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Nigeria Police Force Aptitude Test Past Questions
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Nigeria Police Force Aptitude Test Past Questions, kindly Download Nigeria police recruitment Past Papers. Police past question and answer pdf or Previous Police Past Questions for all interested candidates are now available here. Nigeria police force aptitude test past questions and answers is here.

Asking if the police past question and answer pdf is Up-to-date? Yes, it is official which is up-to-date, and all police past question and answer pdf can be downloaded here.

 How Many Questions Are They In NPF ( Nigerian Police Aptitude Exam Test)

What is the Structure of the Nigeria police recruitment Question Look Like? The Nigeria police recruitment question always comprises of Maths, English, and general Papers. The NPF questions, you should be expecting are so logical and needs carefulness.

The format of the Nigeria Police recruitment is English questions, current affairs, and little quantitative reasoning questions making all 100 questions and the time duration to answer all the NPF recruitment questions is 1 hour. (If there will be any change in this format I will let you guys know before the exam just make sure you are subscribed to our updates here.)

Police Recruitment past question and answer pdf/preparation material are structured in such a way that if you go through it thoroughly, there is no way you won’t pass the exam….. Yes, that’s the fact.

If you Are searching for Nigeria police past question and answer pdf? “ if Yes, then You are on the Right Page. Nigeria Police Force Aptitude Test Past Questions is a Success material to pass your NPF. Applicants who wish to sit for the Police aptitude test 2022/2023 or to be admitted as well can check here below to see some NPF Past Questions.


Complete each of the following sentences by choosing the option that most suitably fills the space;

The green snake which lives in the green grass is using a perfect …

A. Ambush
B. Undercover
C. Camouflage
D. Shelter
E. Subterfuge

Remember this matter is strictly …..

A. Between you and i
B. Among you and me
C. Among you and me
D. Between you and me
E. Between you and myself

He had just entered the office …. the telephone rang

A. As
B. Before
C. Since
D. When
E. Until

In order to carry out necessary examination the dead body was ….

A. Extracted
B. Extradited
C. Exiled
D. Expelled
E. Exhumed

Remember this matter is strictly …..

A. Between you and i
B. Among you and me
C. Among you and me
D. Between you and me
E. Between you and myself

A police was taking his dog for a walk when the dog suddenly _______ from its chain and escaped

A) broke through
B) broke lose
C) broke even
D) broke loose
E) broke away

I was still sleeping when the national news ________ this morning

A) were broadcast
B) were broadcasted
C) was broadcast
D) was broadcasted
E) were being broadcasted


Fatal car accidents are more prevalent amongst young drivers with six to eight years of experience than older drivers with similar experience.

  • True
  • False
  • Cannot Say

The considerable increase in car sales is the reason behind the sharp increase in fatal car accidents.

  • True answer
  • False
  • Cannot Say

The advertising campaign called ‘fighting accidents’ has failed to reduce the number of car accidents.

  • True
  • False
  • Cannot Say

Nigeria Police Force General Paper Past Question

Which of the following groups fall into the Civil Service?

A. The police, the army, and the air force
B. Employees of NEPA, NNPC, and NRC
C. Employees of ministries of finance, education, and transportation
D. All of the above

The recruitment or appointment of the permanent secretary is one of the duties of:

A. The federal public service commission
B. The state civil service commission
C. The Executive
D. The National Assembly

In the organizational structure of the ministry or government department, offices and positions are:

A. Hierarchically arranged
B. Diagonally arranged
C. Secretly arranged
D. Haphazardly arranged

The government maintains a monopoly over certain services for:

A. Selfish reasons
B. Security and strategic reasons
C. Undisclosed reasons
D. All of the above

General Murtala Muhammed was assassinated in a coup led by

A. Lt. Col. Kaduna Nzeogwu
B. Col. Joe Garba
C. Lt. Col. B. S. Dimka
D. Major Gideon Orkar

How many members make up the House of Representatives in Nigeria?

A. 109
B. 270
C. 359
D. 360

How many members make up the Nigerian Senate, the upper arm of the national assembly?

A. 110
B. 109
C. 108
D. 190

Abuja became Nigeria’s federal capital territory in _______

A. 1988
B. 1989
C. 1990
D. 1991

The motion for self-governance was moved in Nigeria by _______

A. Alhaji Tafawa Balewa
B. Chief Obafemi Awolowo
C. Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe
D. Chief Anthony Enahoro

The first civilian president that died in office in Nigeria is

A. Gen. Aguiyi Ironsi
B. Gen Murtala Muhammed
C. Alhaji Umar Yar’adua
D. Sir Tafawa Balewa

Who Was the first military head of state in Nigeria?

A. Gen. Ibrahim Babangida
B. Gen. Aguiyi Ironsi
C. Gen Muhammed
D. Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo Muritala

Who is the first female president in Africa?

A. Hon. Patricia Etteh
B. Dr Ngozi Okonjo-lweala
C. Chief Mrs. Funmilayo Kuti
D. Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

The Nigerian national flag was designed by

A. Mr Taiwo Akinkunmi
B. Prof. Chinua Achebe
C. Prof. Wole Soyinka
D. Mr. Aina Onabolu

Nigeria Police Force Mathematics Paper Past Question

Find the variance of 2, 6, 8, 6, 2 and 6

A) 6
B) 5
C) √6
D) √5

Find the number of ways of selecting 8 subjects from 12 subjects for an examination

A) 490
B) 495
C) 496
D) 498

Find the range of 1/6, 1/3, 3/2, 2/3, 8/9 and 4/3

A) 3/4
B) 5/6
C) 7/6
D) 4/3

What is the rate of change of volume v of a hemisphere with respect to its radius r when r = 2?

A) 8π
B) 16π
C) 2π
D) 4π

P(-6, 1) and Q(6, 6) are the two ends of the diameter of a given circle. Calculate the radius.

A) 6.5 units
B) 13.0 units
C) 3.5 units
D) 7.0 units

The bearings of P and Q from a common point N are 020° and 300° respectively. If P and Q are also equidistant from N, find the bearing of P from Q.

A) 040°
B) 070°
C) 280°
D) 320°

A cylindrical tank has a capacity of 3080 m3. What is the depth of the tank if the diameter of its base is 14 m?

(Take pi = 22/7)

A) 23 m
B) 25 m
C) 20 m
D) 22 m

Find the locus of a point that moves such that its distance from the line y = 4 is a constant, k.

A) y = k + or – 4
B) y = 4 + or – k
C) y = 4 + k
D) y = k – 4

The chord ST of a circle is equal to the radius, r, of the circle. Find the length of arc ST.

A) πr/6
B) πr/2
C) πr/12
D) πr/3

If the gradient of the curve y = 2kx2 + x + 1 at x = 1 is 9, find k.

A) 4
B) 3
C) 2
D) 1

Evaluate ∫2(2x-3)2/3dx

A) 3/5(2x-3)5/3 + k
B) 6/5(2x-3)5/3 + k
C) 2x-3+k
D) 2(2x-3)+k


Hanna and her parents are walking in the street. Her parents walk at a rate of 80 steps per minute. The father precedes the mother by 12 steps. Hanna walks behind her parents at a rate of 90 steps per minute. The average length of a step is equal among all family members.

How many seconds would pass from the moment she passes her mother until the moment she passes her father?

A. 8
B. 12
C. 1.2
D. 72
E. 80

3 | 3 | 3 | 6 | 3 | 9 | 3 | ?

A. 3
B. 27
C. 12
D. 6

The post office receives a package every 3 minutes, and the mailman delivers 12 packages an hour. If the mailman starts working at 08:00, and there are no packages left from the previous day, how long will it take until there will be exactly 100 undelivered packages in the post office?

A. 50 minutes
B. 3 hours and 20 minutes
C. 6 hours and 40 minutes
D. 10 hours and 50 minutes
E. 12 hours and 30 minutes

3 | 8 | 15 | 24 | 35 | ?

A. 42
B. 36
C. 48
D. 46

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