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WAEC past questions 2023
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WAEC past questions 2023 are available for all the candidates who are preparing for the upcoming WAEC Examination for free.

If you are in your final year and preparing for the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination which is conducted by Waec Board and you are asking for the latest Waec Past questions for 2023/2024 kindly check here below for we released all the Waec past questions which are easily repeated by the West African Examination Council (WAEC).

Waec past questions pdf on a particular subject is available for download and is free. The Waec past questions pdf will guide you to know the type of questions you are going to see and also some repeated questions. Our forum is still open for all the WASSCE candidates who wish to get all the latest information on Waec and answers.



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Sample Of Waec English Language Paper 1 Past Questions For 2023/2024

1. Write a letter to the Minister of Works in your country complaining about the deplorable condition of the roads in your area and the effects this has on the lives of your people.

This is a formal letter of complaint to the Minister of Works in the candidate’s country. The candidate is required to complain about the deplorable conditions of the roads in his area and discuss the effects of this on the lives of his people. There were many good attempts on this question as the candidates had no problem in spelling out the poor nature of the roads.

One obvious shortcoming, however, is that some of the candidates wrote on the deplorable conditions of roads in their country instead of their area and as such, could not link the effects intimately with the lives of the people. Such a link is an important aspect of the question.

2. You are the Chief Speaker in a debate on the topic: Television has done more harm than good. Write your speech for or against the topic.


As the Chief Speaker in a debate, the candidate is required to write his speech for or against the proposition that “the Television has done more harm than good”. Candidates were expected to take a stand and discuss at least three arguments for a good mark.
Attempts on this question were few and largely unsatisfactory. The ideas were disjointed and the candidates’ stand was not sufficiently clear.


3. Write a story to illustrate the saying: The early bird catches the worm


The candidate is required to write a story that illustrates the saying: “The early bird catches the worm”. In many cases, the attempts on this question did not show any understanding of the saying.

Sample Of  WAEC Biology Past Question Paper 1 For 2023/2024

1. (a) State one function of each of the following structures

(i) Arteries;
(ii) Capillaries;
(iii) Veins;
(iv) Xylem;
(v) Phloem. [5 marks]

(b) Described the changes that take place in the composition of human
blood as it passes through the:
(i) Lungs;
(ii) Liver;
(iii) Kidney;
(iv) Small intestine. [12 marks]

(c) List the cellular components of blood. [3 marks]

2. (a) What is transpiration? [3 marks]

(b) (i) Name two types of transpiration. [2 marks] (ii) List four factors that affect the rate of transpiration. [4 marks]

(c) Describe the mechanisms of opening and closing of the stomata. [7 marks]

(d) State:
(i) two similarities and
(ii) two differences between transpiration and sweating. [4 marks]

3.(a)       What are hormones?                                                                          [3 marks] (b)       In a tabular form, state four differences between nervous coordination and hormonal coordination in humans.                                                                                                           [4 marks]

(c)       State three effects each of:
(i)         Over-secretion;
(ii)        Under-secretion of thyroxin on mammals.                           [6 marks]

(d).      Make a diagram 10 – 12 cm long of the reflex arc and label fully.  [7 marks]

WAEC Past Questions Theory For Mathematics

1. Simply  , leaving the answer in surd form (radicals)

i. If 124n= 232five, find

Question 3
i. Solve the simultaneous equations:

ii. A man drives from Ibadan to Oyo, a distance of 48 in 45 minutes.  If he drives at 72  where the surface is good and 48  where it is bad, find the number of kilometers of good surface.











WAEC past questions 2023

WAEC past questions 2023

Inthe Venn diagram, P, Q and R are subsets of the universal set U.
                     If n(U)  = 125, find:

  • the value of x;
  • n(PÈQÇR’)

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