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Does NYU Accepts International Students
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Does NYU Accepts International Students? Yes, NYU accepts international students but NYU’s acceptance rate is 16.2%, admitting about 16 out of every 100 international applicants.

NYU’s Gallatin School has offered personalized education since 1972. Located in NYC’s Greenwich Village, it’s named after Albert Gallatin, an NYU co-founder.

Students in Gallatin’s graduate program come from various backgrounds. They’re united by their curiosity and independence. Together with the faculty, students design their study plans.

Students explore different subjects across NYU’s schools. They can also do internships or artistic projects for credit.

NYU Gallatin stands out with its special academic setup that lets students take classes from all four NYU schools. This opens up a wide range of resources and chances for students. Set in lively Greenwich Village, NYU Gallatin provides an exciting and culturally diverse place to learn and discover.

What’s more, NYU Gallatin is known for its flexible curriculum. Instead of strictly required courses, it focuses on broader subject areas called kernel requirements. For example, students dive into Historical and Cultural Requirements, encouraging a diverse and interdisciplinary learning experience.

What are the significant differences between NYU Gallatin School and other schools at NYU?

The difference between NYU Gallatin School and other schools, Is that you have the freedom to craft your major. Upon graduation, your transcript will reflect this unique path with the designation of “individualized major.”

Working closely with an advisor, you’ll design your curriculum by selecting courses from Gallatin and other NYU colleges. While other colleges offer traditional majors like History, Political Science, and Chemistry, Gallatin provides an exciting opportunity to delve into subjects that truly pique your interest.

Other Reasons Why NYU Gallatin School Is Difference From Other Schools at NYU

Its Individualized Study:

Gallatin offers a unique approach to education where students have the flexibility to design their interdisciplinary curriculum. This means students have the freedom to tailor their academic program to their specific interests and goals, combining courses from various disciplines.

There Are No Traditional Majors:

Unlike most other schools at NYU, Gallatin does not offer traditional majors. Instead, students work with advisors to create concentrations that reflect their academic interests. This allows for a more personalized and interdisciplinary approach to education.

Small Class Sizes:

Gallatin typically has smaller class sizes compared to other schools at NYU, which can lead to more personalized attention and opportunities for meaningful interactions between students and faculty.

Interdisciplinary Approach:

Gallatin encourages interdisciplinary learning and collaboration across different fields of study. Students are encouraged to explore connections between disciplines and think critically about complex issues from multiple perspectives.

Thesis Requirement:

All Gallatin students are required to complete a senior thesis project, which serves as the culmination of their academic experience. This project allows students to delve deeply into a topic of their choosing and demonstrate their analytical and research skills.

Focus on Creativity and Innovation:

Gallatin emphasizes creativity, innovation, and critical thinking in its approach to education. Students are encouraged to think outside the box and pursue unique intellectual inquiries.

NYU Gallatin Degree Offered:

  • Undergraduate: Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Individualized Major
  • Graduate: Master of Arts (MA) in Individualized Study

Relation of NYU Gallatin to NYU:

  • Gallatin is one of the schools within New York University.
  • Offers personalized academic concentrations through collaboration with advisors.
  • Students can take courses from other NYU schools and colleges.

NYU Gallatin Admissions:

  • Acceptance rate: 30%
  • Class of 2025 acceptance rate: 12.8%
  • Standardized tests (GRE, SAT, ACT) are not required for admission.

Student Flexibility at NYU Gallatin:

  • Part-time enrollment is available.
  • Full-time degree completion: 2-2.5 years for undergraduates, 3-6 years for graduates.
  • Must complete the degree within six years of initial enrollment.

NYU Gallatin Application:

  • Requires two letters of recommendation; additional letters are optional.

Distance Learning at NYU Gallatin:

  • Gallatin does not offer distance learning programs; primarily on-campus instruction.

Transfer Students to NYU Gallatin:

  • Accepts transfer students from other NYU schools and institutes.

Applying to Multiple NYU Schools including NYU Gallatin:

  • Possible, but requires separate applications and credentials.

Successful Student Qualities at NYU Gallatin:

  • Mature, self-motivated, focused, and disciplined.
  • A clear understanding of academic interests.
  • Thrives in an environment with academic freedom

What is it like to be at NYU Gallatin with Karlie Kloss so far?

NYU is a vibrant, expansive institution where you can learn, grow, and explore New York City. Getting good grades is very possible, leaving plenty of time to socialize and enjoy life. There’s a diverse community of students and professors to learn from. The teachers and staff are helpful and ready to answer your questions.

At NYU, you can pick from many different classes, so you can design your major to fit your interests. In the sense that, graduate school provides excellent preparation for a wide range of careers you might not have even thought about.

Scholarships Offered by NYU Gallatin

NYU Gallatin offers scholarships and fellowships to support students financially and enhance opportunities. Here are the scholarships available:

Scholarship NameEligibility CriteriaRequirementsCoverageHow to Apply
Gallatin Supplemental ScholarshipAvailable to any graduate student demonstrating financial need, particularly those facing sudden financial challengesGallatin students must maintain good standing (GPA of 3.0 or higher with no incomplete grades). New graduate students must enter with a GPA of 0.0.Covers tuition fees onlyComplete the online Application for Supplemental Scholarship Aid, accessible on the first registration day
Graduate Thesis Support FundEstablished to aid Gallatin MA students in covering non-performance-based thesis expensesAvailable to Gallatin MA students who have received approval for their thesis proposalGrants for thesis expenses onlyApplications are evaluated by the student’s faculty advisor and the administrative director of the M.A. program.
Does NYU Accepts International Student

Does NYU Accepts International Student

What Major Has the Highest Acceptance Rate at NYU?

NYU is known for being highly competitive. In 2023, only 8% of applicants were accepted out of nearly 120,000. Only 9,600 exceptional students secured admission to New York University.

The nursing school is even harder to get into, with a 3% acceptance rate. Below are some of the NYU easiest schools to get into

SchoolAcceptance Rate
Liberal Studies (LSP)Highest
Tandon School of EngineeringEasier
SternLowest (4%)
College of Arts and Sciences (CAS)Lowest (4%)

Does NYU Accepts International Students?

Yes, NYU accepts international students but NYU’s acceptance rate is 16.2%, admitting about 16 out of every 100 international applicants. With a quarter of its student body coming from 130 countries, NYU welcomes students from all over the world, whether as freshmen or transfers.

International students must prove their English proficiency as part of the application process. This can be done through standardized tests such as TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE Academic.

What is the Acceptance Rate For Undergraduates at the Gallatin School at NYU?

NYU Gallatin’s acceptance rate is around 30%, offering a more accessible option compared to other NYU undergraduate schools with single-digit acceptance rates. Overall, NYU’s acceptance rates are highly competitive, dropping to 12.8% for the Class of 2025.

Out of over 100,000 applicants in the recent cycle, only 6,700 were accepted across all five of NYU’s campuses for fall 2021. The incoming class boasts a median SAT score of 1540 and an average GPA of 3.71, with over 20% achieving a perfect 4.0.

What NYU school is the Easiest to get into?

The Silver School of Social Work and the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development have higher acceptance rates compared to schools like Stern or CAS. On the other hand, the School of Medicine, Law School, and School of the Arts are highly competitive, with acceptance rates often below 10%.

Getting into NYU is tough because a lot of people apply and there are only a few spots. But just because it’s hard to get in doesn’t mean you’re not good enough. Many great students get accepted every year, and not getting in doesn’t define your abilities or what you can achieve in the future.

I want to go to NYU Stern. I am currently a freshman. What are some tips or information on what I should do and have to do to get into NYU Stern?

Getting into New York University is extremely difficult due to its high competitiveness, especially for majors with low acceptance rates. Here are some straightforward tips for prospective applicants:

  1. Maintain a strong GPA, ideally above 3.8.
  2. Consider applying through NYU’s Early Decision option if it’s your top choice, as it can improve your chances of acceptance.
  3. Take challenging courses like AP, IB, or honors classes to demonstrate academic rigor.
  4. Write a compelling “Why NYU” essay that showcases why you’re a good fit for the university.
  5. If you require financial aid, make sure to mention it in your statement or application.
  6. Aim for high ACT or SAT scores, and consider seeking help from tutors or prep courses if needed.
  7. Engage in extracurricular activities or gain relevant experience to demonstrate leadership and commitment.
  8. Lastly, while not a requirement, having the financial means to afford NYU’s tuition can be advantageous, considering its high cost.

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