Waec vs Neco Examination and Certificate – Which One Is Better?

Waec vs Neco
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Waec vs Neco which one is better? Hello, I trust you are doing fine and having a great day. If you’re on this page it is because of a reason which has been troubling you ever since you are in SS2 to SS3. If we are right, then this article is for you.

We are going to make everything so short and brief, we are not going to bore you with our write-up. This page is mainly for comparison of the Waec Vs Neco Exam for all External Exam Candidates.

All the candidates are eligible to take the Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE) but because of financial challenges then you are left with an option to select one and that is why you are confused about which examination to register for, WAEC or NECO.

You have to know that before you can gain admission into any of the higher institutions, you must provide a certificate to show that you have passed out from your senior secondary school and the certificate you will present to them is either WAEC or NECO. This brings us back to today’s issues such as

  • WAEC VS NECO which one is approved or better to apply for admission?
  • Certificate Quality Between WAEC and NECO
  • Disadvantages of NECO
  • Disadvantages Of Waec
  • Advantages of Waec over Neco
  • Is Neco Harder than Waec
  • Importance of Neco
  • Waec and Neco 2023

WAEC VS NECO Which One Is Approved or Better to Apply For Admission?

If you are living In Nigeria, by now you should be to know the differences between WAEC and NECO Examination and if you don’t know the differences then we are here to explain.

In Nigeria, there are two major bodies of the council that is responsible for organizing senior secondary school examinations in the country, and there has been a constant debate about which one is better- WAEC or NECO.

So to summarise the function between WAEC and NECO differences, the WAEC (West African Examination Council) operates and sets exam questions for African countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Loane, Cameroon e.t.c While NECO (National Examination Council Organization) operates, and sets exam questions for only Nigeria candidates.

In conclusion, WAEC is an international examination body council that cuts across five English-speaking countries in West Africa. Neco is a local Examination Body Council that operates within the country of Nigeria.

The answer to this question WAEC VS NECO Which One Is Approved or Better to Apply For Admission in Nigeria? WAEC is preferred to NECO when it comes to applying for admission to any of the Nigeria Universities. Those with WAEC are considered first when they are given admission to the university before NECO candidates and that is the bitter truth.

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Certificate Quality Between WAEC and NECO

If you’ve been asking similar questions, like which certificate is better? Both Certificate are better, but WAEC certificate is more better.

Reasons is because, if you have an opportunity to travel to study abroad for higher degrees the certificate you will be require is your WAEC Certificate and not NECO, if some African will also request it from you. NECO CERTIFICATES ENDS IN NIGERIA.

Disadvantages of NECO

  • NECO exam questions are less difficult than WAEC questions and this makes it easier to pass.
  • NECO don’t provides candidates with the proper infrastructure needed to write their exams. For instance, WAEC provides KAPEK calculators which also consist of a complete mathematical set to every single candidate after they have registered for any of their exams.
  • NECO is not mainy organised in times of security and Superversor
  • You can’t use your NECO CERTIFICATE to study in any of the countries, which means NECO is invalid in another countries, when applying for universities admission.

Disadvantages Of WAEC

  • WEAC Registration fees are so costly than NECO. The extorting of money from WAEC candidates is really something else both for registration and the main examination.
  • The Waec security is like where a criminal is been chased by millitary force.
  • There is more pressure on the candidates
  • There is much of WAEC result failures and witheld results.

Advantages of Waec over Neco

  • The fact is, WAEC is more recognized and accepted in countries, unlike NECO which is limited to Nigeria only.
  • You can use your WAEC result to apply for some scholarships abroad whereas, your NECO results are likely to be declined.
  • WAEC provides its candidates with the infrastructure needed to write their exams. For instance, WAEC provides KAPEK calculators which also consist of a complete mathematical set to every single candidate after they have registered for any of their exams. This is not always the case with NECO.

Is Neco Harder than Waec

The answer to the question is that NECO is not harder than WAEC. Reasons is because NECO questions are more of direct questions unlike WEAC.

Importance of Neco

The importance of NECO is that it helps to save cost, and still helps you to acheive your O’Level  Certificate.

  • The pressure of failing your result is rare
  • Neco question can be pass easily if only you study.
  • The importance of is that, it make you a graduate form senior secondary with the Certificate.

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Can You Combine WAEC and NECO Results to Gain Admission?

Yes, you can combine your NECO and WAEC result, When processing your admission if applying to any of the Nigeria Universities. You can’t use your NECO results outside Nigeria. This is because not all tertiary institutions outside Nigeria that accept WAEC results recognize NECO results.

And for those who are wondering what it means to combine NECO and WAEC O’level results together for admission processing, here is an answer to your question.

For a student’s WAEC or NECO O’level result to be eligible for use, oftentimes, he/she must have at least credit in 5 core subjects which include English and Mathematics, depending on the course you wish to study.

Finally, remember that combining two O’level results will make your submission a two-sitting. Therefore, to avoid any kind of disappointment, make sure you do your research and ensure that the institution and course you want to attend enable you to combine two different O’levels for admission processing. Otherwise, that might forfeit your admission.

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