grammar School, Iru
4131324Ehengbuda Secondary School, Urhonige
4131325Stepping Stone International Secondary School, Ogan-Abudu
4131326Umoghun-Zuagbor Secondary School, Umoghun
4131327Nancy High School, Ugo, Niyekeorhionuwon
4131328Greater Height Secondary School, Abudu
4131329Wisdom Academy Secondary School, Oza
4131330High Standard Secondary School, Igbanke
4131331Girls’ Model Secondary School, Abudu
4131332Ecomark Comprehensive Secondary School, Abudu
4131333St. Johnbosco College, Ugo Niyekorhiomwon
4131334Pride College, Evbovemwen Via Abudu
4131335Royal Climax College, Obagie-Nozehe
4131336Oben Secondary School, Oben
4131337Supreme Educational Centre Secondary School, Igbanke
4131338Divine Knowledge Academy, Abudu.
4131339Zenith Modern Academy, Otobaye Ii.
4131340Mind Builders College, Abudu.
4131341God’s Favour Secondary School, Abudu.
4131342Ikobi Secondary School, Ikobi
4131343St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School, Abudu
4131344Esigie Comprehensive College, Abudu
4131345Fame High School, Evbobanosa
4131401Ihievbe Grammar School, Ihievbe
4131402Ikhin Mixed Secondary School, Ikhin
4131403Edeki Grammar School, Otuo
4131404Arokho Secondary School, Arokho
4131405Mixed Secondary School, Warrake
4131406Uokha Grammar School, Uokha
4131407Azama College, Otuo Azama
4131408Erah Grammar School, Erah
4131409Ikao Secondary School, Ikao
4131410Ivbiaro Secondary School, Ivbiaro
4131411Otugo Grammar School, Ake
4131412Evbiamen Grammar School, Evbiamen-Emai
4131413Okpokhumi Grammar School, Okpokhumi
4131414Saint James Grammar School, Afuze
4131415Hope Secondary School, Warrake
4131416Ase Secondary School, Afuze
4131417Napoly Secondary School, Ihievbe-Ogben
4131418Oboh International Secondary School, Ihievbe
4131419Abumere Grammar School, Afuze Emai
4131420His Majesty College, Amoya-Otuo
4131421Idodo Secondary School, Otuo
4131422Grocing Group Of Schools, Afuze-Enai
4131423Igue-Sale Secondary School, Igue Sale
4131424Mayfair Secondary School, Warake
4131425Irehietaohi College, Ivbiaro
4131426Rohis College, Afuze
4131427Dickson Williams Secondary School, Otuo
4131428Queen Maris College, Otuo
4131501Uhonmora Secondary Commercial School, Uhonmora
4131502Holy Trinity Grammar School, Sabongidda-Ora
4131503Ozalla Secondary Commercial School, Ozalla
4131504Okpuje Secondary School, Ivbieleke
4131505Oke Secondary School, Oke-Ora
4131506Luleha Grammar School, Ugboihen-Luleha
4131507Avbiosi Secondary School, Avbiosi
4131508Saint Mary Grammar School, Eme-Ora
4131509Uzebba Grammar School, Uzebba
4131510Sobe High School, Sobe
4131511Venerable Akinluyi Memorial College, Sabongidda-Ora
4131512Oje Reliance Secondary School, Avbiosi
4131513Egheomo Education Centre, Uzebba
4131514Unuata Secondary School, Ovbiokhuanrin-Ora
4131515Kins International College, Sabongida-Ora
4131516Evbo-Otokhai Secondary School, Ikhin
4131517Demag Secondary School, Uanhumi-Emai (Afuze)
4131518St. Daniel’s Secondary School, Sabongida-Ora
4131519Hem Secondary School, Benin
4131601Udo Mixed Secondary Commercial School, Udo
4131602Umaza Secondary School, Umaza
4131603Ugbogui Secondary School, Ugbogui
4131604Egbema Secondary School, Ofunama
4131605Urhezen Secondary School, Urhezen
4131606Nikrowa Grammar School, Nikrowa
4131607Iguobazuwa Grammar School, Iguobazuwa
4131608Elawure Grammar School, Usen
4131609Siluko Grammar School, Siluko
4131610Oba Ovnramwen Grammar School, Iguoriakhi
4131611Elaiho Grammar School, Iguelaiho
4131612Ajakurama Secondary School, Ajakurama
4131613Ighile Secondary School, Udo
4131614Gbelebu Secondary School, Gbelebu
4131615Frontline Vicob Secondary School, Igwobazuwa
4131616Millicent College, Marindoti
4131701Uhen Mixed Secondary Commercial School, Uhen
4131702Ise Grammar School, Utekon
4131703Ezomo College, Ora
4131704Ebomisi Secondary School, Ugbogiobo
4131705Utese Secondary School, Utese
4131706Iguedaiken Grammar School, Ekiadolor
4131707Ore-Nolomi Secondary School, Iguosodin, Nebugin
4131708Ugbine Secondary School, Ugbine
4131709Okokhuo Secondary School, Okokhuo
4131710Utoka Grammar School, Utoka
4131711Nifor Secondary School, Nifor
4131712Oghede Secondary School, Oghede
4131713Oba Erediauwa Secondary School, Obarenren
4131714Ogbesse Secondary School, Ogbesse
4131715Ekosodin Secondary School, Ekosodin
4131716Osasinmwin-Oba Secondary School, Osasinmwin-Oba
4131717Okada Grammar School, Okada
4131718Odighi Grammar School, Odighi
4131719Ughoton Secondary School, Ekewan
4131720Iguadolor Secondary School, Iguadolor
4131721Army Day Secondary School, Ekehuan
4131722Army Day Secondary School, Ogbowo
4131723St. David’s Boys’ Model Secondary School, Benin City
4131724Nifor Academy Secondary School, Uwan, Nifor
4131725Cambridge College, Benin City
4131726Excellence Secondary School, Benin City
4131727Rosa Mystica Catholic College, Egbeta
4131728Learning Field Royal Academy, Iguosa, Benin City
4131729Magdon Comprehensive College, Nifor
4131730Excel Foundation Secondary School,Uwa, Nifor
4131731Apex Secondary School, Benin City
4131732Igbinosa Secondary School, Benin City
4131733Jubilee Academy Secondary School, Isiohor, B/City
4131734Ogua Secondary School, Ogua
4131735Imafidon Comprehensive College, Benin City
4131736Highers Wisdom Academy, Igue-Iheya Qtrs, Isior, Benin City
4131737Oboh Secondary (Senior) School, Iguoboh
4131738Treasure Christian College, Igue-Keya, Benin City
4131739Bethany Christian Academy, Ekosidin, Benin City
4131740Evidence College, Benin City
4131741Faith Immaculate College, Evbomore
4131742Mayor College, Benin-City
4131743Leaders College, Benin City
4131744Word Of Faith Schools, Ekehuan, Benin City
4131745Chrisida Educational Centre, Benin City
4131746Intellect Secondary School, Igue-Iheta Qtrs, Benin
4131747Young Scholars Academy, Benin-City
4131748Ikpiti Grammar School, Gebegele, Benin
4131749Royal Exalt Secondary School, Egbaed Quarters Benin
4131750Owan Secondary School, Owan
4131801Egba Grammar School, Egba Heights, Egba
4131802Ugieghudu Grammar School, Ugieghudu
4131803Umagbae Grammar School, Adumagbae
4131804Edaiken Grammar School, Okhuaihe
4131805Oke Mixed Secondary School, Oke-Irhue
4131806Ugenoba Mixed Secondary School, Ugonoba
4131807Elaiho Grammar School, Eguaehaor-Isi
4131808Oghada Grammar School, Oghada
4131809Ehor Grammar School, Ehor
4131810Uhi Grammar School, Uhi
4131811Igieduma Grammar School, Igieduma
4131812Orhua Mixed Secondary School, Orhua
4131813Ugiamwen Secondary School, Ugiamwen
4131814Obadan Mixed Secondary School, Obadan
4131815Aiwerioba-Ogiugo Grammar School, Ugoneki
4131816Egbede Community Grammar School, Uvbe
4131817Iguomon Secondary School, Iguomon
4131818Ugha-Obagie Mixed Secondary School, Ugha
4131819Eyaen Secondary School, Eyaen Benin City
4131820Urhokuosa Mixed Secondary School, Urhokuosa
4131821Eagle Secondary School, Benin
4131822Iguobe Mixed Secondary School, Iguobe
4131823Victory Secondary School, Ekor
4131824Paulson Foundation Secondary School, Benin City
4131825Divine Dominion Secondary School, Benin City
4131826Brain Touch Academy, Uvbe Town
4131827Christ The Winners Schools, Benin Auchi Rd., Benin City
4131828Marvel Educational Centre, Benin City
4131829Evergreen Group Of Schools, Benin-City
4131830Zenith Model Education Centre, Igbogiri
4132001Izekor Secondary School, Benin City
4132002Jossy Wisdom Secondary School, Benin City
4132003Osayi Secondary School, Benin City
4132004Standard Foundation Secondary School, Benin City
4132005Fountain Secondary School, Benin City
4132006Brilliance Stars Education Centre, Benin City
4132007Brano High School, Benin City
4132008Unibest International High School, Benin City
4132009Royal Devine College, Benin City
4132010Jubille Secondary School, Benin City
4132011Oxford Scholar Academy Secondary School, Benin City
4132012Pace-Setter Academy Secondary School, Benin City
4132013Christlight Secondary School, Uselu, Benin City
4132014Ab Education Centre, Benin City
4132015Key To Success Education College,Benin City
4132016Josa Academy Secondary School, Benin City
4132017Holyland Demonstration Secondary School, Benin City
4132018Salvation Academy Secondary School, Benin City
4132019Highland Comprehensive College, Ugbowo
4132020Standard High School, Egor, Benin City
4132021Ransford Education Centre, Benin City
4132022Iyobo Aibuoefe Academy Secondary School, Benin City.
4132023True Dreams Christian College, Benin City.
4132024Liberty Secondary School, Benin City.
4132025Powerline Academy, Uselu, Benin City
4132026New Waves Preparetory College, Benin City.
4132027Truth Comprehensive College, Benin City.
4132028Discovery Demonstration College, Benin City.
4132029Greater Star Secondary School, Benin City
4132030Ase-Osa Hope Foundation School, Ugbigbokho, Benin City
4132031Mediatrix University Preparatory College, Benin City
4132032Dominion City Academy, Benin City
4132033St. Jamver Education Centre, Benin City
4132034Passmark Secondary School, Benin City
4132035Catholac Comprehensive College, Benin City
4132036Learnwell Model Secondary School, Benin City
4132037Basic Academy, Mechanic Village, Uguikpe-Egor
4132038Corporate Academy, Egor
4132039Evanmon Secondary Education Centre, Egot
4132040Oxonian Grand Academy, Benin City
4132041Aideyan Memorial Academy, Benin City
4132042Ralph Education Centre Secondary School, Benin City
4132043Noma Academy Secondary School, Benin City
4132044Modest Comprehensive Secondary School, Benin City
4132045New Stars Preparatory Secondary School, Benin City
4132046Holy Rock High School, Benin-City
4132047Diligent Excellent Academy, Benin City
4132048Greater Faith Academy, Benin City
4132049Great Oxford Secondary School, Egor
4132050Divine Redemption Academy, Benin
4132051New Camp College, Benin
4132052Authentic Touch Academy, Benin
4132053Hallmark High School, Benin City
4132054Great Messiah Secondary School, Benin City
4132055Dayspring Secondary School, Benin-City
4132056Faith In Word Secondary School, Benin-City
4132057Excellent Education Centre, Benin-City
4132058Light And Love Education Centre, Benin City
4132059Columbia Secondary School, Benin-City
4132060Hope Group Of Schools, Benin-City
4132061Hannah High School, Benin-City
4132062Ubth Staff Secondary School, Ugbowo, Benin-City
4132063Government Science And Technical College, Benin
4132064Jafield High School, Benin
4132065Joyland Secondary School, Benin
4132901Tunlad Secondary School, Benin City
4132902Oka Secondary School, Oka
4132903Password College, Benin
4132904Christ Covenant College, Benin
4132905Golden Foundation College, Benin
4132906Obasuyi College, Obayantor
4132907Edo Demonstration High Sscool, Benin City
4132908Gloria Secondary School, Ikpoba Hill
4132909St. Rita’s Comprehensive High School, Off Upper Sakpoba, Benin City
4132910United Secondary School, Benin City
4132911Destiny Academy, Benin City
4132912Solid Apex Educational Centre, Benin City.
4132913Royal Comprehensive College, Benin City.
4132914Aunty Rose Mixed Secondary School, Benin City.
4132915Genesis Education Foundation, Benin City
4132916Peace Foundation School, Benin City
4132917Ruth Secondary School, Benin City
4132918Emmetebunor College, Benin City
4132919Praise Academy, Benin City
4132920Bissam Secondary School, Benin-City
4132921Axxess Foundation Secondary School, Benin-City
4132922Joseph Itotoh Memorial Secondary School, Benin-City
4132923Brain Builders International Group Of Schools, Benin City
4132924Golden Gate International Group Of Schools, Benin City
4132925Dominion International Secondary School, Benin
4132926Ever Precious Secondary School, Benin City
4132927Green Park Academy Benin-City
4132928Glovic Secondary School, Benin-City
4132929St. Mulumba Girls Secondary School, Benin-City
4132930Cream Crest Secondary School, Benin City
4132931Dorcas Secondary School, Benin-City
4132932God’s Grace Educational Centre, Evboriaria
4132933Parent’s Pride International High School, Benin
4132934Learning Field Academy, Benin
4132935Bright Stars Schools, Oghodo, Benin
4132936Milkflo Schools, Urora, Benin
4132937Ajoki Secondary School, Ajoki
4132938Mary Lucky Comprehensive College, Benin City
4132939Mount Cedar Education Centre Benin
4132940Kris High School, Benin
4132941Word Of Truth High School, Benin-City
4132942Word Of God Group Of Schools, Benin-City
4132943Mesh Secondary School, Benin
4132944Divine Providence Education Centre, Benin
4132945Peakest International School, 5, Akin-Edu Street, Off, Nnpc, Benin
4133001Winners Foundation Secondary School, Benin City
4133002Phelim High School, Benin City
4133003Fortune High School, Benin City
4133004Aihie International High School, Benin City
4133005Osa-Osula Secondary School, Benin City
4133006Swift Educational Centre, Benin City.
4133007Odunamen Foundation School, G.R.A. , Benin City.
4133008Elite Demonstration College, Benin City.
4133009Blue Print Academy, Benin City.
4133010Omo Group Of Schools, Benin City.
4133011Turning Point High School, Benin City
4133012El-Shadai Academy, Benin City
4133013Lucia Private School, Ewah Road, Benin City
4133014Freedom Assembly Secondary School, Benin City
4133015Ywca Secondary School, Benin City
4133016Bay-Flowers Inter School, Benin City
4133017Epitome College, Benin-City
4133018Omonigho Student Academy, Benin-City
4133019Divine Climax Education Centre, Benin City
4133020Southern Academy, Benin City
4133021Amena International Secondary School, Benin City
4133022Newton Education Centre, Benin City
4133023Ojomoh Education Centre Benin-City
4133024Pame Secondary School, Benin
4133025Rising Hope Academy, Ugbor, Benin
4133026New Benin Baptist Secondary School, Benin- City
4133027Wisdom Gate International College, Benin-City
4133028Christ Model Academy Secondary School, Benin
4133029Sacred Heart High School, Evbukhu
4133030Inomwan Foundation Secondary School, Benin-City
4133031Rosie Marie International; School, Benin-City
4133032Chinel Universal Academy, Ekenwan, Benin City

The Approved Waec Centers Number in Benin city and the 2023 WAEC Examination Centre Numbers are officially announced. If you register your Waec center in Benin City and you misplaced your Waec examination number don’t be scared for all the Waec Approved Centers in Edo State are mentioned here.

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  • 4131738Treasure Christian College, Igue-Keya, Benin City, please i need this school contact thanka.

  • 4131738Treasure Christian College, Igue-Keya, Benin City, please i need this school contact thanks.

  • Pls, I need the contact for learning Field royal academy, benin city, i really need ur help, I passed out year 2009, and I need their contact to reach the school

  • Please I need the contact address of 4130257 goberts secondary school benin city I pass out 2012 I need the new address of the school.

  • Please I need the contact address of 4130257 goberts secondary school benin city I pass out 2012 I need the new address of the school.

  • Please I need the contact address of 4130257 goberts secondary school benin city I pass out 2012 I need the new address of the school.

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