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What Scholarships Do I Qualify For Quiz and Grades Scholarship

What Scholarships am i eligible for quiz
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What Scholarships am I eligible for quiz? To determine your eligibility for programs on the quiz Scholarship, the applicant must be able to access the scholarship app or take the eligibility quiz. After answering those questions, it will tell you instantly what programs you are eligible for, and other tabs will open for you to complete.

Finding scholarships for international students may seem next to impossible, but they do exist. As prospective undergraduate students research their options for studying in the U.S. or other countries, they should be aware of what might land them a coveted scholarship award.

What Scholarships am I Eligible For Quiz

If you are in search of what scholarship I qualify for quiz kindly check here to see the list of the quiz you can qualify for which are

a High School Senior

a High School Junior

a High School Sophomore

a High School Freshman

a Current College Student

a Nontraditional Student

What Scholarships am i eligible for quiz

What Scholarships am i eligible for quiz

How Do You Know what Scholarship I Qualify For?

The only way you can know the scholarship you qualify for is through the email or Gmail you use when taking your quiz. The score or the admission letter will be sent to your email.

Can You Get a Scholarship For Grades?

Yes, you can get a scholarship for grades, what you have to look out for when selecting a scholarship is your grade. You can also check some factors when applying for a scholarship for grades it will guide you.


  • College major or general area of study
  • Career goals
  • Gender
  • GPA
  • State or county of residence
  • Ethnicity/Heritage
  • Religion
  • Disability
  • Special condition
  • Talent
  • Occupation
  • Employer
  • College location
  • Military and veteran status
  • First-generation college student

Am I Eligible For A Scholarship

The main eligibility criteria for interested candidates are:

  • Being a citizen of the specific country: This includes countries that are listed. This scholarship is for citizens whose countries are mentioned. Those with dual citizenship, asylee, refugee, or permanent resident status in the US, Canada, UK, or EU are not eligible.
  • Having academic talent: All prospective Scholars must first be admitted to a  program to be considered for the Scholarship. An important criterion for admission to the University is demonstrated academic excellence.
  • Demonstrating leadership potential: The Program seeks those committed to developing the skills and mindsets associated with transformative leadership, i.e, that which engages others in an ethical manner to generate positive and lasting change.
  • Coming from a socio-economically disadvantaged background: This Scholarship is designed for those extremely talented individuals who might not otherwise have access to quality further education.
  • Having demonstrated the commitment to give back to your community, country, or continent: They are looking for well-rounded students who are engaged in activities beyond the classroom. Some may be directly related to your field of study, but this may also include other issues (social, economic, political) that you are working on and passionate about. Applicants should elaborate on their achievements both in their application and then later in the Scholarship application.
  • Having expressed the desire and intention to return to your home country after completing your studies: We are looking for students who are engaged with and passionate about issues affecting their communities, and who will take advantage of their education at the opportune scholarship to better equip themselves with the knowledge and training to address these issues upon return.

Can Adults Get Scholarships

Yes, adults can get a scholarship and still apply. The adult scholarship is available now, you can apply for the adult scholarship here. This is the lists of the current best adults scholarships you can apply for below

  • $10,000 “No Essay” Scholarship
  • Ford Opportunity Program
  • ABA Diversity Scholarships
  • Minority Teaching Fellows Program
  • E-waste Scholarship
  • Professional Development Scholarship Emphasizing History, Number Theory, or Discrete Mathematics

You can check here for the adult scholarship. If you are planning on attending a local college, university, or trade school, don’t forget to explore the scholarship opportunities offered at those institutions.

Please note if you take any quiz and you see an ineligible response, that does NOT mean that your answers are incorrect; it simply means that your responses to the questions have rendered you ineligible for internally-administered scholarships.

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