How To Earn Money Online Without Investing For Students 2022/2023

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Ways to make money online: Nkedugists made some research on why students drop out of school and the challenges facing them, and we notice that is a financial problem that makes them drop out of school.

We are taking time to make sure will pull out time to create this article in other to support students in getting back their feet at College or University in this very hard period. Nkedugists want to help financial thinking by giving Ideals on ways for students to make money while in college or university.

If you want to be financially free and make money as a student while in school, you will have to engage yourself in this post by reading till the end. You won’t regret coming here.

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Have you heard the Word “side hustle”? This is a word that is commonly used often by most people when discussing making cool cash from doing extra activities work apart from the main work.

As a student, you are sent to school to study but when you check your family background Account it is not even enough to give you all your desired needs, such as feeding, clothing, cosmetics, transportation, call cards, textbook, or hand out, pocket change e.t.c.

The taught or research of how you can make money online as a student is not bad, just be careful in other not to forget the purpose while you are in school. Let begin with ways to make money online as a college or University student.

Paid Knowledge

Paid knowledge, is just an academic service you render and you get paid for it. You are a student and you are in 200L or 300L, there is an upper hand you have gotten that the new freshers haven’t yet.

Maybe you are a medical student or Electronics and Electrical or an Industrial Chemistry in school, what you have to do is to engage in doing 100L student assignments, tutorials, practicals, and project work if you are academically sound and get paid for it. It keeps you in check and opens your brains the more to knowledge.

You can decide to help the

freshers who just gain admission and are novices to the school environment by running all their clearances and other minor academic stuff for them without stress and you get paid. They will be glad to pay you because they know the stress involved and no one wants to be stressed out. So getting paid by your knowledge is the easiest way to make cash as a student.

 Students Close Door Repair

So many students have so much hidden talent or skill in them that you can use to get a hustle going,  Most of us have interests that we forget can be turned into creative ways to make some cash.

If you are good at rebranding a room decoration, repairing the furniture, or fixing electronics and selling them for a profit. What are you waiting for? don’t be afraid or ashamed to be an entrepreneur while in school.

Maybe your coursemate engineering calculator gets spoiled and you can fix it, what stop you from not collecting the little penny for it. Or you can ask for all spoiled calculators from your coursemate which they abandon, you work it and resell it to them or someone else.

A rebranding room decorator, you can check a room and rebrand it in such a way that the student you worked it for can’t recognize his/her room, making it cool and beautiful you get paid for it.

You are good at repairing the furniture, so many students have so much furniture that has been broken and they need help for it to be fixed.

Online Ways Of Making Money

If you are a student and want to make money online through the internet then this is for you,

Affiliate Marketing

Developing Of Apps

Freelancing Writer

Selling of Ebooks

Social Media Promoter

Web Designing


CryptoCurrency Vendor


Email Marketing

Code Programmer


Facebook ads optimization

Reviewing music

Graphic designing

Virtual assistant

How To Make Money In College or University

Making money while in school is possible, get the right minor job with high payment, check here below to see ways for students to make money

Banners and flyers Designer

Photo and Video editing ( photoshop)

Installation of home appliances such as solar panels, and Inverters

Selling of Accessories such as Phones, Laptops, Charger, power banks e.t.c

Decorator painter or wallpapers

Phones repairers

Laptop repairer

Photocopy business

Catering and Ushering Jobs during Weekends

Laundry work

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Which of these online jobs do you like most and which one will you want to start? If you have any issues based on this article published, you are free to drop your comment below.

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