WAEC e-REGISTRATION FORM FOR 2O23/2024 For All Waec Candidates

2022 Waec data processing Questions
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WHAT IS WAEC e-REGISTRATION? The Education system is changing day by day in which every academic sector is upgrading, so the West African Examinations Council has decided to upgrade to the trending update.

The introduction of the Waec e-Registration System is a user-friendly online registration package for the West African Senior School Certificate Examination and also to stop other ghost candidates. It allows schools to register their candidates online early before time through the Internet.

Waec e-registration service makes registration easier for the schools and also eliminates errors in registration information which are hitherto made on paper and only detected while processing the paper forms by WAEC. Such documents as Timetable and Syllabus for the examination could easily be printed or downloaded by the School Authorities.

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Actually then, anyone can decide to write waec anytime they feel like, even those ones that fail always have the quick option to re-enrol when they found out that their result is not good the following year without wasting time. So it said that anyone can decide to choose any secondary school as their examination centre. You don’t really need to be a student there.
All you need to do is go to the centre when Waec registration 2022 started and indicate your interest that was then,  but now this Waec e-registration is a method they want to use to stop it. Been that if you are not a student of that academic session and you didn’t enrol for the Waec e-registration definitely you can’t seat for the Waec Examination.

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This manual for Waec e-registration covers the following details which are necessary such as:

    • Payment for the examination
      Identification of Examination Officer
    • Registration of Candidates
      Reviewing/Editing of Candidates’ Information
    • Generation of Examination Numbers
      Downloading of Information
      Offline Registration

If you want to register for the Waec e-Registration, you are at the right place because Nkedugist is here to guide you on how to do the registration.

      • Visit http://www.waeconline.org.ng/register/
waec e-registration

waec e-registration

      • Enter your username and password and click login, if you don’t have an account click on create an account
      • Click on the “May/June Examinations” icon.
      • Your school will have to sign in as a new user.
      • The examination enters the necessary details like centre number, candidate Waec passport, subject of candidates, name and surname of candidates.
      • Click on the “Checkbox” by the affirmation statement to affirm that all the entries including the attached passport photograph are correct.
      • You can then download the syllabus, timetable and registration template.
      • Then the registration process continues.

NOTE: For a School Principal/Examination Officer to use the e-Registration Website as a new user, the school must have procured the Online Registration Scratch Card or Pay Voucher from the WAEC Zonal/Branch Office in charge of his/her State. The Examination Officer could then use the PIN (Personal Identification Number) on the Scratch Card or Pay Voucher to sign up as a new user.



Waec Office always has a fixed stamp fee to purchase the form from them but schools especially private schools add up some amount of money to it, Different schools charge different registration fees for candidates. It is no news that many schools in Nigeria (especially private secondary schools) charge up to 50,000 naira and even above for waec registration in their respective centres.

The fixed price by Waec is less than #18,000. It is advisable you go to centres that charge less but if you can’t kindly get it from your school that have a centre you should also note that miracle centres charge higher for Waec registration.

But one thing you must note is that you could be charged more than the bonafide students. Schools are fond of charging external candidates more registration fees than internal candidate reason is that you are not their students but rather outsiders seeking help from the school. 5th February 2023 and ends March 26th 2023

N:B  waec e-registration closing date is 26th March 2023. However, Deadlines may be extended.
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When is Waec e-Registration starting for 2023/3024?

If you are asking when is the 2023 e-Registration start? Then you are on the right page because the Registration for Waec 2023 will begin on 5th February 2023 and Waec would hold from May to June 2022. All candidates are expected to thumbprint the moment they are been registered.

Is Waec Registration Still on for 2023?

Actually, the Registration is the pre-collection of data from candidates, so Note that the Waec e-registration closing date is March 2022. However, Deadlines may be extended, till the middle of February. kindly subscribe to our website.

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  • our Principal have not mention anything to us concerning waec not to talk the cost implication.
    Sir/Madam, what do I do
    1. To know the cost of registration
    2. To know attractive way out since may parents cannot afford registration in private school
    3. To know the deadline for 2020/2021 may, June
    I will be very grateful remain bless

    • Some candidates are in quick motion to know the actual amount, the thing is that different schools pay different registration costs for candidates. It is no news that numerous schools in Nigeria (especially private secondary schools) pay up to 50,000 Naira and even above for waec registration in their respective centres.

      The common price fixed by Waec is less than #12,000. it is recommended you go to centres that pay less. You should additionally note that miracle centres pay higher for Waec registration.

      Kindly check this link out for all the questions you asked is been answered in that link

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