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Waec Syllabus for Marketing 2022 is now available, candidates preparing for Waec 2022 are advised to download the latest Waec Syllabus 2022 in other to get prepared ahead of the forthcoming Waec Examination.

The Waec Syllabus for Marketing 2022 will help candidates pinpoint their reading or studies towards better topics and courses that will be set for the 2022 Waec examination.

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S/NOTOPICS                                          NOTES
1Introduction to Marketing  (a)  Meaning;

(b) Explanation of basic terms in marketing:    needs, wants, demands, product, exchange, transactions, and markets,

(c)  Brief history of marketing in Nigeria;

(d)  Functions of marketing.

2Marketing Concepts (a)   Meaning;

(b)  Various marketing concepts (production, product, selling, marketing and societal marketing).

 3Marketing Mix and Marketing Environment     (a)  Meaning;

(b)   Elements (4 Ps);

(c)i  Explain Marketing Environment

(c)ii Factors affecting marketing environment:

–          political;

–          cultural;

–          religious;

–          economic;

–          technological;

–          social.

4.Products  (a)   Meaning;

(b)  Classification (Industrial goods, consumer goods,

services, primary and secondary products and mineral

products-oil and non oil;

(c)  Distinctions between classes of products.

(d)  Product Design*

5.Markets     (a)  Meaning;

(b)  Classification:

–           Consumer;

–           Organization (industrial, reseller and government)

6.Consumer and Organizational Behaviour (a)  Meaning;

(b)  Influencing factors;

(c)    Decision process in logical order

7.Marketing Planning and Research(a)i   Meaning, process and importance;

ii  Elements of marketing planning;

iii Information required for marketing planning

(b)  Reasons for marketing planning and research.

(c) Utilization of feedback

8Pricing(a)  Meaning;

(b)i Strategies  (haggling, cost-plus, demand and


ii Application of strategies*

(c)  Price determinants.


9Advertising(a)  Definition;

(b)  Functions;

(c)  Media – meaning, types, advantages, and disadvantages.

(d) Production of sample adverts*

10Sales Promotion(a)   Meaning and Functions;

(b)  Forms –  price-off, coupons, salesmen competition,

loyalty schemes, premium offers, trade-in-allowance,

sampling, training schemes, and merchandise incentives.

11Merchandising(a)  Meaning;

(b)   Elements (packaging, branding and labeling)

(C)   Influencing factors;

(d)   Functions.

12Distribution(a)   Definition;

(b)   Channels of distribution (definition and types)

(c)  Factors influencing the choice of distribution channels

(d)   Functions of channel members.

13Transportation(a)   Meaning, mode, choice and importance;

(b)  Documents used in transportation;

(c)  Factors affecting the choice of transportation

14Warehousing(a)  Meaning, types, and functions.

(b)  Activities in the warehouse

15Market Unions and Facilitators(a)   Market Unions (Meaning and types)

(b)   Roles of Market Unions in local markets;

(c)   Market Facilitators – meaning, types, and roles.

16International Marketing(a)  Meaning, importance/reasons, and methods of engaging in international marketing,

(b)   Influencing factors;

(c)  Guiding rules and regulations;

17ICT in Marketing(a)  E-Marketing (electronic marketing) – meaning, , importance, uses, ethics, and abuses.
18Entrepreneurship in Marketing(a)   Meaning of entrepreneurship and entrepreneur;

(b)   Sources of funds;

(c)   Factors affecting the location of a market outlet;

(d)   Management of market outlets – purchase and supply of goods and services;

(e)   Selling and bargaining skills;

Summary of Marketing Waec Syllabus 2022

For all Waec Candidates, The West African Senior School Certificate Examination has officially released the Waec Syllabus for Marketing 2022, kindy Download the Waec Syllabus for Marketing.

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