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WAEC Mock Examination
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WAEC Mock Examination is now available for all candidates who are writing the upcoming 2024 WAEC EXAM. The West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) Board will also conduct a mock examination in all the accredited CBT centers to prepare and familiarise INTERESTED Candidates with the CBT environment.

If you’re curious about what WAEC Mock is and how it works, you’re in the right place! This simple guide will explain what WAEC Mock is, give you the lowdown on this year’s mock exam, and answer common questions about it.


WAEC Mock Exam is like a practice test organized by the West African Examinations Council before the main exams. It helps students get ready for the real WAEC EXAM, giving them a chance to practice and improve before the actual West African Examinations.

When did the WAEC Mock Exam Start or introduced? The WAEC Mock Exam Started in the year 2024, It was introduced to all the students who are getting ready to take the upcoming WAEC exams.

Key Points to Remember About WAEC Mock Exam 2024:

  1. WAEC mock is optional, but it offers several benefits for those who choose to participate as a preparation guide.
  2. WAEC mock exam questions are not repeated in the main West African Examinations Council (WAEC).
  3. The primary aim of the WAEC Mock Exam 2024 is to help candidates become familiar with the WAEC CBT mode.
  4. Participating in the WAEC mock exam 2024 is not a mandatory requirement for taking the Main WAEC Examination this year.
  5. The result or grade from your WAEC mock in 2024/2025 will not be included in your overall West African Examinations Council grade.
  6. If you initially planned to take the WAEC mock exam but changed your mind later, there are no consequences.
  7. There is no penalty for not participating in the WAEC mock exam after registration, and missing it won’t affect your overall performance.
  8. Importantly, the WAEC mock examination is entirely free of charge
Waec Mock Exam

Waec Mock Exam

Why WAEC Mock Exam 2024 is Important:

  • Learn WAEC Style: The mock gives you a sneak peek into how West African Examinations Council (WAEC) questions are presented.
  • Get Used to Questions: It helps you get used to the way WAEC asks questions, making you more comfortable with the exam style.
  • Check Your Readiness: The mock exam checks how ready you are for the real WAEC Examination.
  • Practice with Computers: It’s a chance to practice using computers for the exam, which is important.
  • Know the Exam Setting: WAEC mock lets you experience the Computer-Based Testing (CBT) environment, so you’re not surprised on the actual exam day
Waec Mock Examination 2024

Waec Mock Examination 2024

For those interested in the WAEC MOCK exam, it’s recommended to express your interest during registration, especially if you register early.

The WAEC MOCK exam is scheduled for Tuesday, January 23rd, and Wednesday 24th, 2024. If you plan to take the mock, make sure to have a smartphone.

It’s important to note that no group or organization is allowed to conduct a mock exam on behalf of WAEC. So, if you’re keen on the mock, be sure to indicate your interest during the registration process.

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