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Free Abia State school of Nursing Past Questions
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The free school of nursing entrance examination past questions and answers pdf is now available online, and if you have been searching for nursing school entrance examination past questions and answers? You’re on the right page. You can get a copy of the nursing school entrance exam past questions in Nigeria.

The 2024 nursing school entrance exam past questions in Nigeria PDF for students is available online for free, and you can get yours by downloading the pdf.

Whenever it comes to closing time for an external exam such as the nursing school entrance examination, you need the right materials such as past questions papers and to know how many hours you will need to finish your school of nursing aptitude test during exam day.

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When preparing for the School Of Nursing Entrance Exam, always have it in mind that thousands of candidates like you apply for this Nursing exam, which means there’s a price you will pay to gain admission and the price is to make sure you get the right material to study  (school of nursing past questions and answers pdf.

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Free Sample Of Nursing School Entrance Exam Past Questions In Nigeria For 2024/2025

The concentration of an aqueous solution is 5mg dm-3. Determine the concentration in parts per million (ppm).
A. 500 ppm
B. 50 ppm
C. 10 ppm
D. 5 ppm

Free School Of Nursing Chemistry Past Questions For 2024/2025

Consider the following species: H, H+, H-. What is the number of electrons in each of the species respectively?
A. 1, 0, 2
B. 0, 1, 2
C. 2, 1, 0
D. 1, 2, 0

Two electrons can occupy the same orbital if they have different
A. Angular momentum quantum numbers.
B. Magnetic quantum numbers.
C. Principal quantum numbers.
D. Spin quantum numbers.

What mass of NaOH is required to make 250 cm3 of 0.10mol/dm-3 solution? [Na = 23, O = 16, H = 1] A. 1 g
B. 4 g
C. 8 g
D. 16 g

Which of the following substances is not a hydrocarbon?
A. Benzene
B. Butane
C. Ethyne
D. Ethanamide

A substance that ionizes completely into hydroxonium ions is a
A. Strong acid.
B. Strong base.
C. Weak acid.
D. Weak base.

Which of the following solutions is able to resist changes in pH when small amounts of an acid or a base is added?
A. Buffer solution
B. Neutral solution
C. Saturated solution
D. Supersaturated solution

Protein is a polymer formed from the linkage of
A. Amino acid molecules.
B. Fatty acid molecules.
C. Glucose units.
D. Monosaccharides.

A) Dative

B) Covalent

C) Electrovalent

D) Ionic

The minimum amount of energy required for effective collisions between reacting particles is known as

A) Activation energy

B) Bond energy

C) Kinetic energy

D) Potential energy

This phenomenon illustrates the law of ________

A) Conservation of mass

B) Definite proportion

C) Mass action

D) Multiple proportions

Which of the following statements about solids is correct?

A) Solid particles are less orderly than those of a liquid

B) Solid have lower densities than liquids

C) Solid particles have greater kinetic energies than those of liquids

D) Solid particles cannot be easily compressed

Free School Of Nursing Biology Past Questions For 2024/2025

The flowering plant is monoecious if
A. the androecium is found on one plant
B. the gynoecium is monocarpous
C. It produces essential organs the gynoecium and androecium are on the same plant the flowers are unisexual
D. the gynoecium and androecium are on the same plant
E. the flowers are unisexual

Pepsin is a digestive enzyme that breaks
A. cellulose into glucose molecules
B. carbohydrates into simple sugars
C. protein into peptones
D. fats into glycerol and fatty acids
E. sucrose into glucose and fructose.

In a Biuret test, some protein was mixed with sodium hydroxide solution. Which of the following chemicals should be added to the mixture for a positive result?
A. Mercurous nitrate
B. Copper sulfate
C. Mercuricnitrate
D. Sodium carbonate
E. Ammoniumhydroxide

In a dicot leaf, guard cells differ from other epidermal cells because they
A. have no definite shape
B. lack nuclei
C. are smaller
D. contains chloroplasts
E. lack vacuole.

The mouth part of the housefly is adapted for
A. lapping and sponging.
B. sucking and chewing.
C. piercing and sucking.
D. chewing and lapping.
E. biting and chewing.

The parts used by tapeworm to fasten itself to the host’s intestine are the
A. neck and suckers
B. hooks and suckers
C. rostellum and suckers
D. young proglottis and neck
E. rostellum, hooks, and suckers.

C6H12O6 is __________
A. Ethyl pentanol
B. Glycerol
C. Glucose
D. Ethyne
E. Ethanol

Oxygen combines with hemoglobin to produce ____
A. Oxyhemoglobin
B. Deoxygenated blood
C. Oeroglobin
D. Oxyeoglobin
E. deoxygenated hemoglobin

The respiratory organ found in the cockroach is the __
A. Air sac
B. Trachea
C. Lung book
D. Gill
E. Fins

Which of the following statements is NOT true of enzymes? They
A. are proteins B.need cofactors to activate them
C. are sensitive to hydrogen ion concentration
D. are specific in their action
E. can withstand high temperatures

Which of the following statements is NOT true of the piliferous layer of a root? It
A. has a very thin cuticle
B. is the outermost layer of the cortex
C. may bear root hairs
D. breaks down as the root ages
E. is replaced by a cork in old roots.

Which of the following types of vertebrates occur in equal numbers in the rabbit, rat, and man?
A. Caudal
B. Thoracic
C. Lumbar
D. Cervical
E. Sacral

The parts used by tapeworm to fasten itself to the host’s intestine are the
A. neck and suckers
B. hooks and suckers
C. rostellum and suckers
D. young proglottis and neck
E. rostellum, hooks, and suckers.

The path taken by glucose from the ileum to the heart is
A. ileum hepatic portal vein hepatic artery vena cava heart.
B. ileum hepatic portal artery hepatic artery vena cava heart.
C. ileum hepatic portalvein vena cava heart
D. ileum hepatic vein vena cava heart.
E. ileum hepatic portal vein hepatic vein vena cava heart.

The kidneys of all vertebrates act as Osmo regulators. This means that they
A. keep the composition of the plasma constant
B. regulate osmotic processes C. Control the volume of blood entering the kidneys
D. decrease the osmotic pressure of blood
E. increase the osmotic pressure of blood.

Which of the following cell constituents is NOT common in both plants and animals?
A. Mitochondria
B. Chloroplasts
C. Ribosomes
D. Golgi apparatus
E. Vacuoles.

Which of the following statements about the definition of man is Incorrect? Man has
A. more molars than incisors
B. no diastema
C. the same number of teeth on upper and lower jaws
D. a total of thirty-two teeth
E. a total of six molars.

Which of these worms is beneficial to man?
A. Hookworm
B. Tapeworm
C. Roundworm
D. Earthworm
E. Guniea worm

When a Spirogyra cell is immersed in a salt solution more concentrated than its cell sap, it
A. remains unchanged
B. takes up water and burst
C. absorbs a little water
D. loses water and shrivel
E. becomes turgid.

The dental formula i 3/3: c 1/1: pm4/4: m2/3 = 42 represents that of a
A. rabbit
B. full-grown man
C. young child
D. dog E. sheep.

Banana, plantain, and pineapple can be grouped because they
A. produce small seeds
B. are multiple fruits
C. produce suckers
D. have runners
E. have bulbils.

Which of the following diseases is NOT caused by a virus?
A. Rinderpest
B. Maize rust
C. Newcastle disease
D. Swine fever
E. Cassava mosaic disease.

A centipede differs from a millipede by its
A. color
B. numerous abdominal segments
C. paired legs on each abdominal segment
D. poison claws
E. cylindrical body.

Interested candidates who wish to buy a copy of any of the school of nursing exam past questions paper and answers can get a copy of it here, we have successfully compiled the complete Nursing Schools Past Questions and Answers in PDF.

Any of the Past questions and answers you get from us are all updated which we are sure, will help you during your examination. The School of Nursing’s past questions are compiled from previous years’ examinations and it is 4 – 8 years past questions with common repeatedly asked questions.

The big question is this, are schools of nursing questions and answers often repeated? the big answer as well is yes. Schools of Nursing and Midwifery in Nigeria repeat their questions and answers during the Nursing School entrance examination.

How Many Hours or Minutes Does the School Of Nursing Give During Examination Day? The duration of time that is given to candidates who applied for the school of nursing exam varies, but the highest time duration is 1 hour 30min while the lowest time is 45 minutes 35 seconds.

Each School of nursing has its time duration given to the candidates, and not all school of nursing gives the same time, that is why you need the nursing school entrance exam past questions in Nigeria for your school, which tells you the time duration for your exam.

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How to Purchase The Complete School Of Nursing Past Question Paper

Make a payment of #3000 to the following account number, The past question is from the school source directly which will guide and direct you on how many hours you are to spend in the exam hall

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