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If you asking for Invigilator duties or differences between Invigilator and Supervisor? Is Supervisor the same with Invigilator? If they are not the same what are their duties? All these answers are provided here, Let’s check the meaning of Invigilator.

Who Is An Invigilator Or Supervisor?

A simple definition of Exam Invigilator or Exam Supervisor is a person who is elected by the examination council body to maintain proper conduct during an exam which is in agreement with the exam management or regulation.

The expectation of Invigilator duties or supervisor duties is to make sure that exam candidates are under proper watch in other for them not to indulge in cheating during the examination stop.

This supervisor or invigilator makes sure the rules that are governing the exam are carried out without any impartial judgment towards the candidates writing the exam because all candidates are equal under the same exam condition.

Any invigilator who is elected to fill that position earns trust and integrity from the exam council board to conduct the examination in the exact manner of agreement with the instruction from the “Examination Council Body”. They have passed through some screening and tests before they are elected.

The words Supervisor or Invigilator are the same but a little different when it comes to carrying out their duties during the examination day.

Duties Of  An Invigilator or Supervisor

  • They are the ones who set up the candidate examination numbers, booklets, examination papers, stationery, and equipment at desks in accordance with strict procedures.
  • They put into practice the exam rules and regulations and remain observant throughout the examination time.
  • Helping the candidates before, during, and after the examination by directing them to their seats, advising them about possessions permitted at examination venues, dealing with queries raised by candidates, etc.
  • Invigilating carefully, making sure that candidates do not talk inside examination venues, and also responding to any examination irregularities immediately.
  • They make sure attendance during examinations, record details of late arrivals, and ensure that proper seating plans are followed.
  • Escorting candidates during water breaks or washroom breaks as required and detecting any unauthorized materials inside the examination hall.
  • Delivering and collecting scripts carefully at the start and end of the examination in accordance with strict examination procedures.
  • Assisting with the packing of examination scripts, stationery, and other equipment from the examination venues.
  • They make sure candidates are checked before and after leaving the examination venues in a  manner way and ensure that candidates do not remove equipment or stationery from the examination venue without the permission of the authority.

The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) Board has complained about the rate at which examination malpractice among students is getting high, which has made them publish names of students, supervisors, and schools who are involved and also sanction them.

So as a Supervisor or Invigilator you need to know some basic rules and regulations that govern the Waec examination in other for you not to fall victim to wrong invigilating.

What Is the Duty Of An Invigilator or Supervisor In The West African Examination Council?

  • Strict silence must be observed on entering the examination hall and during the examination.
  •  Candidates should report to the examination hall/room at least 30 minutes before the time indicated on the timetable
  • That candidate should occupy the place assigned to him/her in the examination hall. This will have the Name, Student Membership Number (SMN), and corresponding Seat Numbers of the students on the examination tables.
  • No candidate shall enter the examination hall/room more than half an hour after the start of the examination. In exceptional cases, the candidate should secure permission from the invigilator who will report the circumstances to the supervisor.
  • No candidate will be allowed to leave the examination hall/room permanently until half an hour after the start of the examination.
  • Candidates are to have in their possession their identification cards since these would be checked by the invigilators.
  • A Candidate who happens to misplace his/her ID during the exam’s period shall inform the Supervisors. The supervisors shall communicate the information to the Main CIB office for authentication and a duplicate ID shall be issued where necessary to allow the student to continue to sit for the rest of the examinations.
  • Candidates shall not take books, papers, or written information of any kind to the examination hall/room unless they are specifically requested to do so. No scribbling paper or anything that can be passed from one candidate to another is allowed. Rough work and calculations must be done in the answers booklet and then crossed through to show that they are not part of the answers. Candidates should not copy the questions into their answer booklets.
  • It shall be the candidates’ responsibility to provide for themselves such materials as pen, pencil, eraser, ruler, calculator for the examination. Borrowing of these materials will not be allowed. Candidates are to ensure that they are given the right question paper and other material(s) needed for the examination.
  •  Candidates are to use their index numbers throughout the examination. Candidates are particularly asked to read the instructions in the question papers before answering the questions. It is most important for candidates to write their index numbers correctly on all their examination papers.
  •  On receipt of the answer booklet, candidates should carefully read the instructions on the front cover of the answer booklet and enter their index numbers and other details as required.
  • Candidates may leave the examination room/hall temporarily only with the express permission of the invigilator.
  • Any candidate leaving an examination room/hall and intending to return shall be accompanied.
  • Mobile phones, smartwatches, and similar electronic devices are not allowed in the examination room/hall.
  •  Hearing aid: Candidates with hearing disabilities may with permission of the supervisor, be allowed to bring a hearing aid into the Examination Hall/room.
  •  Candidates would be told by the invigilator(s) when to start answering the questions. Candidates would be allowed 15 minutes of reading time.
  • No communication whatsoever, between candidates, is permitted during the examination. A candidate may attract the attention of the invigilator by raising his/her hand.
  • As soon as the “STOP WORK” order is announced, candidates are to stop writing. Candidates should remain seated for their answer booklets to be collected by the invigilator/invigilation assistant before they leave the examination hall/room. Candidates have personal responsibility for ensuring that their answer booklets are collected by the invigilator/invigilation assistant.
  • At the end of each examination, candidates should ensure that the order in which questions are answered is entered in the space provided on the answer booklet. All used supplementary sheets should be fastened following the last page of the booklets.
  •  At the end of each examination, candidates should not take away any used or unused answer booklets or any material supplied for the examination apart from the question paper.
  • The examination question paper will only be allowed to be taken out 30 minutes to the end of the examination.
  • Tearing question paper or answer booklets during the examination is an offense.


(1) Where a candidate is apprehended for offense (s) such as those listed below inside or outside the examination hall, the candidate’s result in the entire examination shall be withheld pending cancellation of the entire results by the appropriate Committee of Council.

(a) Stealing, covering, or misappropriating the script(s) of other candidates

(b) Substituting worked scripts during or after the examination

(c) Seeking or receiving help from non-candidates (s) such as Invigilator(s), Supervisor(s), Teacher(s) or other personalities during the examination.

(2) Where the person giving help is not a candidate for the examination in session but a prospective candidate, he/she shall be barred from taking any examination conducted by the Council for one year and will also be reported to the appropriate authority for disciplinary action to be taken against him/her. In addition to the

above action, the candidate’s entire results shall be withheld pending cancellation
by the appropriate Committee of Council.

(3) Where a candidate is apprehended for offense (s) such as those listed below inside or outside the examination hall, the candidate’s entire results shall be withheld pending cancellation of the results of the subject by involved the appropriate Committee of Council.

(a) Tearing part of the question paper or answer booklet during the examination;
(b) Refusing to submit worked scripts to the Supervisor after the examination; (c) Starting to write an examination before commencement of work is
officially announced OR continuing to write after official orders have been given for candidates to stop work;

(d) Other irregular activities within the immediate precincts of the examination hall before, during or after the examination.


For you to be able to apply as WAEC Examiners Invigilator you will need to Possess a minimum of first degree or its equivalent in a field related to the subject he/she wishes to examine and Have a minimum of two years post- NYSC teaching experience preferably in a Senior Secondary School.

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