What Is the Meaning of JAMB MOP UP EXAM? I’m Interested

Many candidates are really having misunderstandings about this Mop-up Exam which we are going to talk about. Let’s quickly clear the confusion so you know what they mean when they say JAMB MOP UP EXAM.

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) is a body of people who come together to regulate the affairs of exams and understand what issues candidates are facing and how they can fix them.

The truth is during the process of Jamb registration there is always a crowd of candidates who wish to apply for the Jamb form, and when there is a crowd you should have it in mind that much mistakes are bound to happen, ranging from my Jamb biometrics was not captured during the initial period of Jamb registration, Jamb Correction of centres , I change my jamb centre and up till now it has not reflected before the starting of Jamb e.t.c

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) understand all these issues many candidates are facing which is why they introduced this method known as Jamb Mop.

If you are a candidate who is searching for the meaning of the Jamb mop-up exam? the candidates who are qualified for the jamb mop-up exam? when to write my jamb mop up jamb exam? then you are on the right page.

Jamb mop up exam

Jamb mop up exam

What is the Meaning of the Jamb Mop-Up Exam?

Jamb Mop-Up Exam is an exam which is set for a candidate who applied for Jamb, and could not meet up to write the exam or has an issue during the exam. It is an exam that is set aside for Jamb candidates who have issues such as Jamb correction of centres, biometric verification e.t.c.

Do you know that the Jamb board scheduled a date for the mop-up examination for more than twelve thousand (12,000) students nationwide? who have not seen their results of the March JAMB UTME examination?

However, Candidates who involved their selves and caught in illicit acts of examination malpractice and centers where a case of malpractice has been confirmed against them would not partake in the rescheduled mop-up examinations.

Which Candidates is Qualified for the Jamb Mop-Up Exam?

The Candidate who is eligible for The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) for the Exam is mention below.

  1. Candidates whose biometrics were not captured during the time period of the JAMB UTME examination.
  2. Candidates who have not seen their results since the end of the JAMB UTME examinations which took place and was not booked for exam malpractice.
  3. Applicants who were unable to print out their e-slip during the initial JAMB UTME EXAMINATIONS.
  4. Candidates whose centers were canceled for malpractice suspicion.

When am I Writing My Jamb Mop Exam?

If you are a candidate who is shortlisted or maybe your centre was canceled and you are searching for when you are to write your Jamb mop exam,Β  kindly note that the exam date has not been scheduled yet but you can bookmark our website to know when it will be released.

Important Notice of the mop-up exam:

  • Those, who were involved and caught in illicit acts and centres where a case of malpractice has been established against them would not partake in the rescheduled examinations.
  • If you are a candidate who misses the exam date giving to you in your jamb reprinting slip maybe for particular reasons have it in mind that you might not really be considered.

I believe this has helped to clear the confusion. However, if you have any more questions concerning the mop exam, please comment below so that we can help you.

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